Google Flights Review 2022: Are Google Flights reliable?

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In this complete guide, you will learn everything about Google flights and the one trick to get cheap flights no matter where you plan to go.

Before Google Flights surfaced in 2011, the process to search for all your travel needs was cumbersome. Now, Google Flights has all you need in one place to organize travel.

google flights review

Along with its price Guarantee free function, Google included a feature that allows you to realize your travel itinerary on when logged into your Google account.

Focusing on just how to make use of Google Flights will help bring your ticket cost down. With the important features of dates calendar, and pricing tracker trying to find the best price airline ticket can not be any easier.

1. Within this review, we present you with a powerful search form that you can use to find the cheapest flights and hotels from anywhere in the world fast and easy.
2. You will also have a video tutorial showing you how to get low-cost flights also great tips you didn’t know before, so read until the end!

This guide is going to help you get the most out of Google Flights, and, hopefully, find cheaper flights. Let’s dive in.

Google Flights Review : Are Google Flights reliable?

Google flights review 2021

What is Google Flights?

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Google Flights is among the very effective flight search engines on the internet with easy to use a large number of features to make airfare hunting simpler.

In April 2011, the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division declared Google’s $700 million purchase of ITA Computer Software.

It’s really a strong website that makes it possible to make the best out of your trip by offering Flight, Hotel, and Travel Package choices.

Features include hotels, restaurants, that you can get recommendations from Google based on your own destination.

The travel search engine does everything you assume it would, like locate flights based in your own ideal outbound time period and number of stops.

The website also has a slew of qualities that aren’t really simple to imagine, probably because of they unimaginably wonderful. In some cases, this internet tool may beat out any human travel agent.

Back in 2018, Google Flights unveiled a major design overhaul, adding some features and reconfiguring the others.

Any destination can be selected by an individual and Google Flights will calculate every price for each flight of the past 12 months, visualized in a chart or table. This allows users to easily spot the date that is cheapest to fly to the destination.

Competitor issued an announcement that their service was better than Google’s and that they would be competitive.

Google travel: How do Google Flights work?

google flights dashboard 2020 review

The program tool works by hunting databases from each airline and travel service to locate flight programs, chairs, and also prices.

Behind the scenes, it works using a program named ITA Matrix, which has been originally developed for travel representatives and booking supervisors.

Google Flights is a big metasearch engine that means it aggregates tons of information to offer you all for free. Once you choose your preferred flights and get a price, Google Flights afterward directs you either to the airline itself, or an OTA (online travel agency).

Google Flights has made this kind of pretty easy procedure, therefore that it’s likely you are redirected to an OTA, however often you do pick up on that. It happens to lots of folks these days!

Google Flights shows you round trip prices including taxation and will tell you compartment.

Once you decide on a flight, you may choose to reserve with the airline or with an OTA; that you never book through Google Flights.

Google Flights USA

Flights listed from the”Other Departing Flights” department will typically be expensive and/or include less than ideal layovers.

As soon as you find the flight you want, you are motivated to choose your outbound flight first, accompanied closely by your return flight (for a roundtrip flight).

Keep in mind the price shown on the results screen could be the best possible price for this itinerary. The return flight you pick could alter the price, therefore make sure you pay attention to the prices of every return excursion.

When you’ve chosen the flights, Google offers a few options for booking.

You are given the option to book directly with the airline operating the flight (usually cheapest), or even with whichever online travel agencies offer you the best prices.

Click on the “Select” button near the price of your flight and you should be redirected to this site to book your flight.

The travel details have been set up, so all you want to do is confirm them, enter your private information, and pay.

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Watch the video below if you still cannot use Google Flights properly.

Video Tutorial on How to use Google Flights

Google Hotels

Google Hotels Review 2020

To reserve a hotel, start your hunt with the Hotels area of Google Flights.

Simply enter your destination at the Where-to? Section and your dates of departure and you may observe both a list and map of hotels for your destination.

Narrow your results down utilizing filters like Number of vacationers, Price, Hotel or Vacation Rental, Cabinets, Guest Rating, and/or Brands.

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The way to filter Results on Google Flights

One of Google Flights’ features is the capability to set a range of filters to ensure you only get search results.

These include:

  • Number of stops
  • Layover duration
  • Linking airports
  • Price ceiling
  • Flight times
  • Which Airline(s)
  • The total duration of your flight

How to tell if you have found a Fantastic deal on Google Flights

Google Flights rolled out a new feature that can help you figure out whether is just a fantastic deal.

It’s currently just available on several routes, and we’ve seen it show up inconsistently for today, but once it has fully rolled out, it’s going be a helpful means to work out, if the price that you’re seeing is just a fantastic deal primarily based on average prices for the particular dates.

The data turns up under the flight options on the search results page.

Google Flights Reviews (Unbiased)


“Use googleflights to seek out the options across all carriers, then book with the Airline.

