How to Contact Amazon Customer Service in 2023: Phone, Live chat, Email, Social Media

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How to Contact Amazon Customer service in 2021 - phone, email, live chat, social media

If you are asking yourself “How to Contact Amazon Customer service?”, you are in the right place. There are other ways to contact Amazon explained in this article. We usually order everything on Amazon from books to groceries or home furniture. The problem is that it’s often hard to contact Amazon customer service. I’ve compiled the best ways to contact Amazon customer service.


  • Amazon customer service is available 24 hours a day if you have any questions or need to track down a lost order or change your membership.
  • Amazon’s customer service page provides basic information and helpful guidance.
  • You can contact Amazon customer service if you have any questions or issues with your orders/account.
    • by phone: +1-888-280-44331
    • by email:
    • live chat or social media (links below).

Most Amazon customers will need to contact Amazon at some point, whether it is to return an item, change your order or troubleshoot a problem with one of these essentials: Amazon Echo devices, Fire Tablets, Kindle, Amazon Essentialslaptops, or household supplies.

How to contact amazon seller, how to contact amazon by phone

The problem is that online retailers are very slow to respond to customer service inquiries.

If you are having trouble with Amazon specifically and want to reach out, we have all the details below.

How can you get help from Amazon in 2022?

Yes, Amazon has customer service. The most simple way to contact Amazon for an order or issue with your account is via its Customer Service page.

1. Sign in to your Amazon account.

2. On your homepage, you will see on the menu “Customer Service“, click on it.

Click Here to access Amazon Homepage

3. Amazon’s interface is very easy to use. Select your option and follow the steps. Most questions can be answered in a matter of minutes (screenshot below).

Amazon customer service help page - amazon contact you 1

The Amazon Help page provides intuitive assistance for troubleshooting issues such as tracking an order, starting a refund, or managing your Prime account.

How to Contact Amazon by Phone: live call an agent person at Amazon

Amazon customer service number is +1-888-280-44331. This number is available 24hours per day, seven days a week.

Note that Amazon is a major retailer now. When you use their live chat or phone number to contact customer service, you will first speak with a bot that will attempt to resolve simple issues. If the problem is too complex for the bot to handle, you will be connected with a human.

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However, calling Amazon can be slow and require you to have a mobile device that is paired with Amazon. It’s the only way the system can quickly detect who is calling.

The customer service representative will ask a few more questions to verify it’s you or send a verification code by text message.

After you are verified, ask your questions or explain your issues to the agent.

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How to Contact Amazon via Chat in 2022?

The other way to contact Amazon is via chat. Amazon made it easy to contact them via the chat feature. It is often easier to contact Amazon via chat to resolve a problem.

Follow these Steps:

1. Access the customer service page using this link below:

Amazon Customer Service Page

From your homepage, you can also scroll to the bottom of your main page while you are logged in.

Click on the column labeled, “Let Us help You” and click on “HELP”.

2. Sign in with your Amazon account.

3. You will see a page looking like a screenshot below. You have two options: “Start Chatting Now” & “Need Help over Phone? We can Call you”.

Amazon customer service page

4. Click on “Start Chatting Now”. You will see a new window pop to start that chat.

Click on Got it if you see that option and start writing about your issue.

Amazon customer service page chatting now 2021

How to Make Amazon Call you back for your issue?

Another way to contact Amazon by phone is to make Amazon call you. You can make Amazon call you instead of you calling them. Here is how it works:

1. Access the Amazon Contact page using this link:

Amazon Customer Service Page

2. Click on “Need Help over Phone? We can Call you” underneath Start chatting now. 

Amazon customer service page

3. The goal is to get you connected to the right person. So you need to let them know what you need help with by selecting an option.

For example, I selected “Something else”, then selected the options I needed help with and click on Phone

Amazon customer service help page - amazon contact you 2

4. Then put your phone number and press “Call me now”.

Amazon customer service help page - amazon contact you 3

How to contact Amazon customer service by email?

