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In this article, I show you exactly How to Get More Followers on Instagram in  2021 using a FREE Tool, and how I gained my first 100 REAL followers on Instagram in 2 days from 0 followers, the exact method I used for it on the brand new page I started, and how you can too. 

Whether you are trying to grow an Instagram for yourself or your business, you need momentum. You need to grow followers fast and start monetizing your audience or become an Instagram influencer.

Instagram took the entire world by shock when it was first released.

After the program was introduced, it got up to 1 million users over a few months.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram 

Now, this number is more than 1 billion and scaling. Which usually means that the platform is a completely different one than it had been a year or two back.

It’s evolved to near perfection because of its user’s amount, and greater power.

Instagram has never been more useful as it is for personal brands and businesses.

Instagram quickly outgrew its original belief for an enjoyable platform for just posting pictures to be used for promotion, selling, media, and audience construction tool for brands and individuals.

It’s probably one of the popular social media websites on Earth, together with over 500 million DAILY users, with more than 2 billion likes every day and more than 850 million advertising potential reach for businesses.

how to gain Instagram followers 

Whether you are a new or simply thinking about just how exactly to become Instagram famed, I really don’t want you to strive for ordinary; I would like you to go for the stars and eventually become an Instagram unicorn.

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2021: Using a FREE Chrome Extension

This video will help you grow 100 quick followers on IG from scratch, and the followers will be real people, not BOTS!! You need to understand the Instagram algorithm 2020 if you are trying to gain real Followers.


Learn to grow 100 active Instagram followers in 2020 with a chrome extension that I show in the video. I also show you how to properly set up the Instagram tool so that you grow while you sleep!! This will not involve fake followers, but purely active and busy Instagram followers!

Install the FREE Chrome Extension for Instagram

You begin blowing Instagram once you get a few 3000 followers and you also post consistently on IG platform, you easily hit the Explore Page and get 500 or 2000 followers out of 1 post. I PROMISE this works, and many famous accounts started like that too!!

You can gain 100 or 200 followers even on a weird day with this specific technique while you are playing basketball or football or video games with your friends. A tip would be to have multiple theme pages and grow them using this technique!

Here are some Reviews of the Chrome Extension:

“Really helpful extension, saves a lot of time. Just working silently in browser’s tab, needs just a pair of clicks per day to set a new task. Thanks to developer!”– Michael Krishtopa

“This app is excellent. It does an excellent job of helping me to manage my IG account.

The features are very helpful. For example, liking pictures in your feed is incredibly simple and controls over frequency and random timing are excellent.

Managing people you have followed and don’t follow you is very simple and effective. The product is improved routinely and help is informative an accurate. Of all the apps I use, this is NUMBER ONE for me.

It has helped grow my IG account with REAL relevant followers and minimized my time management. The cost is minimal for what you receive.”– GTR CatchMe

“This is an excellent tool if you want to grow your followers quickly and according to your own criterias. ” — Esin Dorsan

“This is an incredible program, and it has helped me gain 1000’s of followers in no time. I wouldnt use another bot because GrowBot has everything you need!”– Christopher Pyszka

Growbot Automator For Instagram Review - Top 5 Most Followed On ... 

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Your goal should be to get a following of real individuals who really take care of and participate with your brand-new. That is the only real way that your Instagram plan will deliver real business benefits.

I would like to allow you to triumph on Instagram and exploit the effect it can get for your company.

What does fame look like? This indicates bringing typical things such as more followers, likes, mentions, as well as comments.

It means engaging a deeper level together with your mapping and audience which involvement to a sales or promotion goal. You are linking with users which is likely to have consequences for the manner in which.

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Features of the Instagram Tool to Get More Followers Fast

how to get more followers on Instagram


The application can follow each one someone’s followers, followings, commenters, or even likers for you.

The tool is updated with features that are fresh, and also the programmer is prepared to assist.

It has filters to select and choose which particular Kinds of account to follow/unfollow:

  • Minimum and maximum amount of followers
  • Minimum and maximum quantity of following
  • Minimum and Optimum Proportion of followers into following
  • Minimum and maximum amount of articles
  • Minimum and maximum article
  • Account is Verified
  • Account Isn’t Verified
  • Account is private
  • Account is public
  • Follow people that follow you or who do not follow you

How to Get More Followers on Instagram |100 Real Followers per Day 1

It May Also unfollow For you with some restrictions such as:

– Do not unfollow Individuals who follow you already

– White-list of accounts to unfollow. Specify accounts you do not want to unfollow

– Unfollow people that you followed in the past 3 days for example (even if they follow you)

– Do not unfollow people that You’ve Been following for 3 days only for example. This feature provides people an opportunity to view you followed them, and they will follow back.

In addition, it can mechanically LIKE pictures and videos on IG.

It can also like all media from a specific hashtag.

It waits in order not to be obstructed by Instagram’s speed limits. It will retry in a period of one’s choice when speed limited.

Other Tips on How to Get More Instagram Followers

Girl, Glasses, Instagram, Sunglasses, Social Media 

1. Get creative using hashtagging

One way to really get lots of followers is obviously hashtags. It’s true that you wish to make use of those, but mix this up too much and utilize hashtags that have medium volume and use them consistently. Be ironic, funny, or crazy –simply avoid being BORING with hashtags. 

