Best Online FREE Debt Reduction Calculator

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Get a FREE estimate of the time it will take to remove your debt using this FREE debt Reduction calculator. 

With the All-In-One Debt Reduction Calculator and Debt Relief Program Calculator Plugin, from Golden Financial Services, you can learn :

  • how long and money you may save when staying current on accounts or paying monthly payments, together with debt settlement services and consumer credit counseling.

How to Use it

  1. Enter your debt, a monthly payment that you would be able to afford to eventually become debt-free, and the interest
  2. Click on Calculate


This free tool will calculate just how much it will cost and how long it will have to become debt-free. It places out approximately how much money you can save debt settlement versus credit counseling versus paying your debt on your own. Simple to comprehend graphs are all included. The numbers are compliant with the FTC.

Major features

Credit Card Debt Reduction Calculator

  • Takes values of total debt, monthly payment that users can afford to pay off the debt, and interest percentage. This will be used to calculate how much he would end up paying when staying current on his accounts. The interest rate will not affect the figures that are calculated for consumer credit counseling and debt settlement programs.)
  • Calculates total time to pay off the debt by debt settlement program, consumer credit counseling and on your own
  • Total payback by debt settlement program, consumer credit counseling and by staying on your own
  • Two graphs that represent total cost and monthly payment by debt settlement program, consumer credit counseling and by staying on your own
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