Best Free & Paid Surveys Websites to Make Money Online in 2022

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In this article, you will learn about all the BEST FREE websites to make money with paid surveys in 2022 & 2022. Earning money via survey websites is perhaps one of the very frequent tactics to earn a little additional money online in 2022.

Some survey sites have a huge number of users, there are not many other online money-making methods that are popular.

Surveys Websites to Make Money Online in 2020

However, with the popularity of survey websites combined with other similar techniques of making money online, the web has become the ground to many scam sites.

That is the reason you want to learn everything regarding the credibility of a survey website before trying to make money online.

In the beginning (2 years ago), I made myself quick money by participating in online survey websites.

I applied for many websites to make money, and got rejected by some. however, I did get some income by executing some hard work.

In those days, I opted for as many survey websites as I could and thanks to this approach, I managed to accomplish at least a couple of surveys per week.

As I said, it was not enough to make me rich, however, you will find lots of times where you would receive a simple $50 or $100 check in the mail from completing surveys online in your spare time.

The job is pretty straightforward and it can be done in your home comfortably, in your schedule, and timeline, therefore it is quite a win-win! You can even watch movies while filling out those surveys.

12 Best Free Paid Surveys Websites to Make Money Online in 2022 and 2022

Free Paid Surveys Websites to Make Money Online

Here are just some of the most useful online survey websites where you are able to simply take free online surveys and begin earning money! All are free to participate so it will not hurt to join up.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks - Surveys Websites to Make Money Online

Swagbucks is something that you should very much use to bring in Amazon gift cards every month. They have o many surveys so it is possible to choose whatever you want to fill. There are other ways to make money on the platform: watching videos, browsing the internet using Swagbucks, or shopping online.

You can register for Swagbucks HERE and you should be given a complimentary $5 bonus for signing up through this link.

2. Survey Junkie

websites to make money Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is just one of those very best survey websites on the market – with a massive base of survey users, and also the capability to earn good sums of money anytime, anywhere.

Survey Junkie is definitely an online survey firm that helps customers to carry out surveys for a variety of businesses. The majority of the surveys are all for consumer goods, however, you can fill in surveys regarding traveling, tech, or financial services and products.

Using Survey Junkie, users first complete a profile and Survey Junkie matches users with some surveys. By completing surveys it is possible to generate money anywhere between $0.20 to $3.50. Overall, your earnings might range from $2.00 per hour to $5.00.

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Completing a survey might take anywhere from two minutes to half an hour. The shorter the survey, the less money you make

You can make money by completing activities for Survey Junkie such as installing a browser. Remember: it is a trusted website, and completing a profile takes only a couple of minutes. It’s possible for you to make some passive income executing those tasks.

You can register for Survey Junkie here.

3. OneOpinion

make money online website OneOpinion Review: Legit Survey Site Or A Scam? | Stealth Secrets

OneOpinion is unquestionably valid. It’s really among those better-paying survey websites available on the market. However, like any different survey site, you need to provide reliable market research info, and demographics are crucial too.

OneOpinion is a survey aggregator. In comparison to different websites, this aggregator sends you away to surveys for which you have an improved chance of qualifying, which translates to a high level of pay for that period.

As an associate of OneOpinion, you are able to complete online surveys. Surveys last 5 minutes to half an hour and rewards vary along each survey, from $1 to $5. From time to time, you can possibly receive more.

You can register for OneOpinion here.

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4. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is a famous survey site possessed by the NPD Group, a Better Business Bureau A+-rated market research company founded in 1966.

There are good surveys to make money from on VIP Voice, however, VIP Voice does not provide cash. Members get points that they may swap for admissions to get bids on an auction or into sweepstakes.

You can register for VIPVoice here.

5. Opinion Outpost

$10,000 Opinion Outpost International Scholarship 2020

Once you complete your profile and register to get Opinion Outpost, you are going to get a dashboard that offers a snapshot of links along with your points.

The dash is significantly more straightforward than other survey websites and offers you many surveys as well.

On the top of your Opinion Outpost dash, there is a button “Take a Survey” to allow you to start. You could access surveys through emails the Opinion Outpost sends.

You can register for OpinionOutpost here.

6. Say-so Profit

This is just a paid survey business that includes NO membership fee. At no time with this website assert that you could receive $20 for completing a survey or some of the jive — that really can be really just a FREE membership established survey website.

They promise you extra income when signing up, and that’s what you get.

SaySo4Profit isn’t a bad idea and isn’t a scam; I haven’t met one person claiming yet that this website is a scam.

There are some internet websites for surveys that are borderline scams, so you should always be careful.

You can subscribe to SaySo4Profit here.

7. Panelbucks

Panelbucks is really just a survey aggregator website. It promises that it will assist you in finding the surveys to perform to create money.

The website itself does not offer surveys. What it does is that it tracks the survey internet websites to find what surveys are available.

It places the surveys on its websites to ensure members may browse and decide whether they should take them or not. Consider it like a type of Google that specializes in survey websites.

The website looks pretty much just like some other survey sites including SaySo4Profit.