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Some put hashtags in the description of the post, and others put them in the comments.

How to Choose the Right Instagram Hashtag - PromoRepublic 

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2. Engage in hot conversations using IG DM on Desktop

Instagram has now the new DM feature on Desktop that allows you to engage with people. So reach out to people and after you engage, politely ask if they want to follow. 

Instagram Initiates Test for Direct Messaging on Desktop 

3. Make the most of out of the URL section

You have a URL section in your own Instagram profile. You can simply link it to a site homepage, change it, and utilize that link into your bio to drive traffic for your widely used content.

After people have liked the website or page your URL takes them to, they will probably follow you to keep coming back and use the URL.

4. Get descriptive along with your captions/Write Long Captions

You can not bypass the words although A photo is worth one million words. National Geographic is amazing in using storytelling along with their Instagram photos to build participation and sharing.

While conventional media brands have fallen flat, pages like nat geo have flourished across digital and eventually become one of those top brands around Instagram, with more than 50 million followers.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram |100 Real Followers per Day 3

5. Get on with influencer advertising.

Stop by the profiles of every individual that you’ve defined as an influencer on your space, meaning a particular man or woman (preferably a star like Kylie Jenner) who affects individuals that you would like to have ahead of, and “Switch On Post Notifications” to be informed whenever that they share fresh content.

Instagram Push Notifications, Here's How To Turn On/Off Alerts ... 

After you receive the notifications of a new post, make sure you are the FIRST to comment. You will eventually get many followers organically, become a top commenter, and can connect to them.

6. Remember that your calls to action!

Instagram, as with social websites, is just actually a dialog, not just a broadcasting platform.

You need to caption and ask people to follow your page, otherwise, they’ll just like your picture and keep scrolling.

What actions do you really want visitors to simply take in your own post? Ask them and they’ll do it.

Lions.Royal is very good at generating engagement and asking people to follow and share. It allows individuals to know precisely what they expect to accomplish. That is how you can get a post to get viral.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram |100 Real Followers per Day 5

7. Define your Audience and Use Analytics

Think about some questions that you Are Attempting to achieve :

  • Just how old is your target audience?
  • Where do they live?
  • What exactly do they do for work?
  • When and how do they utilize Instagram?

Answering these questions can allow you to craft the type of Instagram posts that reach Instagram followers, post them at the correct moment. 

Use Instagram Insights to understand everything.

Instagram Insights, how to read them | InstaBoom 

8. Craft an Excellent profile and bio

Your profile would be your backbone of one’s presence on Instagram, and also it is important to growing your own audience.

Two-thirds of all Instagram firm profile visits come from non-followers, therefore you need to craft a profile that gives people a reason to follow you once they visit your profile.

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Your profile should convince those perspectives to click the follow or URL  button. They won’t perform when your profile is very unprofessional, incomplete, or uncertain.

Here are some things you can include in your profile:

  • Title: As much as 30 characters, and make sure to include things like a keyword.
  • Username: Ensure it is the exact same as the other social channels. This is likely to ensure it is effortless for the followers to find you everywhere.
  • URL: The sole real place on Instagram at which you’re able to incorporate a clickable link is the URL part, besides Swipe up stories and ads.
  • Bio: 150 words to communicate your full identity and reveal fresh customers why they ought to follow you.

200+ Instagram Bio Ideas You Can Copy and Paste - Oberlo 

9. Promote your Instagram existence on other Platforms

Instagram, Social Media, Icon, District, Structure 

If you would like to acquire Instagram followers, you want to ensure it is effortless for folks to get you.

To put it differently, you want to make your Instagram profile accessible on Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube and other platforms.

When you assembled a following on Twitter, for example, let the fans understand that they should follow your Instagram account.

Share a URL to an Instagram profile and then provide your existing follower’s grounds to look it over. 

If you are just starting your own Instagram accounts, then just keep creating content until you grow a lot and promote the accounts everywhere. 

You may also highlight a number of your very best Instagram posts in those other channels.

Use services like IFTTT to automate your post of IG pictures on other platforms


10. Use related hashtags on Stories

When you create Stories, insert hashtags and Instagram will show those posts to the people that follow those hashtags.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags: A Beginner's Guide - Animoto 

11. Add your location in Pictures

Always include a location on your Story or your post, it’s one method for individuals to discover your posts on Instagram for the people around that city or country.

Be certain you label it and invite clients to do the exact same if you are a company with a physical place.

Other users may see that location, watch Stories of the workplace, restaurant, or store and decide to visit. This helps expose your new (and Instagram accounts ) to more individuals.

Influencer, Social Media, Woman, Person, Face 


This post was about How to get more followers on Instagram Fast. I showed you one tool or extension that can skyrocket your following on Instagram.

The most famous pages today started with the follow for follow strategy and grew to a certain point, and then kept posting consistently.

Additionally, I share 11 tips that can help you get more followers organically. Growing on Instagram is not hard, you just need to know the tips and apply them consistently.

I would like to grow my reader’s list? Could you please share this post if you found it useful?


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