Expedia Best Review: How to use it for Cheap Flights in 2021

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This comprehensive of Expedia will cover all you didn’t know about the agency from its mission, unbiased reviews, Expedia flights, the Expedia hotels, its customer service, best alternatives and more so that you are aware next time you book with them.

With millions of users and followers, Expedia is among the most popular travel agencies in the whole world along with other companies like Priceline, Skyscanner, Travelocity, and others.

Expedia Best Review: How to use it for Cheap Flights in 2021 1

Let’s go over what Expedia is, why it is so popular and what is that you need to know before you book your flight through its website next time.


1. Somewhere in this guide, you will have a video tutorial showing you a hack you need to know to make the best use of the agency, so read until the end!

2. We will also discuss this new powerful search tool that you can use to find the cheapest flights and hotels from anywhere in the world fast and easy.

Let’s go over why that is the case it is such a popular travel agency, and what you should be aware of before you book with Expedia in 2020.

Expedia Best Review 2020: How to use it for Cheap Flights

Who is Expedia Group? History and Mission

Founded as a division of Microsoft in October 1996, Expedia Group is a travel technology big company that is a parent to many other travel agencies. It has many websites that include travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines.

Basic Information about the Group

Websites owned: CarRentals.com, Expedia.comHomeAwayHotels.comHotwire.comOrbitzTravelocityTrivagoVenere.com and Vrbo.

Category: Travel

Revenue: $11.2 billions

Founder: Rich Barton

CEO: Mark Okerstrom

Number of Employees: 24,000+

Tag Line: “Where you book matters.”

About/Purpose is short and simple:

“To bring the world within reach.”  (source)

Number of Sites: 270+ across 70 + countries

Main Services offered: flights, hotels, car rental, vacation packages.

Main Headquarters: Seattle, WA 

It has around 2+ Billion Monthly Site Page Views with about 145+ million unique visitors.

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How does Expedia Work?

Expedia is an online travel agency created in the United States but works throughout the world.

You can utilize it to discover flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages. Among the tops in the travel search industry, it has features that allow it to be a great choice for travelers.

Expedia Flights 2020

expedia flights

To book a flight with Expedia:

  • Open the homepage www.expedia.com
  • Click on the Flights tab
  • Select if you want a Round-trip, One-way or Multi-city trip.
  • Enter Origin and destination places as well as dates
  • In case you want a multi-city trip, click on “Add another flight” to add more destinations
  • Alternatively, you can click on the tab “Bundle and Save” to access flights in case you also want a car or hotel in addition to your flight.

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Expedia Hotels 2020

expedia hotels


First, remember that the OTA has more than 270,000 hotels in its system with more than 1,400 +VIP hotels around the world.

To find affordable hotels:

  • Click on the “Hotels” tab
  • Just enter your city of destination and dates wanted
  • In case you want to add a flight or rent a car, check “Add a flight” and “Add a car”, then click “Search”

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Expedia Bundles and Vacations 2020

expedia bundle

Expedia bundles enable you to choose between:

  • Flight + hotel
  • Flight + car
  • Hotel + car
  • Flight + hotel + car

The bundle allows you to save some money, so it might be a good choice.

On the home page of the website, you can click on the tab “Bundle and Save” as seen on the image above, then enter the trip details and get prices after searching.

Note that Expedia has about 1.2M vacation rentals through HomeAway. To find vacation deals, click on the Vacation Rentals tab (last tab) on the homepage, enter your trip details and click search to find amazing deals.

expedia vacation rentals







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What is Expedia Cancelation Policy?

One of those advantages of booking a cheap trip with their website is the clear cancellation policy. The company makes it effortless and allows clients to cancel their flights within a day of booking without charges.

After 24 hours, extra can charge for changing or canceling flights. Some flights are non-refundable. Before you finish your booking, Expedia will talk about the conditions of your booking and then summarize some details you might have missed.

Expedia Reviews (Unbiased)

For a company of its size, it’s surprising it has many positive reviews around the web.

From Consumeraffairs.com

“I have been using Expedia for booking flights and hotels a few times already. It has been very reliable. This time I booked a flight from London to Hong Kong. I only found out that I booked the wrong month after I have paid for the ticket. I panicked and rang customer service. The staff was very helpful and he tried to keep me calm.

Since I only made the booking in half an hour, he was able to give me a full refund. I am very grateful that a full refund is available since it was my mistake. This definitely makes me feel very confident with this company and will continue to use this website.”– Eunice of Cardiff, 5 stars

“Expedia Will jack your prices up after you call in and wipe out the deal you had on the original booking if you alter or edit your booking if you add a day to your hotel. They are scam artist and I complained and they gave me a $100 credit on my account but I can’t use it because it’s on select hotels and where I go none of the hotels use it. Scammers.”– Michael of Hayward, 1 star

You can also check more reviews on the company website, which has a higher rate of positive reviews than any other website.

