Enterprise Rent-A-Car Review: Everything you Need to Know (2022)

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This guide will tell you what you need to know about Enterprise Rent-A-Car, from its history to mission, competitors, and honest reviews. I used Enterprise when I flew to DC last month, and I liked their service, the service was fast and courteous.

I then decided to research and write an in-depth article about the company.

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Enterprise will be very likely to become an alternative for renting a car wherever you’re in the whole world because it counts greater than 7,800 locations around the globe.

It’s likely you’ll find a few locations in a certain region or city.

Let’s dive into the history, mission, competitors, and honest reviews of Enterprise.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car: History, Mission, Best Reviews, Everything you Need to Know

enterprise rent a car review 2021

History of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is just a brand of Enterprise Holdings, which is possessed by the Taylor family situated in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Taylors’ joins to car rentals move all the way back to 1957 when Jack Taylor started Executive Leasing using seven vehicles.

In addition to the namesake manufacturer, Enterprise Holdings also owns Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental.

Combining all three sister companies, the parent company may be the largest rental car firm in the entire world based on its vehicles and revenue.

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The Enterprise Rent-A-Car company offers greater locations and premium quality rental services to its customers.

Originally known as”Executive Leasing Company,” in 1969,” Taylor renamed the company”Enterprise” following the aircraft carrier cv-18 Enterprise, on which he served during World War II.

In ’09, Enterprise turned into a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings, Inc.. , following the Corporation’s 2007 purchase of Vanguard Automotive Group, the parent company of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car.

Over time, Enterprise has increased its locations and services and saw enormous momentum from the early 1990s.

In the late 1990s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car also began expanding its operations to include the airport market, and now function airports in the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, and Ireland.

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It started its first global location in Windsor, Canada in 1993, and then expanded to Europe in 1994 using an area in Reading, England. A year later, the car rental provider opened its first airport branch in Denver.

Enterprise has also increased several companies under its brand. Many people love their customer service and rank it as among the highest in customer satisfaction for lease car companies at or near airports.

The company was named ninth on Business Week‘s top-25 companies customer service list in 2007.

The mission of Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Love fast and effortless car rental reservations from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at one of their 7200 branches in cities, airports, and neighborhoods near you.

Enterprise Holdings is just a brand new, world-class portfolio of brands. We operate a worldwide system that covers more than 90 states, 100,000 dedicated team members, and more than 1.9 million vehicles taking clients wherever they need to go.

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They owe their success to their staff and members. This is exactly the reason why we enable everybody else on the team. Their assignment, along with its uncompromising commitment to customers, has made Enterprise a genuine success story and also a truly special location to get the job done with.

    • To provide their employees with a Wonderful location to work with.
    • To serve their communities as a committed corporate citizen: I love this value personally.
    • To be the best transport service provider on Earth: they are among the largest for sure
    • To surpass their customers’ expectations for service, quality, and value: I already mentioned the excellent customer service above.
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In 2006, Business Week listed Enterprise among the top places to commence a career.

Certain requirements and credentials have to be met for promotion to an assistant manager, and a lot of those qualifications will count on the employees’ sales and their success within the company’s management training course.

As stated by BusinessWeek’s record of”Best Places to Establish a Career”, Enterprise was in the best 15. Within five years, a thriving manager can take positions at headquarters or become an area manager accountable for numerous divisions.

The ERAC system earns revenue through the”average vehicle rate”. The vehicles include small vehicles reserved for automobile insurance replacement, covered at negotiated guaranteed rates, to luxury vehicles that rent in upwards of 3 figures.

enterprise rent a car review

The average satisfaction score with this season’s car rental adventure was 830 points, which is four points higher than last year and suggests that overall, the car rental experience is improving for travelers year-over-year.

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How to Make the Most of Renting from Enterprise

There Are Numerous Ways to Get the Most out of your rental experience:

1. Make Use of the app

Make sure to download the Enterprise app, which offers a quick, easy means to handle reservations and contact roadside help.

One fantastic feature of the program is that it allows you to set a”favorite” location to spare the pain of searching through each of the branches.

2. Schedule a pickup.

Enterprise is known for picking passengers up and taking them into the office. All you need to do is telephone the leasing office at least 2 hours ahead of your booking to program the pickup. Note that this is only available throughout this location’s business hours and is not available at airports.

3. Take a Look at Enterprise partners.

Enterprise partners together with high travel brands, such as Hilton and Amtrak, as well as several air companies.

This enables you to earn rewards whenever you rent a car. Make sure to ask about it benefit at the rental desk, you might be surprised.

4. Join the frequent renter method.

The totally free Enterprise Plus loyalty application lets members earn one point per dollar spent on their base rental rate. You can then redeem those points for free rental days.

Use AutoSlash to Track your car rental price

enterprise rent a car, enterprise autoslash

How can You Earn Money with Enterprise Affiliate Program?

enterprise rent a car, enterprise make money with affiliates

Earn money with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Leverage the strength of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car new in your site and begin turning traffic to dollars.

