Newor Media Review: Best Ezoic & Adsense Alternative in 2023

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This article is an in-depth review of a website monetization platform called Newor Media. Last year I started monetizing my websites with Ezoic after switching to Adsense and I’ve had great results, but today I switched to another network called Newor Media, which is an alternative to both  Ezoic and Adsense, and can potentially earn more than Ezoic.

newor media review - revenue

I will cover everything from the setup to my results.

If you want to visit Newor Media Homepage to find out more or to sign up for FREE, click HERE.

Newor Media Review, Setup, and My Results

newor media review - ezoic and adsense alternative

People always ask “How do I monetize or make money with my website?” Most publishers know Adsense as the simplest and most used way for advertising monetization. However, earning potential is fairly restricted.

Let’s talk about Newor Media as an alternative!

The table of content below is going to help you get to any part of the review you want. I hope the video tutorial in the article helps too!

What is Newor Media?

newor media review

Newor Media is a header-bidding network (similar to Adsense/ Ezoic / MediaVine) that uses AI technology to maximize bloggers’ revenue. In other words, it’s an Algorithm-based real-time bidding for bigger returns from different banner ads on your website.

Newor Media partners with ad Exchanges with header bidding, meaning that they try to get the high-paying advertisers for your blog or site.

How do Earnings Work with Newor Media?

Newor Media uses eCPM or “Effective Cost per thousand impressions” which is the revenue generated from a thousand impressions of an ad campaign.

For example, if an ad campaign made $200 revenue after receiving 10,000 impressions:

eCPM would be ($200/10,000) * 1000 = $2. This means that the publisher can earn $2 per 1000 impressions (NOT clicks, just impressions).

The formula is:

eCPM = (Estimated Earnings / Number of total impressions) * 1000

What are Newor Media Requirements to Join?

There are a few requirements to join Newor Media.

  • They need you to put at least TWO (2) placeholders on your site that will display their ads. So if you have other platforms like Adsense placeholders, you will need to reserve Newor Media at least 2 of them.
  • Have a website or blog in English only
  • Have Most of your traffic from the U.S. because that’s probably the most demand comes from.

In fact, the correspondent at Newor Media said:

“We only accept English language sites that have a majority, or at least a plurality, of traffic coming from the US. If the ratio is, say, 25% India and 20% US, we can work with that so long as the site content is good. “

  • At least 30,000 unique users per month: this is to make sure you have enough traffic to make money and to probably test out different optimized placements.
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“The general minimum for many of our networks to approve a site is 30k unique visitors/month, but on occasion we’re able to make exceptions and run a bit of a bare-bones setup.

The performance for these smaller sites is generally stronger than AdSense, but not nearly as strong as it would be otherwise. We do keep the 30k requirement pretty strict, but as I mentioned, there are exceptions from time to time.” – Kyle at Newor Media

Try Newor Media Now!

How to Implement Newor Media Ads on your Site:  Full Setup Video Tutorial

Here is a step-by-step video showing you how to set up Newor Media on your blog and compare the revenue with my Ezoic revenue. Do not skip parts because you will miss important information. Enjoy!!

First, you need to click access by clicking HERE. The signup page will look like this!

newor media review, adsense alternative

Then you simply sign up with your name or company name (website name), your email and your domain (

In the section Further Information, you can write what the niche of your site (entrepreneurship, romance etc…)

After you sign up, you will receive an email from a staff there who will walk you through the steps.

The onboarding process on their end can take 2-4 days.

  • The first step in getting things set up is to send over an Insertion Order agreement to sign.
  • The next step in the onboarding process is to submit the site for approval in Google’s AdX platform.
    • They’ll send an email that contains a link to sign up, and once that’s filled out it takes ~24 hours to hear back from them regarding your approval.
    • My approval took less than 1 hour.

Try Newor Media Now!

Best Settings to Maximize your Website Revenue?

You can either decide to place the units with the size you want or ask them to recommend you some optimized settings. When I did ask, here is what they replied:

  • 1x 728×90/320×50 sticky footer
  • 2x 300×250 sidebar units, one made sticky via CSS if you wish
  • 3x 728×90/320×50 in-content units

Note that there is a limit of 6 units per page, but you’re not required to use all 6 if you don’t wish to!

TIP: if you need additional unit placements beyond those 6, you can use AdSense as well.

Here is a screenshot of how different placeholders perform differently, some earn more than others.

newor media review - revenue example - best adsense alternative 2

Try Newor Media Now!

