Article Forge 2.6 Video Review: Urgent Message for Bloggers (SEO) in 2022

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This is an in-depth review of the new version Article Forge 2.6, whether it is good or bad, how it works, how you should properly use it if you are a blogger, or care about SEO. I did the trial version and am currently using it after two months and inspected to see is it worth your time, effort, and money.

article forge 2.0 review

You may already have heard that “content is king”. It is well-known that quality articles and regular content creation are critical if you want to rank in Google and other search engines.

Before you even keep reading, Article Forge 2.6 (the latest version) is out and I want you to watch the video tutorial with an example of an article written automatically using it.

article forge review 2021 - dashboard

The results are interesting!


Sites like WebMD or Healthline make HUNDREDS of MILLION of DOLLARS from their blog/website just because they do THREE things among many others:

  1. they write a LOT of blog posts that drive 10+ MILLION visitors each month.
  2. they insert display ads in the posts so that each time someone just sees an ad, they make money!
  3. They have affiliate marketing links in their posts where they recommend other products.

See how being able to drive traffic is KEY? But how do you do it?

The answer is regular and useful content that will drive visitors back to their sites.

In fact, there are more than 70 million posts being published each month by WordPress users. However, most of them are either not of good quality or are duplicates and never going to rank on Google.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you will be needing the services of an article writer who can write about products that you sell in your online business.

Internet sites that get regularly upgraded with top excellent content tend to rank high as their content is shared often, backlinks begin accumulating, and also all-mighty Google admits it as an invaluable site.

Since normally it takes a lot of time and research, creating articles is very hard for bloggers and website owners.

Bloggers do research and write their own articles. Bigger companies and webmasters with money usually hire people to write the content.

Try Article Forge

Some even outsource it to freelancers using services. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to consider before hiring a professional to write your articles: price, time, quality.

If you are operating a website or websites and desire them to rank higher in SERP, you’ll need articles. A great deal of content. And writing content takes some time, a LOT of time!

But people always search how to stay ahead of competitions and embrace future technologies for articles writing, saving dollars and time.

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This is the point where tools like Article Forge 2.6 come in: An automatic article writer that is supposed to produce unique blog posts under 30 seconds.

What is Article Forge?

article forge 2.6 dashboard - article forge review

Article Forge 2.6 is a software or content writer that is powered by deep artificial intelligence and trained on millions of articles on the internet to automatically generates complete, unique, and high-quality, SEO-friendly articles in less than 1 minute.

Think of it as a Freelance content writer, instead, you don’t have to pay the freelancer regularly to write articles for you, simply let the machine do it for you.

You simply need to provide a keyword of your choice, specify the length of the article you want, and let the software write the article for you.

Article Forge is cloud-based, and you don’t need to install it on your computer.

You simply need to create an account online, and when you create your articles, they will be stored in the cloud and you will never lose them, even if you don’t use them right away.

How does Article Forge 2.6 Work? In-depth Video Tutorial

I made this video to show you exactly the results of Article Forge after I tried it for 5 days and bought it myself. Judge for Yourself!!

article forge 2.0 review

When editing the content in WordPress, I mostly use Grammarly Premium for proofreading and plagiarism checker. I was pleased that they were not many grammar errors discovered using Grammarly.

Putting Article Forge 2.6 to Test (Real Examples)

Example 1: I wrote this article in less than 30 seconds: 750 words with images automatically embedded around the topic “wicker basket”.

article forge review - test of article forge

Note that Article Forge also has a tool called Perfect Tense that will also notify you of any mistakes in generated content.

For plagiarism, Duplichecker showed only 1%. This is really good. If you perform a few manual corrections and the content could be used on your site.

You also have the ability to save your articles within Article Forge and come back to get them whenever you want.

Example 2: I wrote this second article below around fishing with the keyword “How to go fishing for beginners”, which I found is a high volume keyword and low competition.

article forge review 2 results-min

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

The company claims that, with the latest Article Forge, you just have to input keywords, and seconds or minutes later, you have freshly “baked” unique content.

It uses algorithms and offers you articles within seconds. The articles aren’t just worded and set to make sense but also pass Copyscape along with different plagiarism detectors.

Thus, Article forge isn’t simply a tool, but your OWN personal article writer.

Is it the best tool for articles in seconds without needing to write anything, or hire writers that are costly?
My take: it NEEDS little editing.

Wordai article rewriter
Wordai article rewriter for blog posts

When you place a keyword, Article Forge reads a huge number of articles, learning what it needs to learn about this topic to compose articles in its own words.

