Credit Karma Best Review: Free? Read THIS before you Register

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This complete guide answers all the burning questions about Credit Karma, if it’s legit, the unbiased reviews, how they make money, the services provided. Credit Karma offers a really free credit score and reports, however, what’s the catch?

They generally have this particular ad: receive your free credit score and report, no strings attached!

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This Credit Karma inspection can allow you to discover ways to get a complimentary credit score for life and, as a result, potentially create your life easier.

Let’s dive into everything you need to learn about before you register.

Credit Karma Best Review

What’s Credit Karma?

Launched on March 8, 2007, Credit Karma is an American multinational personal finance, a totally free service that has been offering a regular monthly credit score. Another service provided is free credit monitoring, federal and state income tax preparation, credit card and loan recommendations.

Credit reports are from two of the significant credit agencies, TransUnion and Equifax. No gimmicks, no catch.

But is Credit Karma really legit?

Yes, Credit Karma can be a valid free site that gives you your credit score and report, no strings attached. It is free, and that you also don’t have to place in your credit card number or remember to cancel your trial offer.

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Credit Karma users get access to their TransUnion credit report along with credit scores from TransUnion and Equifax.

Even though you’ve always been able to get free copies of your credit reports from, that service limits one to seeing each report only once a year.

With Credit Karma’s new offering, you can retrieve your TransUnion credit report and receive upgrades as frequently as once weekly.

So as long as you do not mind the advertisements, everyone wins (you personally and Credit Karma)

How does Credit Karma make cash? Is there a catch to Credit Karma?


When most services charge up of $15 to $20 to view your own credit score, Credit Karma enables you to access and track your credit score without the need for a credit card, trial offer, or any other catches.

The catch to Credit Karma is that when you make an offer through Credit Karma (just like for a credit card or a loan), then they generally make a little money (like the financial institution that issues the card or even the creditor that funds your loan).

In other words, the answer to the question is advertising. Specifically advertising based on your financial customs.

By way of example, when you’ve got exceptional credit, banks are eager to pay big bucks to target you with their own best loans and credit cards as it’s fundamentally cheaper for those over-running generic adverts to millions of individuals who may never qualify for their products.

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Credit karma login in : How to Login?

To login into Credit Karma:

Credit Karma App

To download the Credit Karma app:


Is the Credit Karma app free? Yes, it’s 100% Free, and will be Free forever.


What do You Receive with Credit Karma?

  • Absolutely free reports and scores, plus tools to help them — We’ll never request your credit card information, and you will receive free education, ideas, and tools that can enable you to make informed financial decisions.
    • You’ll realize your credit score based on credit data at trans union. The score is calculated using VantageScore 3.0. You’ll also find a history of changes to your score as time passes.
  • Track Your Spending: In case you want, it is possible to connect bank accounts and credit cards into your account in Credit Karma.
    • This allows you to track your spending over time. You may categorize your spending on budgeting too. For instance, you will find the concept of trying to get a credit card will impact your score.
    • This can be very useful if you’re planning to purchase or refinance a mortgage and wish to prevent lowering your credit score. I’ll cover this feature in more detail below.
  • Search for Unclaimed Money: This really is a brand new feature that Credit Karma newly included. You can look. The search is by say, where you can run an internet search, and you’ll be led into your state-specific resource.

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What else does Credit Karma provide?

Do you intend to close a credit card or purposely make a late payment because you can’t afford to ship the check on time?

It is very impressive just how easy and how quick obtaining your credit score is with Credit Karma, but the service also offers:

  • A chart revealing your credit score over the years
  • The way your credit score compares to other people by age, earnings, and state
  • A credit report that demonstrates the way certain variables –such as your credit history and debt utilization–affect your credit score
  • Tools to Allow You to simulate how Reducing debt or using for new credit will alter your score
  • Access for your Totally Free credit report together with weekly upgrades

One huge component of this genius is its credit simulation feature. This tool can allow you to predict how your credit score is going to be affected by actions.

