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For all inquiries to the MMS Experience, please contact me through the email.

I will get back to you at the earliest convenience.

Please Email me at: ! I will reply as fast as possible!

Information about Guest Posting on The MMS Experience website:

I now receive lots of emails asking whether they can publish their posts on this site.

Answer: Yes, but there are conditions.

Here are the details/conditions to put sponsored content on

– Pricing: $20/post.

  • Payment via Paypal Friends and Family. If you want to pay via PayPal service, then you add 3% to $20 since PayPal charges transaction fees and I will receive less.

– Post is high-quality (minimum of 800 words) and should match the general theme of my site / Content has to be related to my blog niche(s).

– Linking restrictions : maximum of 2 do-follow links to the same site.

– Outgoing links have to go to safe websites.

Thank you!