Sure, there are a few stories of those who have saved a little, and usually very little, but there are 10’s of 1000’s of horror stories on here from those who wish they hadn’t tried 3rd party sites and just booked direct.” – – JockBossBob

“…Those prices are MOST likely not live, the airlines will just laugh at you. If you tried to get the skonky 3rd party sites to honor such prices, they will probably also laugh at you. Hunt!” — The_Loup_Garou

Google flights Customer Service Phone Number, Live Chat & Social Media

orbitz social media"

Customer Service Phone Number: No phone number!! Google does not provide any customer support for this service. Don’t bother calling Google, it won’t work. Remember, GF is just a search engine.

Social Media Accounts: No official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well.

One thing that is really annoying with all Google services is their POOR customer support. Even when they offer a contact, they are hard to reach.

There are a few Facebook pages claiming to be GF official pages such as this one. But I am not sure it’s the right one.

Google flights app on Apple and Google Playstore

I found no app for iPhones and Android phones for GF. Google Flights doesn’t have an app, but you can make use of the website from your own smartphone or by a desktop computer.

 google flights app"

Cheap Flights Google Tricks to Know

The first thing that you might notice is that Google Flights isn’t quite as eloquent as some of the web travel agencies such as Expedia, Priceline, or Orbitz. However, it’s still a highly effective internet search engine with plenty of options!

Search Multiple Cities

For those who have any flexibility in your travel plans or have no idea just where you wish to go, then Google Flights can save a great deal of time by joining a number of searches into one.

It is possible to enter as much as 7 departure cities and seven destination towns in 1 quest to see, quickly and easily, what exactly the option will probably be.

Google Flights lets you complete multiple searches at once: up to 7 departure and 7 destinations from your search box! It’ll be saving you a lot of time when you’re doing an elastic search.

Look for Multiple Dates

After inputting your departure and arrival cities, then consider the dates to the perfect side of their search box.

Days that offer prices are likely to be displayed in green. You can fix the duration of your journey by using the arrows at both sides of the box.

One-way Ticket and an Award Ticket

If you’re looking for a ticket and the ticket prices will be more than you want to spend, consider booking a one-way ticket along with redeeming your airline miles.

The price of tickets price out less than the price of one time, but perhaps maybe not at all. And if you are short on cash, also possess a small stash of award points than blending a paid ticket and an award ticket could be your answer.

Get alerts when prices are about to skyrocket

If you’re using Google Flights in your own mobile, you may observe pop-up notifications that tell you when prices are most likely to increase for particular flights.

Visit a general place, and see a map of certain flight prices: Only Google for example “flights into Africa” and then click the Flights tab below the search box. A map of the continent will pop up, along with prices.

Google will tell you which flight is the best bang for your buck

The “best flights” box tells you which flights will be the best combinations of price and rate, and that means you may not need to determine if or not a layover is a fantastic idea or even if a nonrefundable is well worth the extra buck.

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It’s possible to observe prices for your trip every single day of the month, with the cheapest days highlighted in green.

When you locate a possible flight, let Google track the price for you personally: If you find a trip you want, then hit the “save this itinerary” button and then allow the Google Now app to track its own pricing.

It’s possible to use the program on your phone to determine exactly how prices are changing, or Google can mail you should they dip dramatically.

Cheap Flights: Video Tutorial on How to get cheap flights

Make sure to play the video below. You will learn more about how to get cheap flights anytime. She gives really good tips. Subscribe to her channel if you find it useful!

Google Flights Coupon Code

If you want to find coupon codes, visit the airline directly and use the Chrome extension Wikibuy to apply discounts to your price.

Google Flights Price Guarantee

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Google Flighst FAQs

How to receive Google flight alerts

Set an alert by inputting your email on the google flights page, you will be sent price alarms (drops) and travel tips directly to your email address.

What to do when cheap flights can’t be booked through Google Flights anymore?

What to do when cheap flights can't be booked through Google Flights anymore

On occasion, Google Flights will initially tell you an inexpensive fare is available, however, once you try to book the fare jumps in price or is unable to be reserved altogether. This is called “ghosting.”

  • At some stage from the Google Flights search process, the price dramatically increases
  • If Google Flights gives you reservation choices, the only available way to get the promised low price is to telephone the airline
  • If Google Flights takes one to the final step and guarantees you can book a Low-fare possibly together with the airline or an Internet travel service, but when you click to do so, the price jumps onto the booking site

Here are some ways to see when a ghosting fare can be reserved:

  • Try Different dates at Google Flights
  • Take the dates of some ghosting fare and see if it may be reserved from Priceline
  • Check the dates of a ghosting fare and see if it may be booked from Momondo

Not one of those avenues is guaranteed a ghosting fare is unable to be reserved anywhere.

How does Google Flights Make Money?

Google Flights makes money by collecting a commission once you click from Google Flights into the airline or OTA and purchase the ticket.

Google Flights does not have any control over the flight prices. It only shows you the prices that come from the airlines and OTAs.

How reputable/good is Google Flights?

As it receives its advice directly from the airlines It’s reliable. That means that when there’s a mistake or something incorrect, that’s because the airline did something very wrong.

Air companies work with a pricing model, so prices for flights can change dramatically day by day, even hour by hour, due to a huge array of factors.

Does Google Flights give the lowest prices?

google flights for travels"

Google Flights gets its prices by the airlines and OTAs. Many sites, such as Momondo, on the flip side, scour hundreds of smaller OTAs, so it’s are able to sometimes get cheaper prices.

