17+ Best Business Articles that are MUST-READ in 2022

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Want to know the 17 best business articles in 2022 to read and get inspired, read this article until the end.  There are millions of articles related to business on Google, but if you want to read all of them you’re going to waste a lot of time. 

In this post, I compiled 10 of the best business articles of 2022 that will inspire you and improve your business on many levels. 

These articles come from some of the most powerful business websites around the web.. whether you read them in the Wall Street Journal, Inc Magazine, New York Times, Forbes or Bloomberg, they provide practical business advice that will help you through the journey.

PS: This blog post is updated every month with new business articles, so make sure to come back and get new ideas.

17+ Best Business Articles that are MUST-READ in 2022

best business articles 2021

1. 57 Questions to Ask When Buying a Business

best business articles 2021, buying a business

When buying a business, there are certain questions you need to ask in order to find the right price for the business. This great article by Jeff White provides you with crucial questions that you need to ask to make sure that you pay the right price. some of the questions are for example:

why is the business for sale?

How long has the business been operating under the current owner?

What’s the competition like?

This business article has 57 questions that really help you find out how the business is valued, what the financing options are, and whether you are interested in buying the business.

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2. 20 Habits for Success I Learned Working for Two Billionaires

business articles 2021, 20 Habits for Success

This next piece is written by The Huffington Post contributor Paul Carrick Brunson. He takes you through some of the Habits that two successful billionaires have and that you should think about cultivating too.

 My favorite two habits are: be curious about everything and take no days off.

3. Business article 2022: How To Sell Absolutely Anything At Full Price

business articles 2021, business articles about marketing, How To Sell Absolutely Anything At Full Price

This other business article by Doug Fleener from Business Insider shows you the difference between the price of a good and the value of a good and how to actually sell anything at full price by increasing the product value when you’re trying to show it to the customer.

Among the 5 tips he shares one I really like is:  

 “Do NOT talk about the future or benefit of the product instead talk about the experience the customer will have when using the product.”

 This is exactly why differentiate good sellers from great sellers. The latter always focus on the value of the product to the customer and companies like Apple or Amazon embodied this one principle well.

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5. Richard Branson’s Top 10 Tips for Succeeding at Business

business articles, business articles for students, Richard Branson's Top 10 Tips for Succeeding at Business

This business article from Medium discusses 10 tips when starting a business or entrepreneurs by one of the most important entrepreneurs of this Century, Richard Branson. 

Two tips that are very important for anyone starting a business are: 

Tip #7 learn to delegate, 

Tip #9 go out there and do things. 

 I really like his position on delegating some aspects of your business because even if you are good at doing everything, you would be most efficient if you focused on one thing on your business and let other partners or associates handle other parts of your business. Specialization improves efficiency.

 The idea of going out there and doing things when starting a business because you can have the most brilliant idea in the world but if you do not act on it or do something it will just remain an idea.

6. Business article 2022 7 Things You Can (legally) Steal from Successful Companies

business articles to read, 7 Things You Can (legally) Steal from Successful Companies

This incredible business article by Denis Duvauchelle provides seven essential things that you can steal from a successful company, tweak it, and make a successful business out of it.

This is a must-read for anyone starting a business or that is an entrepreneur because of two of the things the author provides are :

1. Win over the successful company haters. The idea with this is literally just searched on social media or on search engines for the people. Type I hate XXX company and try to find out why then improve the service to those people. 

 2. The other is to take advantage of the inability to be everywhere of some successful companies by developing almost similar products but then adapt it to the context of the country where you’re currently living if the successful company is not already in that country.

6. Shark Tank’ investor Daymond John explains what he learned from losing $6 million

business articles, daymond john, shark tank

This business article is one that many successful business owners today will relate to because Shark Tank investor Daymond John explains exactly how he went broke to multi-millionaire with his brand Fubu.

He talks about how in a span of 10 years he went from putting his house mortgage into the business due to the growing demand to become the number one brand used by rappers in America in 1998.

One important point he talks about in this business article is how he partnered with two amazing designers that did not have managerial skills and did not help his business, which raises the importance of having leadership skills when running a business.

But he also discusses the importance of proving how valuable your business to the customer because if you cannot prove it when your business is just starting out then even if you gather a hundred million dollars, you will still not be able to successfully run it.

7. Business article 2022: What Makes a Leader?

business articles, leadership skills, What Makes a Leader?

Written by Daniel Goleman, this business article from Harvard Business Review talks about one skill that is increasingly being valued in the business world: emotional intelligence.

The author in this article distinguishes between the traditional qualities of a leader suggest determination and vision and intelligence and newer softer skills such as emotional intelligence where many managers in today’s world lack, and therefore fail at their job.

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If you want to know how to be an Effective Leader in your business, where small or big, you need to read this article.

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8. Essential Changes Leaders Must Make Now To Help Their Organizations Thrive

business articles for students, Essential Changes Leaders Must Make Now To Help Their Organizations Thrive

In this business article, Kathy Caprino talks about how many managers fail to address challenges that employers employees face today in the workforce. 

