GoDaddy Hosting Review – 8 Things You Should Know in 2022

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Well known for its racy Super Bowl ads, GoDaddy hosts 1 in every 20 websites. The company it’s a hosting giant, with 20+ million customers, 9,000+ employees, and more than 80 million domains hosted on the platform.

This Go Daddy review will tell you everything you need to know about GoDaddy web hosting company.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on hosting, you should choose shared hosting, and GoDaddy offers you that option.

It has many product packages to help you with online marketing, security, and protection.

To help keep those millions of websites online and functioning, Go Daddy uses a worldwide network of data centers.

IMPORTANT: Somewhere in this guide, you will have a video tutorial showing the best web hosting platforms for your website, so read until the end!

Let’s go over things you should be aware of before you use Godaddy for your business.

Go Daddy Hosting Review

Godaddy hosting review 2021

What is GoDaddy ?

Launched in 1997 by Bob Parsons, GoDaddy is an online domain registrar and hosting company allowing your ideas to see the light of the day via a website, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Go Daddy is a popular platform and offers everything required to start and handle an internet presence, from domain names and website builders to more complete solutions.

The company has earned a spot as the world’s #1 ICANN-accredited domain registrar by delivering great services and products.

Millions use it every day. In fact, it has more than 78 million domain names registered today.

Mission: to provide ideal support and tools for entrepreneurs to have an online presence.

Services offered: domain name registration, hosting, website promotion, and more.

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GoDaddy Hosting Review - 8 Things You Should Know in 2022 1

Go Daddy Reviews


“We are getting server connectivity issue with the Go Daddy services. And team are not even helping us on this.
Technical team is saying that its because of Outlook, thunderbird and Mail clients issue.
They donot suggest to use any 3rd party client. And rather asked us to use some webemail URL.”– Abhishek Kumar

“ had more options and priced better than our last host. Our small business has been using webhosting for over 6 years. No issues.I built and designed the site myself and did not use their web building tools. Works good with Dreamweaver.Would recommend.” — Todd Tomala

At the end of the day, experiences differ from people, so you might have a different experience than what you read as reviews on the net.

Go Daddy Customer Service Phone Number, Live Chat & Social Media

Customer Service Phone Number USA: +1 (480) 505-8877

For all other countries customer service phone number: Click HERE

Go daddy phone number and customer service telephone with a woman calling

Social Media Accounts: If you want to know more about the company or want to reach them use their social media as well.

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GoDaddy promo code

To get a FREE Godaddy promo code:

Use Chrome browser and install “Wikibuy extension, which allows you to find coupon codes on almost all websites where you are about to buy a product (Amazon, eBay and more)

Once activated, open the website click on the Wikibuy extension  nest to the search box among the other extensions

Either you click on “Activate” or “Show Codes” just like on this image.

GoDaddy promo code

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

GoDaddy offers three to four website plans for your websites and e-commerce.

Basic Plan

$10: Basic plan for simple, ad-free sites.

Standard Plan$15: The https protocol is included and it also comes with a PayPal integration.
Premium Plan

$20: you can access powerful email marketing tools, social media integrations as well as optimized speed.

Ecommerce plan$25: Ecommerce many features: credit card payment processors or abandoned cart recovery.

Godaddy hosting plans

It also offers different prices for the business mode:

Godaddy business plans

Make sure to review all the plans’ features before picking one.

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Go Daddy Best Competitors/Alternatives

Why is it important to have a good host that will provide you with excellent service?

1. Losing customers and money

It’s projected that slow loading websites cost the US economy more than $500 million per year with a single delay.

2. Online Surfers Will Abandon a Slow Website

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, two out of five users will depart the procedure; in fact, slow loading time is cited by 50% of all Americans while the number one reason for ditching a niche site.

Out of five users, internet sites that take over 10 seconds will likewise be abandoned but, and visitors will not return to the site.

3. Boost Conversions with Faster Load Times

Improving the loading time of your site may boost conversion rates. Research using real data demonstrated that increasing the loading time triggered a boost.

Let’s cover some of the many alternative web hosting platforms available out there that are good competitors to GoDaddy.

  • Bluehost (My favorite and the one this site uses and 10 other of my sites)

Absolutely top notch. Most plans include unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, email addresses for each domain or subdomain, and great bandwidth. In addition, most customers report that Bluehost is fast. And I do too!

