How to Deactivate or Delete a Facebook Ads Account in 2021

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how to close, delete or deactivate a facebook ad account in 2021

If you want to know how to close, deactivate or delete a Facebook ads account in 2021, this post is for you. A disabled FB ad account is NOT the same account as a closed or deleted one. An account that is disabled can’t be activated unless you appeal for reactivation, but a closed account can be.

Let’s talk about how to close, deactivate/disable or delete a Facebook ad account.

How to Close, Deactivate, Disable or Delete a Facebook Ad Account in 2021

1. How to close a FB ad account in Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook recommends that you close any ad accounts that you do not intend to use. To close a Facebook ad account:

1. click here to access the Business settings page.

2. Select your business account if you have multiple business accounts.

How to close a Facebook ad account select business account

3. Select your Facebook ad account and click on “Close account”

How to close a Facebook ad account 2

4. Confirm with “Close account”.

How to close a Facebook ad account 3

Your ad account has been closed. You can still reactivate this account easily in the future without having to appeal.

Your primary payment method will be removed when you close your ad accounts. This will turn off your ads and prevent the account from publishing new ads. You must make this account active in order to create new ads.

2. How to Deactivate a Facebook Ad Account

You can’t deactivate an ad account to make way for new ones.

2.1. Before you deactivate

  • To deactivate or disable a FB Ad Account, you must either be an admin of an ad or business account.
  • To find out your role, Click Here to access the Settings page.
    • On the left menu go to “Users -> People” and see if you are an admin (example in the screenshot below).
how to find out role in Facebook business manager
Under your name, you will see Admin access.
  • Your credit card will be charged for any outstanding balance. After your outstanding balance is paid, your credit card will be removed. This may take up to 2 business days.
  • You will need to be on a computer/desktop with a keyboard and mouse.

2.2. How to Deactivate or Disable your Facebook ad account

In order to deactivate a FB ad account, here is what you need to do.

1. Click Here to access the Settings page. It is possible that you will be asked to enter your password again.

2. Below the Ad Account Setup, click on “Deactivate the Ad Account”  to deactivate

how to deactivate a facebook ad account

3. Optional: You will be asked to confirm deactivation and give a reason (optional).

how to deactivate a facebook ad account - give the reason

4. Click To deactivate your Ad Account.

Your ad account will be deactivated

2.3. How can you Reactivate your deactivated Facebook Ad Account?

1. Click Here to access the Settings page.

2. Select your deactivated ad account

3. Click on “Reactivate ad account

how to reactivate a disabled FB ad account

You will be asked to add a payment method again in order to get charged.

how to reactivate a disabled FB ad account - 2

Simply add your debit or credit card, and your appeal will be reviewed.

3. How to Delete a Facebook Ad Account

To delete a Facebook ad account, you MUST delete your business account because you can NOT just delete an ad account. Watch this video to learn how to completely DELETE a Facebook account by deleting a Facebook business account.

You must be an administrator of the Business Manager that you wish to delete.

To delete your Business Manager:

1. Open the Business Settings page

2. Click on Business Info as shown below.

How to delete a Facebook ad account

3. Click on “Permanently Delete Business

How to delete a Facebook ad account 2

This action cannot be reversed once you have deleted your Business Manager, you CANNOT recover it. You can’t reverse the deletion of a business if you don’t delete all content created, shared, managed, and used.

By deleting a Business Manager:

  • Asset library
  • Projects
  • Event source groups
  • This removes all access to your business pages, ads accounts, and Facebook pixels that you may have.
  • All permissions that you have shared with another company will be deleted.
  • Pages: Adding Pages to your Business Manager allows you to move them to another Business Manager, or to the personal profile page of the Page owner. If you share access to a Page with someone else, the Page is reverted back to that person’s personal profile. The Page you create yourself will be reverted to the personal profile.
  • Ad accounts: When you delete your business manager, all ad accounts that were associated with it are permanently deleted unless you choose to transfer them to another Business Manager.

3.1. What if You Cannot delete your Business Manager

How to delete a Facebook ad account 3

If you attempt to delete your Business manager without following the necessary steps, you may get an error message that your “business is ineligible for deletion“. You cannot delete businesses that have multiple ad accounts, Pages, or people unless you first remove those connections.

Important!!! Not all Business Managers can be deleted.

Some reasons may make it difficult to remove your Business Manager:

  • Ad Accounts: Confirm that there are no outstanding ad accounts balances. It can take up to 2 weeks for balances to be paid. Ad accounts must adhere to their Ad Policy (read more to understand).
  • Payment methods – Remove all payment methods that have been added to your company.
  • Apps – Remove all apps that have been added to your company.
  • Pages and people Reduce the number of pages or people that are connected to your company. Make sure each Page has at most one administrator when you delete Pages from your Business Manager. If not, all users will be denied access to the Page.
  • System users: If your Business manager has users, it can’t be deleted. Learn more about system users in Business Manager.
  • Instagram Professional account: If you have an Instagram business account (or Creator Account) in your business manager, you cannot delete it. If you have an Instagram Professional account, you must have at least one business manager.
  • Lead Ads: If you have turned on custom lead access for a page in your business manager, you cannot delete your Business Manager. The default lead access can be restored by your business administrator in the Integrations section. Select Lead Access from Integrations. Select a page with custom lead access, and then click Restore default access. Administrators of businesses will need to restore default access to all Pages that have custom access.
  • Advertisements about politics, elections, or social issues (U.S.).: You can’t delete a Business Manager that you used to create a disclaimer. You can’t delete your Business Manager even if you remove the disclaimer from all Pages.

If you don’t want to delete your Business Manager permanently, you can deactivate your ad accounts.

4. How to Contact Facebook Ad Support if Issues Persist

What if you paid everything and your account is still not closed? If it’s been more than 2 business days since you paid your balance and you still can’t close your ad account:

1. you can click here to get additional support. Select the ad account you have issues with.

2. Select the issue.

contact support facebook ads support

3. Scroll down and Click on “Contact Support” in the blue button.

get support facebook ads support 2

4. Fill out the form and click on “Send Email”. An agent will write back to you.

how to send an email to facebook support- get support facebook ads support 3

Video Summary of the Steps to take to Close/Deactivate your FB Ad Account

Here is a video summarizing all the steps mentioned in this post.


There are different ways to close or deactivate or delete a Facebook ad account. If issues still persist, contact the support using the method shown. I hope this article showed you all the ways possible.

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