ConnectExplore Review: All the Facebook Ads Secrets Revealed 2021

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Have you ever heard of ConnectExplore? One of the biggest reasons why most Facebook Ads don’t work, don’t convert like crazy or most people do not buy your offers is “Lack of Desire” from the people that see your ads.

If you put your Facebook ads in front of people that really don’t desire what you are selling, it is obvious that they will not buy.

Most small businesses do this mistake day in day out, they fail at targeting the right people. More specifically what they do is that they try to target EVERYONE, that’s why they waste lots of money n FB ads without much conversions.

Targeting in marketing in general is KEY and connectExplore solves that problem for you. Find out how below.

ConnectExplore Review, facebook ads secrets

In this article you’ll learn:

  • What ConnectExplore is and how it solves your targeting problem.
  • How ConnectExplore uses Facebook’s marketing API to reveal data hidden by Facebook.
  • Which ConnectExplore features will help you reduce your CPC.
  • How to best use ConnectExplore in your Facebook campaigns with video examples.
  • How to use the latest killing feature of ConnectExplore, which is “Test Interests”.
  • How I create my Facebook Ads step by step for high conversion using ConnectExplore.

Suppose you are selling stake, as a business owner, you probably believe your stake is the best stake in the world.

Because you believe in it so much, you want to make sure that EVERYBODY in the world sees your stake and knows about it and target a broad audience on your online marketing or Facebook ads or everybody.

The reality is that “Not everyone likes Stake” because some are vegan, vegetarian or maybe they just don’t like meat.

When you try to target everyone with your advertising,  you are wasting both time and money if your ad is being shown to any vegan person.

Solution: In order to increase your conversions and reduce your Click per cost (CPC), you need to first find the people who WANT what you are offering, who have expressed a pre-existing desire to consume your product, and only put your marketing message in front of those people.

Facebook has almost 2 billion users worldwide, and almost all of them have expressed interests in different niches while browsing Facebook.

The good news is that there are only a few types of people that you need to focus on targeting.  If you like to know who those types of people are and how to find them online,  then you need to use ConnectExplore

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What is ConnectExplore?

ConnectExplore is a tool designed to save you money on Facebook ads by showing you data on hidden interests by Facebook that the 7 million marketers on Facebook don’t know.

It is the best tool to uncover the most profitable FB interests and audiences that are ready to BUY your products or services, and all that at a reduced CPC.

It is a software that uses Facebook’s Marketing and Ads API to show you highly targetable Facebook interests that are not available through Facebook’s Ads Manager and even Audience Insights.

Lock in the special offer while you still can and get started today!

It’s a tool perfect for Social Media Marketer,. List Builders, eCommerce Marketers, dropshippers, business owners or anyone or agency doing Facebook ads.

It works for B2B, B2C, meaning, Business to Business marketing (e.g., service companies) as well as Business to customer marketing (e.g., e-commerce or online stores, local businesses).

  • It is an Automated, SMART Research Tool Uncovers Interests Your Competition Will Never Find on Facebook
  • Its Built-In “Layering” Lets You Hyper Target The Hottest Fans that express interests In ANY Niche!
  • Optimize your time by effortlessly adding new untapped interests to your ad sets
  • Reduce Facebook ads spend by improving your Facebook targeting.
There are TWO VIDEOS in this article that will show exactly how ConnectExplore works and how it can help your business thrive.

Complete Video Tutorial About ConnectExplore

This video will teach you how to Take your Facebook Ads to the NEXT LEVEL & skyrocket your profits using ConnectExplore. Beginner or Advanced, you will learn the hidden secrets of Facebook Ads marketing with ConnectExplore.

Click to Watch and Learn How I run my Facebook Ads Step by Step using ConnectExplore and become an EXPERT Yourself! Enjoy the video.

You can try ConnectExplore by clicking below.

Try ConnectExplore + a FREE 30-Day ConnectSuite Trial Here

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Who is the Creator of ConnectExplore?