As an Enterprise Affiliate Partner, they’ll provide you with an assortment of tools designed to entice clients to their own brands’ sites to induce car rentals.

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Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on one of the links and makes a professional booking with engaging Enterprise brands and ends in a rental, you will earn a share of the sale. It’s so simple!

Important: Partners must meet qualifications for admittance into their program.

Just how do you get started using the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Affiliate Program?

How can You Earn Money with Enterprise Rent a car

  • Download and read the Affiliate Agreement, and complete the brief online application for more than one of their apps.
  • Their team will examine your application to ascertain whether your website is a good fit.
  • If you are accepted into the program, you can start setting up links to start driving reservations and rentals.

So How can you Link it to your Website?
Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a set of tools to choose from logos, banners, and promotional text links.

Possessing an up-to-date tool or banner on your own website can help to keep it fresh for visitors, and make them come back to your site; in the end, you know your web visitors the best.
Each link you post from their apps contains a special tracking code that is used to track your sales operation.

Every time someone clicks one of these links and makes a booking that ends in a lease, they will credit your accounts with the corresponding commission subsequent to the rental’s price.

How much can you earn and are commissions paid?

Associates can earn a commission up to 2.5% on all qualifying income generated if a customer links straight from the website and makes a reservation leading to a rental.

TOP 8 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Competitors

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Competitors

A recent study found that Enterprise, Hertz, and National are the top three carriers in the nation. However, Enterprise was ranked higher than National and Alamo, both sister companies. Hertz jumped beyond its contest to take the number two position.

So what companies are Enterprise’s Competitors?

enterprise rent a car, enterprise review 2020

Honest Reviews about Enterprise Rent-A-Car

From Influenster:

“Okay experience using enterprise. Friendly staff that helped find a vehicle that was right for my rental needs with excellent prices and accommodations for whatever I needed”. — Melody C, Texas

“Enterprise is always there for me whether I need a vehicle for traveling or because I’m having car issues. Thank you for all of your help every time! Great customer service!” Christina S., Georgia.

“I haven’t always had the best luck. Sometimes I get what I need and other times, even when I had a reservation, they didn’t have what I wanted. They’re also a little pricey.” — Jessica S., Missouri

“This is always my go to company great cars, great service, never have any issues. Even if I don’t make a reservation for a car k have never had a. Major problem getting one.” — Kristina A.

“I reserved a car online then when I got there was told they didn’t have any left of what I reserved and I had to pay more to get a higher tier car. Won’t be using them again.” — Laree N, Okhlahoma.

“If you’re only renting a car for a few days, Enterprise is one of the best value options. As with most rental companies, the further out you book, the lower the price you pay. If you make a reservation for the day before, be prepared to pay extra.

Enterprise is known for doing a full visual examination of the car after you drop it off, so just make sure that ANY little mark or scratch or whatever that you see when you receive the car is noted on your file before you leave.

I haven’t had a problem with them “finding anything” but they sure do scrutinize it when you drop it off!” — Tanisha S.

“One of the few companies that I actually recommend steering clear of completely. They hook you in with better prices than the rest but end up consistently placing multiple charges on your account that are almost impossible to remove without extensive work from your bank….

After multiple complaints and finally moving because it was more reasonable at that point, they offered me a $100 ticket on a FUTURE rental. Just avoid them. Honestly.”– Michelle E. 

“I have always had a great experience with Enterprise Rent A Car. I rented a car for my mom several years ago and the CS was great. When my mom went to pick up the car, she called to tell me the young man that helped her was so nice and helpful.

I did have to go up there to finish up some paperwork and ask to speak to the young man; to thank him for taking care of my mom. It turned out that he was an old high school classmate of mines, so in turn I had to contact her as well to thank her for raising such an respectable young man. I also called Enterprise CS to tell them about this young man. Customer Service is unbelievable.” — MsBoo H., Texas

Video Review about Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Some customers can be annoying, as the service may not be bad, but they are just too demanding. Watch how this customer service agent behaved and judge for yourself.

Enterprise Rent a Car Customer Service Phone Number & Hours

Phone, Home, Telephone, Numbers, Landline, Network

What is Enterprise Customer Service Phone Number? +1 (855) 266-9565

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What are Enterprise opening hours?

They are not fixed. You will need to contact the customer service department or your local store for specific hours of operation, considering the hours vary by location.

Visit THIS LINK for worldwide locations and opening hours.


In this review of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we covered most of the things you need to know about the company, from history to the mission and reviews.

I like the company because it is super-convenient, there are almost 6,000 locations across the U.S., and their customer service is highly rated.

Also note that along with car leasing, Enterprise also manages commercial fleet direction, used car deals, and business truck leasing surgeries.

Remember, sharing is Caring!! So please share if you find this article useful!

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What do you think about the company Enterprise Rent A Car?

What is your experience with their service? Was it pleasant or not? Leave a comment below.

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