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Ostensibly, it scrapes content from the internet and then twists that content, paragraphs, etc., and composes each sentence in its own words producing nonduplicate content.

Article Forge can mechanically add important names, titles, videos, and images to every article it writes if you enable the option. It can also add links mechanically.

Simply register an account and begin your trial. Be noted you’ll need to enter your credit card or PayPal info.

While the trial continues, you can actually cancel you will NOT be charged anything.
You can use this affiliate link to try it for FREE for 5 days: CLICK HERE

Try Article Forge Free Here

For Wordai, if you want to rewrite high-volume unique articles on the web & generate a few $$/day as I showed you, try for 3 days FREE using this link: CLICK HERE.
If you decide to get Wordai, get the TURING version only, as it is the ONLY one that I found to rewrite good UNIQUE content that makes sense.

How to Automate Content Creation on Multiple Blogs with Article Forge 2.6?

The tool allows you to automate content creation on many WordPress websites at once with its “Post Scheduler” function.

In the video below, I show exactly:

  • How to import all your WordPress blogs/websites into the Article Forge platform;
  • How to search and select multiple keywords and sub-keywords to generate multiple blog posts on automation that will be published on different days while you are sleeping or doing something else.

So What’s different in Article Forge 2.6?

  • More in-context results. Some keywords get bad results;
  • You can not create more than 750 words. Still annoying!
  • You can allow the option to add headings and titles, place video and images (which usually increase your chances of getting ranked), or replace keywords with links.
    Embedded videos are chosen on YouTube, and images are easy.
  • If multiple links are allowed in one replacement group, the tool will randomly join a keyword to anybody among them.

Is there an Article Forge Crack?

No. For the moment there is not a crack that allows you to get Article Forge for FREE. You will need to buy after the 5 days trial.

(NEW!) Example of Article Written using Article Forge 2.6 (Video Tutorial)

Ok guys, this is an important alert: Article Forge 2.6 is out now. Like I said above the algorithm keeps getting better and better. Here is a video example of an article titled “How does Bitcoin work?” that I wrote with Article Forge 2.6 and optimized using the RankMath SEO plugin.

Watch and see how amazing the algorithm has become at writing better articles faster.

As you saw in the video, the latest version is MUCH better than the previous ones.

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My Final Thought on Article Forge 2.6

When I first bought the yearly plan of Article Forge, the price was lower than it is today. The price keeps increasing every year because their algorithm keeps getting better and with more updates, so they increase the price every year because of their expenses.

However, they say that “If you buy now and lock in your rate, they will never increase your rate even if their expenses keep increasing. They will only increase it for future buyers.”

Try it for 5 days using the link below and if you think it’s useful for you, buy it.

Click to Try Article Forge 2.6 for 5 days


Writing a lot of unique blog posts can easily turn your website into a money-making machine that is completely PASSIVE! I am currently earning money $8/day from a post about “Hairstyles” that I wrote 3 months ago. And the beauty of this is that I don’t have to do anything else, the money just comes in as visitors open your website.

Here is my payment from Ezoic (the best monetization platform) I got.

payment Ezoic

You should give it a try using the 5-day trial option.
You can use this link to try it for FREE for 5 days: CLICK HERE

If you go for Wordai instead, to rewrite high volume very unique articles generate in seconds & generate a few $$/day as I showed you, try for 3 days FREE using this link: CLICK HERE.

Let me know your thoughts below. If the video tutorial above helps, make sure to like, Subscribe, save and share.

So make sure you subscribe and press the notification Bell to never miss a new video.

Free Trial of Article Forge

Example of Income from WebMD website

According to

“Today WebMD issued financial guidance for the first quarter and full year 2017. For the full year ending December 31, 2017, WebMD expects:

  • Revenue to be approximately $710 million to $730 million, an increase of 1% to 4% from the prior year.
    • $580 million to $598 million of revenue is expected to be from advertising and sponsorship, an increase of 3% to 7% from the prior year. Advertising and sponsorship from biopharma customers is expected to grow 2% to 5%. Advertising and sponsorship from OTC, CPG and other customers is expected to grow 8% to 11%.
    • $31 million to $32 million of revenue is expected to be from information services, compared to $29.8 million in 2016.” — PR NewsWire

You understand that if you do blogging the right way and create a huge amount of useful articles, and monetize them with platforms like EZOIC, then you can earn massive revenue.

Make sure to give Article Forge a 5 days trial, you don’t lose anything!

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