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Expedia Customer Service Phone Number, Live Chat & Social Media

travelocity social media"

 Customer Service Phone Number: +1 800-397-3342.

Online/Live Chat:

Social Media Accounts: If you want to know more about the company or want to reach them use their social media as well.

Expedia Login

To login, visit expedia.com and click on “Account” on the top of your desktop screen, then click on “Sign in”. Enter your login info and validate it.


Expedia App

To download the Expedia app:

  • On the Apple store (4.8 stars with 1.2 million ratings), visit: Click Here
  • On Google Play Store visit (4.5 stars with 230,000+ ratings): Click Here

expedia mobile appapple store vs google play store credit karma"

You can download the app anytime FREE.

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Does Expedia have any Rewards Program?

Yes, It supplies an Expedia Rewards Credit Card hosted by Citi. The program has about 37 million members across 32 countries. It is divided into three tiers:

  1. The Blue tier: normal badge you get when first joining the Expedia Rewards program.
  2. Silver tier: after spending $5,000 USD on bookings or staying in hotels at least 7 nights/year. The benefits you get are wifi, free breakfast, and spa credits.
  3. Gold tier: after spending $10,000 USD on bookings or staying in hotels at least 15 nights/year. The benefits you get are wifi, free breakfast, spa credits, unlimited free room upgrades upon check-in.

Note: 100 Rewards points = $1 USD. You need to have enough points to cover a flight to use them (Tricky).

What are Expedia Payment Methods

To complete a purchase on the website, you need to have the following cards:

MasterCard, American Express, or VISA credit card. You can also pay in full or by installments.

Expedia Major Competitors

Here is a list of the major competitors of the Expedia website (although some are owned by Expedia Group):

  • Travelocity
  • Skyscanner
  • Priceline
  • Orbitz
  • Flipkey
  • Hotwire.
  • Booking.com.
  • Hotels.com.
  • Trivago
  • TripAdvisor.
  • Kayak
  • Google Flights (Recent competitors)

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Great Video Tutorial on How to get Cheap Flights

I like this clear YouTube Video on Hacks and tips you need to know for cheap flights. If you like, subscribe to her channel.


Expedia Pros and Cons

Image result for pros and cons"


  • It offers a multi-city search.
  • Updated price at checkout: It’s simple to compare the gap between basic plan, superior plan, and also other classes when checking out. It is possible to easily compare the cost and perks of updating from one to another.
  • A clear cancellation policy as many others: it shows the cancellation rule for each flight before you book.
  • Shows the score of the flight under the flight: shows features such as length, conveniences, along with aircraft type, and offers a flight score to every single flight in green.
  • It uses SSL, the highest standard of digital information security, to protect you and your personal information.
  • If you become an AARP member, you can have extra benefits through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia (e.g. get an extra 10% off on a large selection of hotels, up to $300 in extra credits on select cruises and 30% off some car rentals such as Avis, Budget, and Payless)
  • Expedia app is easy to use and makes it easy to select and complete a flight, hotel, rental car booking.
  • Effortless to utilize rewards app: it rewards clients with points.
  • Has many packages where you can save (car, vacation and hotel packages): You are able to push the total price of your journey by blending flights, accommodation, and car rentals.
  • Offers an Expedia credit card: For regular flyers, you spend, you earn.
  • Good customer service: It’s such a large, reputable OTA with so many decades of experience that it takes good care of its customers.


  • Saves your personal information.
  • Periodically misses the best price: Expedia does not always reveal the best prices around. So it isn’t the cheapest.
  • You can’t see prices on a map to get an overview of the prices in different airports.
  • You can’t book a flight directly with the airline.

expedia flights image


While Expedia lacks some search features, it offers great benefits to AARP members, is affordable, has an easy-to-use platform and brings loyal users.

It is just an enormous travel service that offers a lot of services and products. It’s not always the cheapest but you can find pretty good deals.

Expedia Rewards offers capacities to earn some revenue from every single booking you make through its site, so it’s worth giving a shot next time you are booking your trip.

Make sure to use the flexible date and calendar to see the lowest prices in a month in case you are flexible.

If you are unsatisfied with Expedia’s results, check out the powerful tool below for very cheap flights and hotels near you.


Bonus Recommendation: Cheap Flights and Hotels Finder worldwide (Powerful Tool)

Find the cheapest flights and hotels with this powerful search form. It compares from 728 airlines and hundreds of travel sites. Enjoy!

Recommended Tool for the Best low-cost Car Rentals (available worldwide): use this TOOL.


Everything begins with good searches. Safe Travels!

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Have you ever used Expedia for flight, car rental, hotel booking? What do you think of their service?


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