5+ Best Adsense Alternatives to Join in 2022 (High-Paying)

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If you are looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog or website, this is for you. Advertisements can be a great way to generate extra income through your blog. You will need an advertisement platform to do this. An advertising network is a service that connects website publishers and online advertisers.

Advertisements are placed in specified areas on websites by most ad networks using an automated system. In return, the network receives a percentage of the commission if users interact with the ads, such as by clicking on them or making purchases through them.

Google AdSense is certainly the most prominent name in display advertising, the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) program on the web, used on over 10 million websites, and you’ve probably heard of it.

I’ve also used Google Adsense on this blog when I first started, and my income was miserable. Over time, it got a bit better.

adsense dashboard - adsense review

Although it’s a popular tool used by beginners bloggers to make money online through their website or blog through ads, it’s not the only choice out there.

Let’s talk about some of the best Adsense alternatives I’ve seen and tried and why you might prefer another ad network compared to Google Adsense to earn more with your blog.

5+ Best Adsense Alternatives to Join in 2022 & 2022

1. Ezoic

November Ezoic Earnings - The MMS Experience

Ezoic is in my opinion the best Adsense alternative both for small and large bloggers. I have used it for more than a year on many sites and it performs very well. Ezoic is a FREE monetization platform for publishers that for bloggers or publishers that leverages true machine learning to streamline monetization, website speed, and analytics.

It also guarantees to increase your website earnings to 50% to 250% from Adsense with display ads using their powerful AI ad platform.

Requirements: Ezoic has REMOVED the  10,000 MONTHLY SESSIONS requirement bloggers needed before getting approved.

So now, the size of your blog traffic does not matter (100 or 1000 visitors per month), you can INSTANTLY get approved, set up, and start monetizing your site with Ezoic.

  • Ezoic is a Google-certified ad partner, so you need to get approved by Adsense.
    If you are BANNED by Adsense, then your best option is Media.net.
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Payments: PayPal.

Here is a video tutorial showing you why you should try Ezoic on your blog.

If you want to read my full review of Ezoic and the application process, the guide to set up ads, and my results, click HERE.

Try Ezoic for FREE

2. Newor Media

newor media review

Newor Media is a header-bidding network (similar to Adsense/ Ezoic / MediaVine) that uses AI technology to maximize bloggers’ revenue. In other words, it’s an Algorithm-based real-time bidding for bigger returns from different banner ads on your website.

Newor Media partners with ad Exchanges with header bidding, meaning that they try to get the high-paying advertisers for your blog or site.

I have used it recently on a few sites and it’s performed quite well.

newor media review - revenue


  • They only offer 6 ad units for your site. They require at least TWO (2) placeholders on your site out of the six that will display their ads. So if you have placeholders from other platforms like Adsense, you will need to reserve Newor Media at least 2 of them. It’s compatible with Adsense which means you can have both on your site.
  • Your website or blog should be in English only
  • Most of your traffic is from the U.S. because that’s probably the most demand comes from.

Here is a video tutorial showing you the full review of Newor Media. I really like the platform.

If you want to visit Newor Media page and try it for free, click below.

Visit Newor Media

3. Media.net

media.net sign up page- adsense alternative

Media.net is one of the most popular contextual advertising networks. It is widely regarded as the leading AdSense alternative. Media.net is a Google AdSense alternative that gives you exclusive access to Yahoo or Bing. If Adsense banned you, this is almost your only best alternative.

The contextual ads enable you to monetize content by giving you exclusive access to search results from the Yahoo! Bing network.

These ads are very similar to AdSense. You can find Contextual, Display, Mobile, Interstitial, In-Content, and Interstitial Ads. This makes it a viable alternative to Google AdSense. This was the second option I tried when I switched away from Adsense.

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Media.net has a wide range of native and display ads that you can use for mobile or desktop. These ads will earn you about the same as AdSense.

Here is how the dashboard looks like after you are approved (simple and intuitive). Setting up ads is easy.

media.net dashboard page- best adsense alternative

Media.net has strict approval requirements. Your blog must have high-quality content and a professional design to be accepted. Media.net demands that your site’s visitors come from the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Media.net, a service similar to AdSense, is a great place to start if you’re looking for features, quality, or a high payout rate.

Payments: Payoneer & PayPal are used for payments, and a minimum $100 is required before starting monthly payouts.

Visit Media.net

4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Amazon Native Shopping Ads - John Chow dot Com
Source: Johnchow

Amazon Associates has its own contextual advertising offering called Native Shopping Ads.. Amazon Native Shopping Ads, a division of the Amazon Associates program, allows you to place native Amazon product listings on your blog pages.

These ads target specific pages based on their content. So if your blog post is about the best books to read in summer, only Books will appear in the ads displayed in that block

You’ll earn a commission if a visitor clicks on one of these ads, and then purchases any Amazon product. Your visitors are more likely than their competitors to purchase through Amazon because of its unparalleled reputation in eCommerce.

Commissions vary from 3% to 12% depending on the product.

Amazon will display the most relevant products to your site based on the content on each page. You’ll earn an affiliate commission if your visitors click on the products and make a purchase.

However, you will only be paid if someone purchases – impressions and clicks are not covered by AdSense.

Minimum payout threshold of $10.

Payments methods: wire transfer

Important: Amazon Associates is more strict than other affiliate networks. Make sure to read all of the rules before you sign up.

Visit Amazon Associates

5. Value Impression

Another high-performing advertising network is Valueimpression. Publishers with at least 100K page views per month will find Valueimpression to be a great Adsense alternative or even Ezoic alternative.

Their earnings report is comparable to or better than AdSense. Reporting is instantaneous, and income reported is not deducted after a few hours like AdSense.

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Value impression - best adsense alternative

Site speed is not affected by value impression ads. Their ads load very fast. Their dashboard is the simplest and best I’ve seen so far.

Valueimpression is an ad network that offers high conversion rates. They are based in Vietnam. Valueimpression rates include high CPC, RPM, and eCPM rates.

Their approximate ad rates.

Ad typesApproximate  eCPM
Display Banner$1-$10
Instream & Outstream Video$4-$25
Discovery Video$4-$25

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, and even cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and even XRP).

Visit Value Impression

Other Ad Networks Options

Other networks include (I have not tried yet):

Most of these other networks are beginner-friendly.

Which Adsense Alternative is the Best?

In my opinion, if you are a beginner with low traffic, combine Adsense ads and Mediavine. As your traffic grows, apply for Ezoic, then Newor Media ads as they all have different traffic requirements.

In terms of earnings, I’ve seen really good rates with Ezoic , Newor Media , and Valueimpression.


Ad networks are a great way to monetize blogs. They provide bloggers with the opportunity to make money from their blogs by making them partners for different companies.

The easiest ad network for bloggers is Google Adsense. It is one of the most popular ad networks and it has a wide variety of ads that suit any blog niche.

Google Adsense is the best ad network for bloggers because it has a wide variety of ads that can suit any blog niche and they provide bloggers with an opportunity to make money from their blogs by making them partners for different companies.

There are many different factors that go into choosing an ad network and it is important to find one that works well with your blog’s niche and goals.

Some people choose to use multiple networks (Adsense + Ezoic) in order to maximize their earnings potential.

We’ve just covered Best Adsense Alternatives to Join right now. I will update with more ad networks in the next few weeks, so bookmark this page and come back often.

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