Wilco De Kreij, a Facebook ad wizard who has created a company specialized in Facebook™ marketing. His company mission is to help business owners around the globe become more effective with Facebook™ ads.

In short, he is a master of marketing automation.

The team has created a number of award-winning software designed to help business owners get amazing results from Facebook™ advertising including Upviral, ConnectAutomate, ConnectAudience, ConnectLeads, Retargeting Machine and more.

Here is a video about him

Why is ConnectExplore Useful for your Business?

ConnectExplore Review: All the Facebook Ads Secrets Revealed 2021 1

When your interest targeting is off, fewer people click on your ads. It will give you a very low click-through-rate.

There are MANY more targetable interests than just the small list that is suggested in the ads manager.

These hidden interests are less targeted, and they have less competition because most of the 7 million marketers on Facebook ignore they exist since FB hides them by design.

99% of advertisers end up targeting the exact same interest-based audiences. And they’re paying the high price.

Most of the advertisers don’t really understand HOW interest targeting should be used + they’re all targeting the same saturated keywords and paying a high price for it.

But let’s be clear, that’s not our fault.

Facebook wants us marketers to target BROAD audiences, so it suggests only  a few high-volume, competitive keywords.
Facebook wants us all to target the exact same interests.

More reach + more competition = more ad revenue… for them, but it is a waste of money for you!

Let me show you a concrete example:

If you get ConnectExplore now using link above and open it, you type “gym” or “fitness” for example, you have up to 290 real keywords and interests with different audience sizes that ConnectExplore shows you are available to target on Facebook.

Connect Explore review 2021 - connectio

However, Facebook by design when you create your ad will NEVER show you this many keywords because they want you to have a high CPC or click per cost and will only suggest keywords like “fitness” or “fitness body” that have 300 million audience size and is highly competitive.

And the beauty of ConnectExplore is that you can apply those interests to your adset just ONE CLICK just like I show you in the video tutorial.

Here is another example of interests for internet marketers for example:

Connectexplore review interests examples

In summary, ConnectExplore allows you to:

  • Find profitable untapped Facebook interests other marketers and company people did not know about… effortlessly leap-frogging your rivals.
  • Know before time that the precise audience to aim at your advertisements — together with pre-analyzed interests, therefore, there isn’t any guesswork included.
  • Speed your research by helping you save hours of manual work. Simply enter a wide topic and receive yourself a set of hyper-targeted interests.
  • Effortlessly filter out your audiences to drill to the hungriest Sets of leads and buyers.

Follow these exact steps & tips, and you can be sure to see more engagement, more visibility, and more sales and leads coming into your business.

Every small business venture’s objective is to create profits.

Facebook Ads with ConnectExplore

When running Fb Ads, many companies wind up doing the same task again and again, but here is a Facebook ad secret;

Poor Interest Targeting Means You Are Going to Pay MORE You Need For Facebook Ads.

Facebook charges you more for the ads in case you aren’t getting your targeting setup correctly (audience)..

Low-quality clickthrough rates make Facebook think you are providing a terrible consumer experience… something that you want to avoid at any cost.

By using ConnectExplore, you can quit wasting money on the wrong audience. You definitely have additional money to aim pursuits with real potential.

Get Lifetime Access to Connect Explore Now

This is a temporary offer and will be removed soon – no exceptions.

You want ConnectExplore to come across a better way to locate the exact audience to improve sales.

Using the tool will turn Fb Ads into cash cows that are profitable.

Beside ConnectExplore, Wilco has multiple related products that can skyrocket your profits on Facebook:

1. Connect Audience: Synchronise your autoresponder with Facebook target audiences.

Try Connect Audience Now

2. Connect Leads: Connect your Facebook Leads ads to a Customer Relationship Management software easily.

ConnectLeads eliminates the necessity to manually export data from Facebook™ lead ads into your autoresponder.

Your mobile visitors can add themselves to your email list with just a few taps, no wasted time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder (e.g., Mailchimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, Hubspot), etc.

