8+ Ultimate Ways to Monetize a Blog or Website in 2022

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In this article, I am sharing 8+ best ways to monetize a blog or website in 2022. I also share a video of how I made $136 with my Website in a few days and the Step by Step process to implement it.

Making money with your website is super easy today as there are Many Ways to Make Money with Any of your Websites or Blogs among which:

1. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is among the popular (not to Say quickest) ways to make money from your website or blog: Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank, and lots of others.

2. “Pay Per View” or Pay-per-click advertising: Display Ads Using Google Adsense or Even Ezoic, Contextual Adverts Together Using Media.net

3. Sell Advertising space. Sell your ad space to businesses seeking to host unique blogs.

4. Sell your very own electronic product (Ebook such as ): You’ve got the capacity to help really make the maximum money to get a per-sale basis as soon as you’re able to sell your personal product.
That is because there is not a middle man between you and the client who is getting a cut from the money you got.

5. Accept donations or gifts from the visitors or people that enjoy your blog. Add a Donate Button on your site.

6. Sell sponsored articles

7. Generate ‘Leads’ for businesses or utilize them to apply for a pay-per-lead (PPL) program, where you get for a single email you submit. Some pay $1 for every email you provide, so if you collect 10,000 emails with your blogs, it is easy to monetize them.

8. E-Commerce. Receive profits from goods or services you sell. This method will require you to run ads, deal with customer refunds and complaints, and can waste lots of time. Look at an example of such a site: wild.baospace.com

how to monetize a website or blog

If you start a website or blog, you will need to post regularly quality content if you want a chance to rank on Google.

Additionally, you have to distribute your website/blog regularly by simply posting links on social networking internet sites or even other blogs.

When you start having traffic like 1,000 or 10,000 viewers/month, you can easily start earning money.

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Starting and monetizing a blog hasn’t been easier than it is now today.

Before, developing a site would have cost you tens of thousands or even tens and thousands of dollars. Monetizing a site in the past was rather difficult, or reserved for people that knew to code.

Today, it’s possible to start a blog on WordPress using only a couple of hundred dollars and monetize it after a few months.

But it’s not because it became much easier to earn money with your blog, that it indicates that all bloggers do earn money. Some people don’t know the proper way to make money online.

best ways to monetize a blog

If you are just beginning with your blog, it might look like a lot to do, but once you get the ball rolling, it is very easy.

Most people think blogging isn’t easy or is dead, but it’s WRONG!! You need your voice shared and attract readers, then monetize that audience using multiple strategies.

Obviously, it’s not quite this simple and is not done in 1 day. You need consistent work.

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Not only could it be hard to drive traffic into your blog, but most people don’t know the correct techniques and tools that could help skyrocket their website income.

Ezoic Review & Full Setup, Ezoic Video Player – Best Adsense Alternative

8+ Best Ways to Monetize a blog in 2022

8 best ways to monetize a blog

There is a variety of methods to monetize your blog, but here is a list of 8 proven ways to monetize a blog or website in 2022.

1. Affiliate marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

Probably one of the methods for monetizing a blog that has stood the test of time is and will be always to leverage affiliate marketing. That is particularly useful once you are just beginning and that you don’t have your own services or products to market.

For instance, if you are conducting a health blog, you may promote fitness supplements or affiliate health, weight loss products.

Since you don’t own the product, this is a near-automated flow of passive revenue, because readers click on the affiliate link you present, buy and you make a portion of the sale. Super Simple!

2. Advertisements

Although the majority of bloggers may believe that adding some pay per click (PPC) advertisements are going to be a terrific way to earn plenty of money using their blogs, until you’ve got massive numbers of traffic as in 10,000+ people each day or two, you will not make considerable money using Advertisements since the RPM (Revenue Per 1,000 visitors) varies from one niche to another.

Your niche could be $2 (fashion) or $20 (insurance).

Ezoic is the BEST platform that easily increases your blog revenue.

You can also pay traffic by promoting your blog posts using Google swords, but I would not recommend this strategy because Google can flag you.

How To Make BIG Money on YouTube | How Much YouTubers Really Make 2020

3. Email marketing

Wmake money blogging 2020?

One of the best techniques to earn money from the blog is through email marketing. However, to be prosperous, you will need to construct your email list.

If you create a lead magnet using a form, then utilize the popular email marketing approaches such as using ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp, or InfusionSoft to execute the steps required to start promotion via email.

By establishing also a presence on the web and a strong bond with the audience, you are able to generate a considerable sum of money by sending a series of affiliate marketing emails concerning your products and services.

You may get to generate approximately $1 per subscriber monthly.

4. Sell ebooks

Ebooks provide a pathway to earn profits (I didn’t say revenue, PROFITS!) from your blog because the only cost in the process is the time spent writing.

Sell an e-book that is matched with the content your blog covers (e.g., Ebook about the 20 Natural Ways to Lose Weight Today).

Non-fiction ebooks are straightforward to create, of course, it’s very likely that the ebook will probably create a profit because there is no cost than creating the content. Many blog owners are switching to this method.

It is easy to promote your ebook throughout your blog by making content that may entice people to buy it.

You might even develop a sales funnel and sell your ebook online starting right now.

