The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021

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If you want to start a blog, a business (online or brick-and-mortar), an agency, you need an online presence via a great website. When designing your site, you need a great WordPress theme.

I show you in this article, the best WordPress themes for blogs or businesses to use in 2021.

Your designs should mean business to the visitor. Even if you already possess a website, think again, does it look awesome (not just OK)?

It’s not just enough that your site looks good, it also has to help you drive toward your business goals (e.g., leads, sales).

The WordPress themes below will provide personalized, and engaging experiences to your visitors and skyrocket your blog or business site.

They also have built-in SEO features, so you don’t need to worry about the technical expertise but instead focus on building quality content.

All you need to do is to download the theme of your choice, import it into your WordPress site, and make it look beautiful and elegant.

Important: This list is updated every month with new themes, so come back for new ones.

The Best WordPress Themes in 2021

best wordpress themes for blogs and businesses

Here are some characteristics of the themes I handpicked for you:

  • fast website loading times
  • Easily score in the high 90s with Google Page Speed Insights out of the box without any caching or optimization plugins.
  • sleek design and beautiful appearance
  • extra emphasis on security
  • fully responsive HTML5 design for mobile users
  • no bloat from excessive built-in features
  • minimal customization options for a more streamlined user experience
  • more search engine friendly etc.

Foodie Pro Theme Package

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 1


  • Sleek and svelte with a minimalist approach
  • clean design
  • plenty of color and typography options.
  • Lots of features.

This is my #1 recommendation for lifestyle, food, and beauty bloggers.

Coaching Plus Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 2

Ideal for:

  • health coaches
  • fitness coaches
  • life coaches
  • health instructors
  • dietitians
  • any other professionals in the coaching or training business.

It is a fully responsive and speed optimized theme.

Recipe Blogger Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 3


  • excellent theme for food & cooking blogs.
  • Easily showcase your food photography and recipes
  •  highly customizable
  • Easy to share your unique flavors.
  • With its embedded plugins, you can easily share recipes on any post or page.
  • mobile responsive

Course Maker Pro Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 4

Ideal for:

  • People selling online courses.
  • The framework it comes with allows anyone to setup and hosting online courses on their blog/website in minutes.
  • Also has a flexible eCommerce part that is pre-styled for WooCommerce so you can easily set up your online store.
  • fully mobile responsive

Visitors will easily understand the structure of your online courses and convert more.

Winning Agent Pro 2 Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 5

Perfect for :

  • It is a theme built to bring real estate clients together with their agents.
  • Easily show your properties using the AgentPress Listings plugin it comes with or integrate with your IDX service.

Mai Prosper Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 6

Ideal for:

  • for online and local Businesses, Corporations, and Agencies.
  • It is intended to give your website a professional look to earn the trust of your clients, patients, and customers.
  • AMP-enabled for fast, smooth-loading sites.

Mai Reach Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 7

Perfect for :

  • Digital products, services, or software.
  • Super mobile friendly
  • eCommerce ready
  • One-click Setup Wizard adds sample content to your site giving you a head start on configuring your website.

Author Pro Theme

Author Pro Theme

Ideal for:

  • published authors that want to build a better online library of books.
  • intuitive design and powerful functionality.
  • has an eCommerce part that is pre-styled for WooCommerce and BigCommerce so you can easily set up your online bookstore.
  • showcase your latest published books or ebooks with the user-friendly features.

Essence Pro Theme

Essence Pro Theme

Perfect for :

  • Those who like simple and minimalistic themes
  • It allows you and your readers to focus on the essentials: your content.
  • health, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle blog niches.

Refined Pro Theme

The Best Wordpress Themes for Blogs & Business in 2021 8

Ideal for:

  • entrepreneur and ready to build a timeless, classic brand.
  • great for your business.
  • flexible, Open Source, eCommerce theme that is pre-styled for WooCommerce so you can easily set up your online store.

I personally love this theme and highly recommend it for any entrepreneur out there to get.

Other light-weight themes for WordPress blogs include Divi theme and Astra theme. Here is a nice post comparing Divi Theme vs Astra Pro 2021: Which One Is Best for You?


We just covered the best multi-purpose WordPress themes you can use to start your blog or website for your business.

I hope you are able to find a great theme.

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