Get Started with ConnectLeads Now

3. Connect Retarget: Run powerful retargeting campaigns for your business.

Learn More about ConnectRetarget

4. Upviral: He also created a viral marketing tool called “Upviral” used by over 25,000 marketers to collect 1,000s of leads in just days by using sweepstakes & rewards and increase their sales dramatically.

You can Try Upviral for FREE using this link.


Here are some reviews from ConnectExplore users:

connect explore review from Facebook user

connect explore review 2, how to reduce facebook cpc

connectexplore review 5

How to use connectexplore review

168% in pure profits, isn’t that crazy?

Here are other reviews:

““Normally it takes us multiple hours of research to find those laser-targeted interests in a new niche. ConnectExplore automates it for us, saving us hours of time!”- Luuk Olde Bijvank

““There are 3 things I love most about the Connectio-products. 1) It solves real problems for marketers, 2) it’s incredibly easy to use and 3) their fast and professional customer support. They’re always there to help! Highly recommended.”” – Benet M. Marcos

ConnectExplore Pricing

Connect Explore pricing

Get Access to Connect Explore Now

ConnectExplore as you see in the picture above is $197 for lifetime access instead of $297.

Also, ConnectExplore has 30 days Refund Policy No questions asked, meaning that after 30 days of using it, if you are not satisfied, simply ask for a refund and your money will be returned without questions or hard feelings.

That is one thing I liked about the Connectio company when I was buying my lifetime license. And I have never asked for a refund because the tool has helped me tremendously.

Important: On December 24th, I watched a Facebook Ad from ConnectExplore owner saying that SOON, Connectexplre will not be a one-time fee anymore, but they are changing the subscription from a one-time lifetime license to a monthly or yearly subscription.

connect explore pricing lifetime deal ending

So take action now before it’s too late and get your lifetime license. If you join late, you will end up spending a lot more on the monthly subscription.

Get Lifetime ConnectExplore  + a FREE 30-Day ConnectSuite Trial Here

ConnectExplore has a powerful Interest Search Engine that finds the most motivated audiences you would NEVER uncover on your own.

It will:

  • search MULTIPLE keywords or interests at once;
  • auto-suggest new interests from all related keywords as you search;
  • uncover even more highly related interests to your keywords by enabling “search extensions”
  • allow you to dominate past your competitors with interests they’ll NEVER find on their own.
  • target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other businesses are not targeting. There are 43 languages supported, which means you can target underserved markets for huge profits.

For example, if you type in ‘affiliate marketing’ as your keyword, the extension feature would also search for ‘affiliate marketing association’ ‘affiliate marketing program’, ‘affiliate marketing agency’ etc…

Therefore, using ConnectExplore dramatically reduces your CPC, as it has reduced mine to about 70%.

After you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore will also suggest an additional list of highly-related interests you can target.

My Take for ConnectExplore for Facebook Ads in 2021

I mean, you can probably read dozens of reviews about how the product is amazing, but from the video, I show you above, you can tell that I bought and love the product myself, so that’s why I recommend it.

But I want you to understand one thing: Marketing is all about testing, testing, testing.

You’re not going to get amazing results from just using ConnectExplore alone if you have a terrible offer or product, because no tool is going to give you good results in that case.

So I suggest you work hard on your offer and make it great, test a lot, and find out what works, then all of the other tools that you use, including ConnectExplore, can help you find more audiences that will convert better for you at cheaper rates.

ConnectExplore Tutorial & Video Review #2

If you are still NOT convinced that ConnectExplore is for you and that you NEED to have this tool to help your business or your make your Facebook Ads convert like Crazy, watch this other Complete Video Review of it I made.

I am sure you will make the right decision for yourself and your business.

Get ConnectExplore Lifetime Access + a FREE 30-Day ConnectSuite Trial Here

This is a temporary offer and will be removed soon – no exceptions.

The lifetime license will soon switch to monthly or yearly subscription. Take action now before it’s too late.

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