5. Sell courses

How To monetize a blog 2020 - eLearning Industry

Selling online courses is just another way you are able to make money from blogging. Develop useful and intuitive courses that put in an enormous level of the remainder and value will be hanging around.

By simply placing your soul and your spirit in these courses, you may just enable them to offer on auto-pilot for you personally, still yet another fantastic route for passive revenue.

Courses work great in regards to skills including web development, digital promotion, graphic style, start a blog, start a dropshipping business, or grow an Instagram account, and so forth. 

Find what you are really great at before building your program or course, and also do the research upfront. Create something better compared to other courses around on the market.

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6. Sell electronic goods

Creating services and products is an excellent method to make money from the blog. You can sell any digital information product in your own blog so long as it’s in harmony with your articles.

It’s possible to build an email list, then send the audience emails about your goods, so they buy it from your website.

Digital products may be a mixture of video courses, downloadable manuals, or PDFs.

Do everything you can to make something that can help fulfill even emptiness or a necessity for your audience.

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7. Sell coaching services

A lot of blogs around are making insane money from coaching programs. This a huge possibility to boost your blog income, especially if you know the topic of interest and already have an audience from your blog or Social media platforms

If you transform yourself into a life trainer, a career coach, or even a small business development trainer, you’ll be able to make a considerable income through only a couple of customers. People often charge $1,000 per month to a single customer.

8. Secure sponsorships

Sponsorships are a wonderful way to generate money from your own blog, however, you need good traffic to attract eyes from big brands first.

You can write a review about products from a company and they might send you free products or engage in a partnership with you.

You need to be careful with sponsorships. Make certain you’re upfront with it on your posts. Google will punish you when you are attempting to sell sponsored products and you haven’t told readers it’s a sponsored product.

To put it simply, just be as TRANSPARENT as you can.

If you struggle writing articles, you can use Article Generators ( but do it the right way). Watch these videos:

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Purchasing content for websites could possibly be a smart decision. However, you maybe don’t have money to devote to something like that. Content spinner computer software can cross the mind.
I enjoy writing from scratch on my blogs. But if you have a lot of websites, there is just no time for you to write content for all of them.

In my opinion, Wordai is the BEST & FASTEST article spinner out there hands down. I did the 3 days trial and I ended up buying the one-year version without hesitating.

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The approaches within these videos are passive and easy compared to those that require a great deal of continued work (select something which is suitable for your website and lifestyle preferences).

How to Automate Your Article/Post Creation and AutoPost on Multiple Websites to Make Money

This is an in-depth tutorial showing exactly that if you are a blogger, website owner, or publisher, you need to use Article Forge 2.0, the SMARTEST article writer or content generator to posts on multiple websites consistently while you are sleeping.

In fact, turning a part-time hobby blog or website into an income-generating machine is quite common with a little bit of luck and some really good job UPFRONT.

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At least, you ought to have the ability to earn enough to pay the fundamental expenses such as hosting or paid plugins. You may even have the ability to bring in MORE of your income after.

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Other Ways to Monetize Your Site or Blog

 Provide consulting

Supplying consulting gigs and offering solutions allow you to earn adequate amounts of money. It’s possible to provide such services via forum email, Skype, or even better, ZOOM.

Sell access to Seminar videos on your site.

If you had recorded seminar sessions, you can easily sell access to them for some money.

Plenty of effort but a massive potential payoff also.

Create a membership site with High-quality Content

5 Reasons You Should Build a Membership Site - Learning Revolution

This has a massive advantage as it generates recurring revenue.

Setup Screen pop-ups advertising using WordPress Plugins

Most people don’t like popups, as they can be hugely annoying ( is m sure you don’t like it too).

I wrote a blog post about another simple method to generate quick money using an affiliate program.

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Begin an exclusive forum or training class

Many people have exceptional skills that others may gain from including you. Preparing classes or a discussion can be a simple solution to help others and generate income as well.

Install a job board using a WordPress Plugin

This attracts visitors regularly as they come back to search for new jobs.

Putting a job board onto your own website is just another simple, easy solution to get extra money when folks are taking different job offers from various people or companies.

You can use a FREE WordPress plugin to fetch jobs around and display them on your website.

Create Infolinks

Infolinks really are a wonderful option for AdSense ads, which are extremely simple to set up.

The disadvantage is that the payouts (on a per-click basis) may also be rather tiny.

Put up RSS feed advertisements.

These attract repeated visitors as they are looking to read fresh content. Additionally, you can insert display advertisements on those RSS feed pages and generate extra income.

RSS - Wikipedia

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Give off premium content for an additional Dollar

In case you’re producing great articles that people can not get enough of, you could always take to requesting them to pay some $$$ for a number of them that are private! You can even have a Patreon account.

Tip: Do not ask individuals to pay straight away. Stay centered on growing traffic and an audience.

Create a Coupon Site or Provide coupons

Most people shopping online are ALWAYS looking for promo or discount codes for everything from clothes to visit vacations.

Write Blog posts on How to make money online by filling out Surveys

Apply for great programs like Swagbucks or Surveyjunkie. and add the affiliate link on your site.

You will earn recurrent revenue on whatever the people that signed up earn.

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