6 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills

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how to be a better communicator
How to be a better communicator

There are thousands of presentations given by intelligent people who had great ideas but fail to communicate them with the right amount of confidence to their audience.

You can have the most intelligent ideas, the best strategy, and the top team, but if you can’t communicate your ideas clearly and confidently and influence outcomes, you risk losing everything.

Communication is often a topic that is not given enough attention in the workplace. However, communication is one of the most important aspects of having a productive and successful team.

6 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills 1

Learn how to improve your communication skills and create a better working community.

#1. Cultivate Healthy Habits for a Better Conversation

If you don’t take care of your body, you may have a tough time being confident in your skin and communicate well with others. The most common healthy habits that improve the odds of having a good conversation are:

– Drinking a lot of water

– Eating a balanced diet

– Regular exercise

– Sleeping well

#2. Learn from Professional Presenters on YouTube or other platforms

If you want to know how to give a persuasive presentation then simply type in “persuasive presentations” into the search bar and explore.

You may find something that interests you which will help you with your presentation skills!

YouTube has become a popular video platform in recent years and many people turn to YouTube to learn how to present themselves in public.

#3. Expose Yourself to Language Varieties

When we talk about languages, we often think of specific national languages and dialects that are spoken in a certain region.

Words and phrases from these languages often creep into our own mother tongue and allow us to communicate in a variety of settings.

Since we live in a globalized world where we interact with people from all over the globe and even if we don’t travel abroad ourselves, it is inevitable that we will encounter different language varieties and learn them as well as teach them to others.

#4. Practice Conversation & Storytelling with Yourself for better communication

When it comes to communicating, practice makes perfect. So even if you think you’re not cut out to be a better communicator, you should practice. This way, you can develop your non-verbal and verbal skills so you can communicate effectively. 

Everyone has a unique way of communicating. This means that each person has different experiences, ideas, and thoughts which are all conveyed through their speech.

The best way to get better at speaking is to practice speaking aloud without any interruption or delay. You can do this while looking in a mirror.

#5. Ask the Right Questions (& Listen Carefully!) in Conversations

When you are about to start a conversation, the first thing that you need to do is listen carefully. Another great way to be a better communicator is to be an excellent listener.

You can easily improve your listening skills simply by paying attention when the person you’re talking to is talking. When you understand what’s being said, you can respond calmly and effectively.

You want to know what the other person is saying and their perspective so that you can ask them questions.

Some of the key questions that you should ask are:

-Is there anything I can do for you?

-What would help?

-How can I help?

-What have I done recently to make your experience better?

By asking these questions, you are giving them an opportunity not just to complain but also to bring up something that they feel is important. This will also give them an opportunity to provide feedback about what is being done well.

#6. Pay Attention to Body Language during communication

Body language is a powerful source of nonverbal communication. It not only conveys how we feel, but what we think and want as well.

In addition, body language sends messages about our attitudes and beliefs that can either support or contradict what we say.

By remembering to look relaxed and natural, you will become a much better communicator with others. By having a relaxed posture and not slouching around, you’ll be able to convey a lot more meaning through your non-verbal communication.

Paying attention to your posture and other body language is going to help you become a better speaker and a more effective communicator in the future.

BONUS: Exercises to become a better communicator

– Exercising more: Spending just 30 minutes a day on the elliptical or the treadmill can improve your mood and increase your productivity.

– Reading: Reading can reduce stress, increase brain activity, and improve your ability to retain information and communicate.

– Yoga: This practice improves mood and decreases depression and makes you calm during conversations.

– Meditation: This technique can help people with anxiety before they engage in communication with others..

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