GoDaddy Hosting Review - 8 Things You Should Know in 2022 3

It is one of the most affordable hosting providers (from just $0.80/mo and up), offering:

  • shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • cloud hosting services at great prices. In addition, it has great features: reliable uptime and page loading speed.


Also one of the cheapest, it offers great options such as good server performance at a low price. In all plans are website builders and free marketing credits among others.

GoDaddy Hosting Review - 8 Things You Should Know in 2022 7

Try the 100% Eco Friendly Web Hosting Service – iPage Web HostingGoDaddy Hosting Review - 8 Things You Should Know in 2022 9 

Other competitors include Dreamhost, A2Hosting, Kinksta, and Pantheon.

GoDaddy Cpanel

GoDaddy gives you a powerful cPanel hosting management tool that comes with all Linux based hosting packages: WordPress, Joomla, and others. To access the cPanel and log in: Click Here.

In addition, GoDaddy’s Central website builder is designed to facilitate website building in under an hour. A GoCentral plan allows you to put together a full e-commerce site. You can set up:

  • A checkout process
  • Support for multiple payment formats
  • Support for coupon codes as well
  • An inventory and order process/management
  • Some marketing options.

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Video Tutorial on How to use Godaddy to set up a website easy

I love this video from this lady (that is also in most Godaddy ads you see on YouTube. Great energy!), which shows you exactly how to create a website with Godaddy. Sub to their channel if you like it!


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Summary of Pros and Cons of Go Daddy


  • 19 million+ customers
  • Empowers more than 78 million domain names.
  • GoDaddy’s hosting is stable (99.97% uptime) and fast (545ms average).
  • no-questions-asked refund if you cancel within 30 days of trial.
  • Good customer service: they have phone service, a knowledge base, and chat.
  • GoDaddy includes its own website builder in the event that you are searching to get only an easy, drag and drop experience. If you’d like something extra, you can access to more than 125 of their applications online.
  • Not sure if true, but it looks like they include a free domain name and company email for your very first year when you pick the business plan.
  • A good page loading speed: the host has an ordinary page loading period of 544ms.
  • You receive everything required for one website, adding around 100 GB of storage along with unmetered bandwidth under the Basic plan.
  • Pretty easy signup procedure.
  • Payment methods: Big credit card companies and PayPal are all accepted.
  • Good ratio of women: women fill 18 percent of GoDaddy’s technical and engineering jobs, slightly more than at places like Google and Facebook.
  • In 2019, women account for 39 percent of its new technical hires from universities (up from 14 percent from 2018) and 40 percent of its technical interns (up from 14 percent).
  • Improvements in ads run: Went from sexist ads to very decent ads with women explaining actually how to create a powerful website in Godaddy

GoDaddy Hosting Review - 8 Things You Should Know in 2022 1


  • Its past reputation with sexist Superbowl ads still follows the company. Maybe it’ll go away with time.
  • customer support is slow and frustrating at times
  • A lot of complaints about website crashing.
  • Make sure to review its refund policy well before you get it with them
  • Research commissioned by GoDaddy indicates that women account for 60 percent of business people that are, they represent a discrepancy, just 40 percent of the present clients of their company.
  • Up-Sells: Lots of upsells. The word, copies site migrations, SSL certificates, security, and much more. GoDaddy has come to be infamous for the amount of all upsells used to grow the purchase price.
  • Back in 2013, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson claims, his company pulled from a venture with GoDaddy because many women attempting to sell items via its online market place were whining about that the hottest Superbowl ads.
  • You will need to register for a long time if you want the $5.99/month deal. A briefer, three-month plan can surely cost you more: $10.99/ month.


We’ve just reviewed some things you need to know about Godaddy hosting company. Overall, GoDaddy is pretty affordable, has quick and uptime page loading rates. The prices for the features are just fantastic for the value offered.

There are many reasons why you should use godaddy hosting. The most important is the price. It is a lot cheaper than other hosting providers and it has an outstanding uptime.

The domain name registration process is also very simple and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to register your domain name with godaddy, which makes it easy to set up your website.

The customer service is also really good and they are always available to help you with any problems that you might have.

Loading times are an important metric. Research has shown they could induce individuals to leave your website faster and hurt your search engine positions (notably on mobile), and also negatively affect your conversion prices.

However, I do not believe it’s the BEST!

Your website host is essential for your business success. So make sure you pick the right one.

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