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Finding good interests to target on FB ads is one of the biggest challenges marketers face when conducting audience research. A single campaign failure can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, and if you target the wrong audience in your ads, you are most likely to waste money.

Three key components of a successful marketing campaign are product, message and targeting. Audiencer is able to help you target the right customers by improving your targeting.

You can have the best Dog product and if you target an audience on FB interested in horses, NOONE will buy your product on land on your site, so you need “laser-focused targeting”.

Audiencer is a combination of human knowledge and computer power in the most effective way in one tool that uncovers all hidden interests in Facebook API that the FB Ads manager will never show you.

When you try to target everyone with your advertising,  you are wasting both time and money if your ad is being shown to everyone person.

Solution: In order to increase your conversions and reduce your Click per cost (CPC), you need to first find the people have EXPRESSED Interest what you are offering or selling, and only put your ads or message in front of them.

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Facebook has almost 2 billion users worldwide, and almost all of them have expressed interests in different niches while browsing Facebook via liking, searching, following pages.

The problem is that the FB Ads manager keeps them in the back-end and does not show them to the average advertiser. 

Audiencer users can discover those hidden interests without having to search too much, it points you in the right direction for your niche in a way give you a great head start on your competitors.

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This means that you could spend less money on the wrong audience, target interests no competitor is targeting, have lower cost per click, and higher ROAS.

Video Tutorial About Audiencer

Here is an in-depth video tutorial about Audiencer where I introduce you to the tool, I talk with the founder of the tool and show you concrete examples of how powerful this tool is in helping you with your FB Ads.

You nEED to watch this video before moving down.

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What are the Benefits of Audiencer?

Here is are some top benefits that Audiencer offers you.

Reduce research time

Audiencer has been proven to be a faster way to find your interests.

Uncover hidden interests


You can go beyond the 25 limit in Ads Manager to take full advantage the Marketing API

Self Learning App

Audiencer uses information from your audience to give you the best recommendations for your niche.

Campaign Planner

You can plan your adsets in advance by grouping many interests into separate audiences, so that you can use over and over again for different clients or stores. Before you spend any money on ads, know how many adsets are possible.

Ideal For Agencies & Freelancers

Audiencer was built with scalability as our goal. You can search for clients and projects of any size without interfering with others. For quick access, always refer back to past work.

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Great Email Support

Most tickets are resolved within 24 to 48 hours. The founder of the tool ensured me that he handles all tickets/requests coming in. Their email is for more questions.

High-affinity interests can lower your CPCs

You can narrow your interest to a niche more effectively. This will increase the user’s affinity for that niche. Your adsets will perform better if you have a higher affinity.

Proprietary Relevance Metrics

audiencer dashboard hidden interests - audiencer suggestions- dogs

We offer more than just interest. Based on the frequency they are used by our customers to target their niches, we also tell you how pertinent they are. You should always use your best judgment before you spend money on a campaign.

For example, the additional suggested interests have a relevance score. The higher the score, the higher the relevance of that interest for your niche specified.

Never lose or mess up your work

We’ve been there. Saving interest in Excel spreadsheets and notepad files is a waste of time. You can lose them and your computer can get erased. With Audiencer, all your searches/saved interests are on the server with a click of a button.

Analyze Each Interest You Wish To Target Easily

Audience Insights makes it easy to quickly verify interest. 

Adaptive  Suggestions & Niche Recommendations

The tool suggests adaptive interests related to one interest you already have and expands your detailed targeting.

You will be able to find interest in your niche if you have not done any research. Over 1000 niches and related interests are available to you. You can simply tell Audiencer your target market or niche and we will suggest interests.

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This is a time-saver, especially if you don’t know what you should search for or don’t know much about your niche.

Newbie Friendly

audiencer dashboard

Audiencer is intuitive and easy to use. It also comes with a series of video training you can access. I love it.

Integrated with Google & Facebook Search

Audiencer is also integrated with Facebook and Google search engines so that you can easily search for an interest or what to means if you don’t know. All it takes to get the answer is one click.

Training Videos

There are lots of training videos to get you started.

audiencer training videos

It is recommended that you complete all of our training in order to make the most out of Audiencer.

Try Audiencer for FREE

Audiencer Pricing

There are three plans with Audiencer:

1. FREE forever- Very limited features.
β€’ Only 10 searches/day
β€’ Can save interest in the audience folder.

2. $99 lifetime license – Only available within the first 30 mins after sign up.

3. $199 lifetime license – If you wait too long (past 30 minutes of sign up) the price will be $199. 

So the decision is a no-brainer given what the tool can offer.

At this point, I can confirm you that NO other tool out there can do what Audiencer can do right now. Get your hands right now on it and watch your FB ads skyrocket in conversions.

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