There are two addresses that you can mail to Amazon if you prefer to communicate with them by mail. However, I have found that Amazon responds in 48 hours and sometimes a little longer. An email can be a good way to get some issues resolved.

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Method 1: You can email if you have any questions or issues about your account.

Method 2: email for general inquiries

How to Contact Amazon via the Phone App?

On your phone, you can contact Amazon and chat with an agent live using the Shopping app. The screenshots below show you two methods how to contact Amazon. Suppose you have ordered a piece of kitchen equipment in the kitchen section, here is how to contact customer service about any issue or question.

Method 1

1. Click below to sign in and access the customer service page using this link :

Amazon Customer Service Page

2. On the page you land, scroll down and select Need More Help

contact amazon, How do I complain to Amazon

3. then click on the “Contact Us” option.

how to contcat Amazon customer service fast

4. Among the options shown, scroll down and click on “Something Else” at the bottom. You can also select whatever option is relevant for you but the fastest way to get an agent to chat with is by clicking on “Something Else”

how to contact amazon customer service - phone, email, chat

5. Scroll Down again and click on “I need more help”.

how to reach out to amazon customer service fast

6. The system will show your recent order and ask if it’s the one you want support for. If yes, press “Yes”, otherwise, tap on “No, something else”.

amazon customer service chat, how to contact amazon

7. Now, write what you need help with and press “Send”. You can also select one of the options as shown in the screenshot below instead of typing.

how to contact amazon support. amazon customer service chat

8. The system will throw a generic answer. If it does not answer your query, click on the “customer service icon” as shown below to access the Live chat on the phone with an agent.

how to contact amazon customer service - live chat

9. Then press “Yes” when it asks if you want to discuss with an associate.

How to contact Amazon customer service 24h a day-live chat

10. finally, press “Chat with an associate now” to get into the live chat with customer service on your phone. If you want them to call you back, you can also select “I’ll wait for a call back”.

best way to contact amazon customer service

11. From here, simply keep chatting back and forth until your issue is solved.

how to contact amazon customer service via live chat

Method 2

1. On your homepage of the app, click on the Menu and scroll down to the bottom and click on Customer Service.

contact amazon on app phone

2. Then scroll down again and select “Contact Us

contact amazon on phone 2

3. Then select between Chat and Call to communicate with an agent and explain your issue.

contact amazon on app phone 3

How to Contact Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon Pharmacy customer service number is +1 855-745-5725. Please note that Amazon Pharmacy has its own customer service (separate from the main customer service) to better assist you with your health-related issues. You can also visit the Amazon Pharmacy Help page for more assistance.

Their open hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM–10 PM Eastern Time
Weekends: 10 AM–8 PM Eastern Time

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Also note that if you have questions about your medication, their pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, simply call them using the number above.

How to contact Amazon through social media

You can contact Amazon via social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Contact Amazon via Twitter

On Twitter: @amazonhelp is Amazon’s customer service Twitter handle. I suggest to go there and click on the message/envelope icon and send a text for your issue, or simply tweet and tag @amazon or @amazonhelp to get their attention, just like in the screenshot below.

Amazon on Twitter contact page

You can tweet, comment or hashtag any of their accounts if that is your preferred way to communicate. Although this isn’t the best way to contact them, it can be a good way to let them know what you think and get a more detailed response from them.

Contact Amazon via Instagram

They are @amazon on Instagram. You can also reach out to Amazon via Instagram. Simply follow their page first and then send a DM on IG.

Amazon Contact page Instagram

Their Facebook page can be found at


We have just covered pretty much all the ways you can contact Amazon customer service for any issue you have by visiting the Customer service homepage. You can contact Amazon Customer Service, and they will respond to you with a variety of customer service issues like Return an Order. Amazon will respond to your email on a first-come, first-serve basis if you send it.

Their department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days. You won’t receive a response if you send your email after hours. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best way to contact Amazon via email. So try all the other ways in the article.

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