It says you’d get a $25 bonus when signing up, but I haven’t tried it, so I do not know whether it’s legit or not. This is a unique high incentive from a survey website.

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You can subscribe to PanelBucks here.

8. Prize Rebel

Paid Surveys For Money - PrizeRebel

Probably one of the very authentic and very consistent survey internet websites out there. PrizeRebel is a U.S.-based platform that intends to partner organizations with regular consumers.

Benefits are:

  • Easy payout arrangement,
  • an outstanding variety of surveys.
  • Around since 2007 with a good team behind.
  • Each completed survey is paid on points, which could then later be traded for real-world money.
  • The points may come as gift cards.
  • Much like additional famous survey programs like SwagBucks along with SurveyJunkie, PrizeRebel offers lots of other ways to improve your points such as: playing games, even watching videos, or speaking to loved ones and friends.

You can subscribe to Prize Rebel here.

9. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Review: Is It Legit Or Scam? - Amazing ...

American Consumer Opinion is just one online survey company I urge. They cover each survey you complete. It is a highly rated paid survey website that’s available worldwide. It has many benefits that make it a legitimate site.

However, one problem is that it has few survey opportunities and the earning potential is sometimes very small.

You are able to subscribe to American Consumer Opinion here.

10. Inbox Dollars

INBOX DOLLARS! is an online rewards internet site that I really would recommend you to try. It is possible to make money by simply taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching the internet, and get supermarket store vouchers.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Online survey site with a $5 bonus signup bonus. Literally, you are going to receive $5.00 at no cost simply for registering (Pretty amazing)!
  • Ways to earn comprise surveys, video games, seeing movies, printing vouchers, browsing the internet and reading Emails, etc.
  • Payment options include check, PayPal, or gift card.
  • After having the signup bonus, you could get another 50 cents for completing a brief profile survey. Questions include sex, age, ZIP code, etc.
  • You can cover surveys about supermarkets, auto insurance, Pepsi, Coke, and even McDonald’s.
  • It also has some exclusive offers, together side the specific buck or amount the survey pays.
  • InboxDollars is a powerful survey aggregator. Therefore, clicking a survey opportunity redirects you to the original survey.

You can subscribe to InboxDollars here.

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11. PineCone Research

Pinecone Research Reviews & Ratings - Paid Survey Update

Pinecone  Research is a great survey website I used in the past to accomplish surveys and believe me, they are among the best and most trusted online survey websites out there. They pay you for each survey you complete plus they periodically send services and products that are free!

Benefits are:

  • Higher than the average payout for surveys. The average is usually $3, and you get $6 for product testing (per test)
  • A trusted leader in getting the opinions of consumers in the U.S. Many firms are seeking your opinion to develop new products or improve current products.
  • By completing their online surveys, your opinions directly influence future products.

You can subscribe to PineconeResearch here.

12. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online Review: Scam or Legit? - SurveysSay

Harris Poll Online is just another valid and great online survey business. You get points with each survey you complete and you have points for surveys you’re guided to but are not able to be eligible for. The reward return for your time is a bit lower than what other survey sites have to offer such as Swagbucks.

You can subscribe to Harris Poll Online here.

Well, there you go! Above would be the greatest online survey websites for free online surveys so You Can Begin earning money

Things to do When Trying to Make Money Online with paid Surveys

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Make Money Online |

Here are some things to do when you start with paid surveys on websites to make money online.

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1. Subscribe to as many totally free online survey websites as possible.

I suggest enrolling in each the free online survey businesses as this really increases your chances of making good money.

Each survey provider might just send you additional surveys monthly, and so the more you subscribe, the additional money you could well be capable of making. So why not do it?

All half of those absolutely totally free online survey businesses here are valid and will be an excellent way to make money.

2. Constantly be truthful when enrolling in the below most useful online survey websites.

When filling in the survey forms, you’ll be asked lots of questions.

You ought to consistent in your answers when replying to these, as the survey businesses want those who really match what they’re searching for.

Besides, you have no idea what they are searching for by lying about your income or marital status for example, your chances may be hurting.

3. Ensure all online survey sites are valid.

The free online survey websites covered are legitimate. Out there, however, there are lots of scams, so beware.

Things to be aware of

Aware Stock Illustrations – 3,886 Aware Stock Illustrations ...

Here Are some warning signals a survey website Might Not Be valid:

  • If they require that you pay an upfront fee to enroll. Remember: You NEVER have to pay a cent to fill surveys. They are a scam if they request that you cover those fees.
  • They send you emails but you did not register on their websites. Some scam internet sites are there to steal your email from somewhere, then spam you with promo emails. Absolutely disregard their emails, unless you remember registering on the website!
  • They will tell you that you can make a full-time income by filling out surveys. It will be tough to make a full-time income by replying to surveys in 1 website. They’re meant more as an easy means to earn a big income, therefore that any get-rich-quick schemes are pure lies.

My recommendations

Here are my top recommended websites:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. American Consumer Opinion


You’ve just read the Best Free Paid Surveys Websites to Make Money Online starting today. Most people think making money online is a myth, and others think it’s too hard. That’s why I want to write to show you ways you can take your income or business to the next level starting right now.

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