 In an interview, the author teams up with Errol Gardner (EY Global Vice Chair of Consulting) and who leads one of the biggest global consulting networks of any professional services organization with more than 70,000 professionals worldwide to provide advice on how to build a better workplace.

So0me of the tips include removing managers whose values are not aligned with the organization in a way that is impacting the growth of their colleagues.

 Another tip Gardner gives in this business article is the ability to internally look at our own behavior and honestly communicate if we want to be great leaders.

9. Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn’t Only About Having the Best Ideas

business articles, Business Idea, Planning, Business Plan, how to be successful in business

This Harvard Business Review article by Andy Molinsky is one of my favorite articles because it talks about one important skill that was mentioned above and it is the ability to execute an idea.

The author talks about how many entrepreneurs in the areas of Consulting, the internet, starting a software company are doomed to fail because of the inability to take an idea into a viable organization.

 I also like how the article starts by providing a clear idea of what a successful business should be like:  a product or service that people need, that they will want, and that is “scalable“.

10. 3 Ways to Build and Grow a Successful Business 

business articles, entrepreneurship articles, 3 Ways to Build and Grow a Successful Business

This article was from a successful founder and CEO caution distemper that has transitioned from an employee of a big Corporation to a struggling entrepreneur to now the CEO of a successful company.

Two of the three tips that the author gives are to be relatable, to focus on warm traffic, meaning buyers, not followers.
One quote I like from the article is “It’s better to be successful than famous.”

Too many people these days love the hype of social media build a huge following but struggle to make serious money.

The last tip the author provides is to control your business by controlling the sales department by not outsourcing sales.

11. 50 Free Tools to Help Grow Your Small Business

business articles for students, 50 tools to start a small business, Entrepreneur, Idea, Competence, Vision, Target

In this business article from Fundera, Meredith Wood from Fundera shares 50 free tools that anyone can use to grow a small business.

Some of the tools include advertising tools like Google My Business (which helps to list your business on Google), Yelp, some analytics tools like Unbounce (landing page builder) or Google Analytics (to track website analytics).

Some of the business planning in business financing tools include Enloop to create professional business plan templates; Angel List to look for investors or hire employees.

I personally like the design tools that the author shares, including Canva and email tools like Boomerang, which is one tool that I also use.

 There are so many tools from productivity to Money Management tools, communication, and social media management tools that are also shared.

So if you’re thinking about running a small business or if you’re actually running already a small one, this article is one that you should take a look at.

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12. 107 Best Small Business Ideas of 2022 (Low-Cost & Online)

Best Small Business Ideas of 2021

In this great article, Adam Enfroy covers 107 business ideas that you can brainstorm and start a Small Business Online either part-time or full-time.

Some of the ideas are easier and more practical while others are harder. The harder ones among the harder ones you can find starting a blog and web development.

Some of the ones that anyone should start, that you can easily do that are going to be trendy in the future are starting a podcast and launching an online class, or course, or coaching session.

If you’re running out of small business ideas to start with, this article will inspire you with new ones.

13. The Complete 35-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

business articles 2021, Guide for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business

Some people do not really understand the challenges that come with starting any business. This article keeps you grounded by providing you 35 key steps that any entrepreneur should know when starting a business, with some aspects related to Legal, marketing, human resources, and sales.

For example, tip number one is is to really understand the commitment and the challenge involved in starting a business such as finding great employees or working more than you expected.

Tip number three is also important because you need to come up with a great name for your business, something that is not trademarked but it is easier as well to remember and pronounce.

Another aspect that is also important is that you need to be successful at sales if you want to succeed with your business and that requires you to be positive, trustworthy, and to learn how to listen to your customers, your employees, and your prospective investors.

4 Other Business Articles to Read in 2022

Other Business Articles to Read, Innovation, Business, Information, entrepreneur articles

Here is a growing list of some other best business articles to read in 2022. As mentioned in the beginning, the list is growing weekly, so come back to read new ones.

The 20 Best Entrepreneurship Articles that are Must Read

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Psychologists Discovered How To Make People Like You

The Difference Between Salespeople Making $40,000 And Those Making $8 Million

The 10 Biggest Business Trends For 2022 Everyone Must Be Ready For


We’ve just covered the 17+ best business articles in 2022 that I must read by anyone wishing to start a business or entrepreneur working on a business.

Many successful businessmen and women have developed different skills such as emotional intelligence, the ability to execute on the idea, knowing how to control cells, but also have learned how to surround themselves with the right people that possess leadership skills.

 The journey to having a successful business is never easy, but if you love what you do and believe in the idea, you should never give up.

Do you agree? Do you disagree with the list? Leave a comment below.
What other ideas can you add to this list that I may have not mentioned?

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Lastly, if you want inspiration on your entrepreneurial journey, I suggest reading the 213 Entrepreneur Quotes that will make you successful.

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