7+ Tools to Drive HUGE Traffic From Social Media

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If you want to know How to Drive Website Traffic Through Social Media, in this article, I will teach you how to increase your website traffic from social media using 7+ free and paid tools. I will also give you tips to use to drive traffic to your blog.

Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more difficult.

It’s getting harder to drive traffic from the social web because the competition is fierce.

Social algorithms are more difficult to apprehend since they are changing constantly, so it’s getting more troublesome to get more traffic from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every other social site out there.

The 7 hacks/tools in this article will help you get traffic on automation from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all other platforms completely on automation.

PS: I will update this list every month, so come back to check out new tools for your site or business.

7+ Tools to Drive HUGE Traffic From Social Media

Here is the video summary of all the 7 Tools. You can either watch first, then access the tools below you want to use for your business.

Alright here are the tools I mentioned in the video and more below.

1. Social Rabbit

social rabbit wordpress plugin

Social Rabbit is a premium social media marketing tool (WordPress plugin) that allows you to save time by generating quality traffic to your blog, your e-commerce, any website that you own by promoting your product you post and your pictures automatically on social media as if it was done by a human.

I have personally used this plugin to grow my lion account in a span of two years from 0 to 200,000 followers on Instagram by posting about 2,000+ posts (most on automation).

lions royal Instagram social rabbit

I have also used it to grow Pinterest pages to  600,000 views per month, and grow Facebook page to about 5000 fans.

Cost: $67/single license

Get Social Rabbit Plugin

2. Later

7+ Tools to Drive HUGE Traffic From Social Media 1

Later is a social media management app for people who are busy that allows you to schedule your content a month, 3 months, 6 months in advance on four platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The tool also allows you to add links to your Instagram post such that it becomes clickable.

Using this platform you can then promote affiliate programs, products for your eCommerce, blog posts for your blog, and much more. The beauty about this is that it is free

Try Later Now



manychat to drive trqffic; The MMS Experience

Manychat is another wonderful platform that allows you to gather Facebook profiles with a simple push notification on your website.

After visitors register on your website using Manychat, next time you will publish a product, an offer, a blog post, or anything, that will be pushed directly into their Facebook messenger and they receive it as a message notification.

Marketers that I’ve used Manychat have experienced about a 60% open rate, much more than email marketing.

Try Manychat Now

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4. Hootsuite

hootsuite The MMS Experience

Hootsuite is another social media scheduling platform that allows you to save time by creating and scheduling your content so that it gets posted automatically at the time that you will decide.

So you can literally plan months of content in advance across multiple social media platforms, and then go and work on other aspects of your business and let the tool work for you.

Try Hoosuite Now

5. Buzzsumo

7+ Tools to Drive HUGE Traffic From Social Media 2

Buzzsumo is an incredible platform that allows you to actually find what content is viral across the internet and on YouTube, to have an edge on your competitors, and replicate that content in a better way.

You simply have to enter a keyword of interest and Buzzsumo will tell you what are the most popular articles written around that keyword that have received the most engagement (e.g., likes & shares), which tells you that is the type of content you need to replicate a lot on your site.

Try Later Now

6. OneSignal Plugin

Onesignal, The MMS Experience

Onesignal is a push notification tool that allows you to also get subscribers instead of emails on your site, by simply displaying a form every time a new visitor comes on your site and asking to receive notification from your site.

If a visitor accepts, he or she immediately becomes a subscriber. Every time you publish a new blog post or a product, they will receive a notification on their device either an Android, an iPhone, or a computer.

The screenshot above shows you how many subscribers I’ve collected across my sites already, besides getting emails.

Try Later Now

7. Hellobar

Hello bar, The MMS Experience

Hellobar is a floating notification bar on your website that has the purpose of designing messages to show your visitors in order to get their information such as their email.

It is an alternative to a pop-up notification, but a less intrusive or obstructive one.

Try Later Now


Other tools

UpViral: customizable referral system and a reward system.



Zoho Social

Gleam: contest and giveaway platform.

KingSumo: made by AppSumo, it is a viral contest/giveaway marketing tool.


5 Social Media Tactics to Drive Traffic

How to get traffic from Google, , Pinterest, instagra, Social. The MMS Experience 

There are many methods you can use to boost traffic on your website, let’s go over 5 of them.

1. Advertise

When you’re starting out it’s often hard to get traffic, so when we get it is to do paid advertising such as Google advertising or even display advertising. This will attract a lot of visitors.

The only downside is that you’ll have to spend money. 

2. Mix up the Type of Content

 You also have to mix your content by writing a combination of short-form blog posts but also long-form blog posts, preferably with infographics.

This attracts different audiences to your site.

3. Write eye-catching headlines

Headlines are very important to increase your traffic because they determine the click-through rate of your content.

Writing compelling headlines that are irresistible when seen on Google search, will dramatically increase the number of people that click because they are curious, but then eventually end up reading your content and staying on your website longer.

4. Target Long-Tail Keywords

One important technique to drive traffic that most beginners in blogging do not apply is targeting long-tail keywords.

Usually, the competition is low on those keywords, so when you write even a decent article on those keywords, you end up driving a lot of traffic to your site for the long run.

This is very important for the SEO of your website.

5. Guest-Posting

guest posting to drive trafficp 

Guest posting is a two-way (win-win) technique that can increase the traffic on your site because if you are able to write on a reputable site, venue building trust in your brand on Google, and in return, you provide content to the website that you’re reaching out to.

I currently receive dozens of emails about blog post requests every week, some of them are spammy but others are legit.

Here’s an example of an email that I received recently about blog posting

Title: Hi, Your More Recent Blog Post Was Brilliant. Can We Work Together?

Body of email:

Hello there,

I’m from xxxx, I know that you receive a huge number of emails every-day from your blog visitors. So, I’ll keep it simple and short…

I’ve a few ideas to contribute a good-quality post on your blog, We write content for niche that you would love, they are xxx, personal xxx ,etc. if this sounds good to you, you can reply straight back to us. So, now I can compose a well-researched blog post or you can also give us some advice so that we can easily write about it.

I’ve produced a graphic design, that talks about “xxxxx”, it will come in addition to the post I’m sharing.

I can’t hold-up to get a reply from you about the post and i’ll be emailing the draft Quickly.


That’s how you reach out to blogs or sites for guest posting. That was a short and clean email that I said Yes to.


We just covered 7 tools that you can use to drive higher traffic to your website. Even though the competition it’s getting tougher over time, using these tools will free a lot of your time and allow you to occupy other aspects of your business.

Make sure you share this post on social media to allow others to see this well and to save the post. Come back soon for new tools as I update it every month.

What are your thoughts about the tools in this post? Have you used any of them?

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