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This article is an in-depth review of the new feature Ezoic video Player (with PROOF) introduced by Ezoic to help publishers earn more money from videos put on their blogs or websites.

Statistics indicate that the ordinary person watches 6.8 hrs of video content online each week, up 59 percent from 2016. However, with video programs such as YouTube constantly raising the requirements to get monetization requirements, also altering policy changes which cause a long time to become monetized.

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What is Ezoic Video Player?

Ezoic video Player offers a simple method to start monetizing your videos onto your own website by simply creating video placeholders, and putting them on your sites, preferably on a related blog post or content.

Outside having AdSense accounts connected, there are two major prerequisites for monetizing with YouTube:

    • 4000 Hrs of watch time overall in your own videos
    • 1,000 subscribers on your channel.

It takes time to meet those requirements, but with Ezoic video player, you don’t have to meet them, your videos are monetized right away.

Ezoic video player review full


Ezoic video player is the best YouTube alternative for video monetization for website or blog owners to earn more revenue. 

The easiest way to ensure you get video views without YouTube or Ezoic is to make sure your videos have relevant metadata associated with them because the algorithm takes them into consideration to rank them.

This means making sure your video has:

  • meta titles
  • meta descriptions
  • relevant tags
  • thumbnail

How does Ezoic Video Player work (video Tutorial)?

Currently, Ezoic Video Player is the BEST YouTube alternative for publishers because you don’t need to meet requirements like on YouTube (1000 subs & 4,000 watch hours).
With Ezoic Video Player, you can start monetizing your videos right away and earn additional revenue for your site. Watch this video below on how to setup Ezoic Video Player.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e92qktno8A[/embedyt]

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In the video above, I show you PROOF of how much I have earned so far from my videos uploaded in Ezoic. I also cover:

  • How to Use Ezoic Video Player;
  • How to upload a video in Ezoic video player;
  • How to optimize your title/description/tags in Ezoic video player;
  • How to put Ezoic video placeholders on your site easily;
  • How Ezoic video ads start displaying right after you place your video on your site.

If you are a publisher with more than 10K sessions on your blog or website, you NEED to switch over to Ezoic and start earning more. Use the link above and take advantage of this new video feature.

I am starting now to create video summaries for all my blog posts, and I will monetize them right away. I decided to make this complete Ezoic video Player review to help earn more money as well.

What is my RPM on Ezoic video Player so far?

Ezoic Review & Full Setup, Ezoic Video - Best Adsense Alternative 2020 - The MMS Experience 

For 1,000 video views on Ezoic, I received $1.25 for a video playing on Autoplay. Mind you that the video is simply a less than 2 minutes slideshow (collection of pictures about fashion), so it’s normal that the ePMV is low.

Some niches actually earn more than others. Usually, finance and business videos earn more in general.

What types of Videos can I produce to use Ezoic Video Player?

Any type of video: a slideshow with or without music, a complete video with you in front of the camera, etc…

Conditions to Get approved by Ezoic

  • Ezoic is a Google certified ad partner, so you need to get approved by Adsense. So you need a blog and website approved by Adsense.

If you are BANNED by Adsense, then your best option is Media.net. Start with Media.net for free by clicking: https://bit.ly/2Nocil8

  • You need to have a blog or website with traffic.
  • Have 10,000 monthly sessions in traffic on your blog/website for Ezoic approval. But you can get approved with maybe 8,000 monthly sessions depending on the quality of your blog.
  • You can get approved NO MATTER your location in the world or the language of your website.

In summary: “As a publisher, you can Host your videos on your site and earn higher revenue from video views.

Ezoic intelligently provides features for uploading, testing, inserting videos on different pages, and indexing them in search engine results, so you will get more website traffic. ”

*** Click on this link below to sign up and get your blog approved.

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Benefits of Using Ezoic Video Player

EZOIC Video Player Review & Full Setup: Earn More Money from Videos | Best YouTube Alternative - YouTube

Here are some benefits of using Ezoic Video player:

  • Your website will get incoming links to your blog post or article because the video isn’t found anywhere else, but is ranked on Google.
  • Video ads will automatically play before the video start and generate automatically revenue.

Among my top video monetization platforms or the Best Youtube alternatives, this new Ezoic Video player ranks on top because of the ability to earn money right away by simply creating basic videos and putting them on your site!

This is a no brainer for any website owner that satisfy Ezoic requirements for Approval.

Apply now and get approved if you satisfy the criteria.

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