Article Forge 2.6 Review vs AI Writer (with Video Tutorials) in 2022

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This is an in-depth article comparison with a video tutorial between two of the best Article writers in 2022 that claim to write articles or blog posts fast (under 60 secs): Article Forge 2.6 and AI Writer. I show you the details for each of the programs, their pros & cons, so YOU can see which one is best for you or your business/blog/website.

Whether you own a blog, e-commerce, or affiliate marketing website, you NEED to write articles to have a chance to get organic traffic from Google that you can use to sell or monetize your website.

This is where Article Forge 2.6 (recently released) and AI Writer come in.

I show you a side-by-side video comparison of the articles written by each.

Question is:

Are the results good enough to help you with SEO or take your blog to the next level?

Watch the video until the end and judge for yourself. There are tips throughout this video that you don’t want to miss, so watch till the end.

Article Forge vs AI Writer, let’s go!

My take: Article Forge 2.6 is better, more flexible, and has a lot of options

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article forge

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Both Article Forge 2.0 & Ai-Writer automatically write articles for you with just a keyword topic, so you don’t have to hire an expensive professional writer or spend hours typing.

Article Forge 2.6 is among the most recent online tools to compose whole articles for you if you provide a keyword and maybe sub-keywords. It uses its powerful artificial intelligence and research abilities also you completely exclusive articles in less than 60 seconds!

Article Forge uses sophisticated understanding algorithms to write articles in precisely exactly the exact same way a human will because it has learned from millions of Articles around the web. These understanding algorithms allow Article Forge to explore ANY topic, exactly like a person do.

Article Forge reads tens of thousands of articles, learning what it needs to know therefore that it may come up with any topic in words. This means that Article Forge could be the tool released with the capacity of automatically composing high-quality posts.

You need fresh, unique content and everything you have is some keywords or your headline? Simply submit it to the best AI informative article generator applications and get an informative article.

Ideal for SEO, blogs, AI copywriting software, and for text generation. Article Forge content writer will be able to help you generate specific text!

Article Writers are typically responsible for providing written articles for companies in the kind of articles along with different content that is creative.

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Moreover, you can Autoblog with Article Forge. If you’re interested in a source for articles that are automatic at that scale, look no further.

Publish automatically to your WordPress blogs.

Tutorial on How to AutoPublish on Multiple Blogs using Article Forge 2.6

I Released a tutorial that shows you how you can automate blogging with Article Forge using the Post Scheduler function. Watch until the end.

Some people complain that the price is too high but if you want good quality, it usually comes at a significant price too.

Some tips for making sure your content can Rank on Google using Article Forge 2.6

  • First, create your articles fast using different keywords and sub-keywords of the same topic.
  • When editing, point out your anchor text to external resources/sites.
  • Give your text an exceptional structure (headings with H2 titles and H3 subtitles).
  • Use Grammarly to fix a few grammar mistakes.
  • Use your own unique style.
  • Use your own reasoning to improve it.
  • Then publish them.

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