It is possible to determine whether or not your credit score varies. You can simulate all the following with the credit simulator:

  • Open a New Credit Card and Transfer Your Balances
  • Close Your Oldest Credit Card Account
  • Boost or Reduce Your Credit Card Balances
  • Payoff All Credit Card Balances
  • Open a Brand New Credit Card
  • Increase the Credit Line On One Card
  • Add a New Bank Mortgage
  • Insert Credit Inquiries

Is it Really Safe to Use Credit Karma?

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You might worry about facing identity theft because of using Credit Karma, particularly if you’ve kept up with the media in years. The company had some difficulties straight in 2014 as a result of allegations that they did not keep customer information safe after disabling an SSL certificate validation.

But, Credit Karma has submitted safety tests, and are proving to be somewhat secure far. Thanks to the additional push in security, that you don’t have much to be worried about.

There’s also. They monitor their services also have firewalls set up.

You may not even need to input your credit card details to use the assistance, and also you just have to input the last four digits of your social security number in place of the whole thing. This implies there’s minimal likelihood of one’s data being stolen.

Credit Karma can also help protect you. You can set up alerts to allow you to know if there are any important changes to your credit report, since this may be a signal that somebody has obtained your identity elsewhere.


How Accurate is Credit Karma?

It’s typical for credit reports to include mistakes, which can be down to clerical errors or identity theft.

Credit Karma is generally true, you can’t rely 100 percent on a single credit report.

This is exactly why it can be a fantastic idea to compare your score with this of another internet site from time a few Credit Karma alternatives are listed further down.

Another thing is that there are always a couple of types of credit scores. Credit Karma gives you a VantageScore 3.0, but not all of the creditors utilize this score.

It’s, therefore, possible that there are going to be some disagreements. It’s becoming more and more common and could replace FICO scores.

Alternatives to Credit Karma

It could be handy to use services in addition to only Credit Karma. As stated before, credit reports are true, therefore it is best to employ a selection of measures.

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Annual Credit Report will provide you three complimentary copies of your credit report per year, also you are able to view each report once a year.

Credit Sesame is another site that provides you with free access for your credit score as well as strategies to help you to improve it.

However, Credit Sesame simply uses Transunion. Much like Credit Karma, it makes revenue from adverts and commissions.

In the event that you’d like to know your FICO score, among the most useful websites, is Discover Credit Scorecard. It’s completely absolutely free, and there’s no penalty for assessing your score, however, you will simply find a way to see it once a month.

What is a FICO Score?

A FICO score is just a number that creditors and credit card businesses use to predict how likely you are to refund them should they provide a credit score. The score can be utilized to establish the interest rate you’ll pay off.

FICO scores were introduced with the Fair Isaac Corp. significantly more than 25 decades back, and so they have been the most frequently known credit rating brand new. The terms “credit score” and also “FICO score” are frequently used interchangeably, however, FICO is just one kind of credit score.

The business employs a formula to judge your creditworthiness.

The formula is put on data on your credit reports in your credit reporting bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Frequently the credit agencies have marginally different data in each other, which means that your score could vary for each agency.

Generally, scores above 650 suggest an excellent credit score. By comparison, people who have scores below 620 find it challenging to get financing at favorable rates.

To find out creditworthiness, lenders require a debtor’s FICO score but also consider details like income that the debtor was at his occupation and also the kind of credit required.

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Should You Use Credit Karma in ?

Yes, Credit Karma remains still safe. I have already been using the service for five decades. Credit Karma provides useful insights into your credit health.

Your credit score plays a big role in your economic wellbeing. So it is vital to learn your credit score and also keep an eye on what it’s changing over time.

Credit Karma performs what’s known as a “soft” query in your credit reports, so this won’t be represented in your reports as a credit pull or make your score to return in any manner.

You are going to have to create a free account and provide your personal information… as well as your social security number to confirm your identity and draw your credit, however unlike additional so-called”free credit score” internet sites there is NO CREDIT CARD or some purchase demanded.