Once you’ve selected a certain itinerary, do the following search on a site like Momondo or even Skyscanner to see if it’s possible to come across exactly the exact same flight at a price.

Are Google Flight reservations refundable?

Because you’re not booking through Google, you must be certain to inspect the policy of every web site you purchase your airfare from, in addition to any restrictions.

Are all airlines on Google Flights?

Not all. For example, Southwest Airlines does not list its own fares on Google Flights. A number of big Asian carriers can also be absent from the results, including Philippine Airlines, China Eastern, Thai Airways, and Air China.

Other airlines, like Interjet Aeromexico, Oman Air, and EVA Air, only have some, but not all, of the flights recorded on Google Flights.

Google flights Southwest

Google flights is amazing and easy to use, but there is just one catch to be aware of: Google will not have access to pricing for Southwest Airlines flights.

Whenever a course is operated by Southwest, it’ll appear at the bottom of the flight search success, but you are going to need to click it and Southwest’s site to pay a visit to and find out the price for yourself.

Google Price Guarantee

The price guarantee is a new feature within Google Flights. For some flight prices, Google’s algorithms are certain that the price you’re seeing is your best available before the flight departs.

When you book on Google, they will keep tracking the price until take off, of course.

The feature is not fully rolled out yet.

Price guarantee pays you the difference between your flight price when you reserve and the ticket price. To find the money back, the price difference must be higher than $5. You are able to receive as much as $500 in total for most of the flights that you book with Google price warranty.

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Price Guarantee is available for flights for which it’s confident that the price won’t drop.

These flights have been indicated with a vibrant price badge when you are picking your own departing and returning flights.

Price guarantee only refunds you in the event the price tag on your trip drops once you book and before you’re flying.

Is the Google Price Guarantee Free?

The price guarantee feature is free. All you do is enter itinerary onto Google, and it takes care of the rest.

If your plans change and you also cancel a few or most of your trip, you may not receive a refund. 

Do Google Flights use cookies to increase the price on flights I am searching for?

Some rumors claim that air companies and OTA internet sites use cookies to track your internet surfing and jack up the price of a flight they know you’re interested in.

However, that is simply not the case.

Sharing Google Flights

Google also has an option to talk about a destination before actually booking the trip. This tool may be extremely helpful when looking for flights to get somebody else or making set travel plans.

The Share button is directly above the Total Price of your flight with two options for discussing:

  1. email the itinerary to yourself
  2. talk about the itinerary with someone else.

To email your itinerary for yourself, click the Send To your self button on the left side. Like the Track Prices feature, the itinerary will be sent to your Yahoo or Gmail when you are logged in, otherwise, you’ll want to enter your email address for your own destination to be emailed to you.

To share the itinerary with a different person, click the Share button on the right side. A window pops up with choices to share via Mail, Facebook, Twitter, or Copy Link.

Summary of Pros and Cons of Google Flights

Image result for travels"


Google Flights Features a number of benefits including:

  • Calendar-based perspective: Google Flights includes an easy, intuitive calendar opinion that shows you the most economical fare during the subsequent 12 months.
  • Multiple airport search: Google Flights allows you to seek out your cheapest fare between up to 7 source and 7 destination airports, without any slowing down the search.

Additional Tip:

Google Flight features a free extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds information about seats to your search engine results.

Whenever you seek out an economy class ticket, then you’ll see the particular flight’s pitch (distance out of the rear of one seat into the rear of another chair ) on the right-hand facet of each result.

Flights using a pitch are highlighted in red, while flights with an even generous pitch are in green.

As airlines are still working to create their fleets uniform it’s helpful to know what type of chair you are spending money on, especially as it can vary based on which plane is being flown on the road.


Many times that the best fares are present on smaller online travel agencies that Google Flights will not look at. Google Flights will not display results from Southwest Airlines, and that means you should inspect those directly with the airline.

There are many mistake fares: Similarly, many Mistake Fares simply show up on smaller online travel agency websites. Google Flights won’t be able to find those.

Shows reimbursed deals: Every occasionally, Google Flights will explain to you that fare can be found at a specific rate, however, if you click to proceed with booking: the fare jumps in price, or there isn’t any method to reserve online and educates you instead to predict the airline.

This phenomenon is named”ghosting“, also happens periodically on Google Flights if a fare that was available but no more is.


Like other features that Google Flights offers are all useful, its own basic flight search is the core and soul of this tool. It’s one of the utmost effective methods to look for flights

The site has powerful tools to really make the flight search process easier than it otherwise would be.

It includes nearly all airlines (no prices for Southwest Airlines), features great prices, and hunts assorted online travel agencies and airline sites to save you time.

If you plan to book via an online travel agency (OTA), then you should always look at Google Flights first.

If you really are trying to spend as many bucks as you can and think that you do not have enough airline miles for the award-winning round-trip ticket, then consider taking your airline miles for a one-way award ticket.

Everything begins with good Flight searches. Safe Travels!

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Have you ever used Google flights? What’s your experience with it? Good or Bad? Leave a comment below.

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