Why using Credit Karma? (Other Reasons)


  1. It the go-to source to your credit score is doing for millions of people, also you’re able to use the tools agreed to how certain decisions (including getting a new credit card or diminishing my normal credit card usage) can impact the credit score.
  2. Credit Karma is around 60 million members overall, which says a lot about their work at helping ou getting an accurate free credit score.
  3. Your credit report includes information like you how many accounts you might have in a good position and make payments on time. That information might impact whether you’re qualified for a credit card, loan, auto loan or another type of loan, and also the rates you will receive.
  4. Landlords may look over your credit when picking to rent for your requirements.
  5. Checking your credit reports regularly may help you identify errors or signs of potential identity theft.
  6. You save some money, they make money, Everyone wins.

Credit Karma Reviews (Unbiased)


“I rarely submit reviews but this I had to. I was stuck on a score of 680 and getting over 700 was hard. I took their recommendation to consolidate credit card debt and pay it off through a debt consolidation loan. My 2 cards had $8400 with high interest rates. It was proving tough to get ahead after some poor spending habits. (That’s the key, self control.) I paid down 80% of my debt ($8000 approx) with a 3rd party lender at 7%, which saves me a lot of money in interest over 3 years, and rarely use my credit cards now. So they have very low balances, thus making my score jump 40 points in 2 weeks.” — Matt of Chelsea, 5 stars

“The information is always correct and accurate in a timely manner, I’ve been so pleased at the information and professional website that Credit Karma has. It has been very secure for me to truly trust with my personal information and even alerting me when I was logging in through a different device to confirm that it was indeed me. I’ve also recommended it to close friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please do try Credit Karma. You will be pleased.”– Martha of Yakima, 5 stars

“Takes them months to update a simple credit card payment in their report. Moreover, they will defame and ruin your financial report based on Transunion (they claim) without any official or court clarifications. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN as it lacks: 1. Credibility; 2. Accuracy; 3. Customer services. How the hell does Canada allow such businesses to operate without control or observance?” — Maroun of Burlington, 1 star

“Over the last 60 days I have paid off virtually all of my credit cards & debts including reducing my mortgage by 50% which is less than 8% of my home’s value. My score dropped between 73 & 79 points. Credit Karma shows my Experian & Transunion scores in the mid 600″s— yet when I go to Experian website direct they show my score at 790— obviously the problem is with Credit Karma -because they not read the same information I can.” — Eugene of Gering, 1 star.

Video Review of Credit Karma

This video review on YouTube might enlighten you on Credit Karma. If you have time and like the video, subscribe to his channel.

At the end of the day, the experience differs from one individual to another, so the choice is yours. Remember, there are many factors affecting your credit score.

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What is Credit Karma phone number and Social Media?

Credit Karma DOES NOT have a toll-free phone number. However, they have online support where you can contact them by submitting a request to Member Support.

To chat online with a company’s member, Click HERE

Common reasons people call customer support:

  • Setup Service
  • Account Access
  • Report Credit Mistake
  • Refund a Charge
  • Cancel Account and other customer service issues.

Social Media Accounts: You can also try via social media

Conclusion and Summary

The principal draw for Credit Karma may be your capability to see your credit score at no cost. They were just one of their very first online services to offer you this perk that is completely absolutely free and that they truly have been one of the largest on the web platforms now.

  1. You create an account with Credit Karma. It requires only a couple of minutes to join up. Your reports can be each week, and you can check.
  2. There’s not any trial subscription or credit card fee for enrolling. It is wholly free.
  3. We also reveal your credit scores from TransUnion and Equifax, along with a break down of facets which could affect your credit score.
  4. In case you take an offer from one of their advertising partners, then they make money.
  5. Credit Karma will probably always be free, at least it’s what they advertise.
  6. Trusted by 60 million members.
  7. Transparent company and website very secured.
  8. Founders: Kenneth Lin, Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard. They have an inspiring story.


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