The sticky footer earns the most apparently!

Newor Media Blog Earnings Calculator

They also offer a free calculator that can show you the earnings for your blog.

Newor Media revenue - earnings calculator

What is the Quality of Newor Media Ads and Payment?

The ads are very good in my experience and are from different networks because it acts as a mediator. Networks include Yahoo, Adsense, smartadserver, xandr, svorn, gumgum, criteo, outbrain, pubmatic, aolcloud, rhythmone, revcontent, and many more!

And often they will send you new networks to add to your ads.txt file for more competition, and it will appear on your dashboard like this:

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Newor media review: added ads partner - best adsense alternative

Simply copy the text, update your ads.txt file and click on “I have added these lines to my site(s)”.

The ads from these networks compete for ad spots on your site. The network which pays the most or outbids another will display the ads on your placeholders shown on your blog.

It’s the same with Ezoic, and earns you more money by having all these ad networks competing compared to having one network like Adsense alone.

Most of the ads displayed on my site are top quality and good for my visitors. Here is an example:

newor media ads example - best adsense alternative

You will probably see some of their ads on my site too!

The majority of their advertisements are banner advertisements. There’s absolutely no hidden malware or software to destroy your site or the personal devices of your visitors.

That means you’ll not have any difficulties with Google or complaints by the customers.

They pay on the net 30 terms, which means the earnings of January will be paid in March’s first week. The company offers instant payment through PayPal.

Newor Media vs Ezoic vs Adsense: Which is better?

Newor Media Review - Best Adsense and Ezoic Alternative

It’s hard to say. It all depends on where the majority of your traffic comes from.

If your site is non-English or a majority of the traffic is NOT from the US, Newor Media is not for you. Your best choice is Ezoic.

If your site is in English or traffic coming from the US, give it a try and apply. It’s better than Adsense anyways.

When I communicated with one member at Newor Media about the difference with Ezoic, I was surprised because he/she said:

“Newor Media actually offers a much more in-depth, real-time bidding product than Ezoic. The main difference is speed of delivery and amount of demand partners. Most publishers see a 20-50% boost in earnings when switching from Ezoic just based on those two factors alone.

We also have some direct demand ourselves that we can incorporate for certain niches, amongst other advantages.”

That is pretty cool because it seems like they have even more partners that will compete for space on your site compared to Ezoic.

BUT what I’ve realized is that Newor Media puts MUCH fewer ads on your site (only 6 max) compared to Ezoic if you choose the default Ezoic settings. Of course with Ezoic you can limit the number of ads on your site, but sometimes, more ads appear.

Try Newor Media Now!

Things I like about Newor Media

Here are a few things I like about Newor Media:

  • their header bidding technology: High rates compared to Adsense or, and sometimes Ezoic!
  • My website started loading faster.
  • Payments start only at a minimum of $50 via Paypal and $250 via ACH or Wire.
  • Real-time header bidding and quality of ads placed on your site.
  • Many networks added
  • Max of 6 ads on your site (good for user experience)
  • Good stats dashboard (but not as good as Ezoic).
  • Can be combined with Adsense ads since they only require at least 2 ad spots or placeholders on your site.
  • Their ads are optimized for lightning-fast load time (so little to no impact on site speed.)
  • BIG Plus for me: They do not require Name server integration like Ezoic for optimized earnings, the ads they create are already optimized!!.
  • Great and fast support.

Things I don’t Like about it

  • No deep analytics dashboard: Where platforms like Ezoic win so far is in providing DEEP analytics to the user e.g., top-earning pages, speed by page, etc) that is missing with Newor Media, but the RPM is as good as Ezoic in my opinion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Adsense and Newor Media Ads on my Site at the same time?

Yes, you can. When I emailed a person there, he said if you want to have more than 6 placeholders, the others can be Adsense units.

Is Newor Media Free to Use?

Yes, as long as you meet the traffic requirements (30K unique visitors) and your site is in English, most of your traffic is from the US.

How many days it takes New Media to approve or reject

Approximately 2 days. Some platforms take much longer.

How is the Customer Support?

Their response is fast. I love their support. Mostly through email and efficient.

If you are not currently happy with current ads earning or looking to monetize your site, then I would recommend trying Newor Media.

You can reach them via:

Their Address: 350 Goose Lane, Guilford, Connecticut 06437 | 46 Plains Road, Essex, Connecticut 06426

How Do I get Paid?

newor media review - payment method

You get paid via Paypal, Payoneer (minimum $50) or Wire transfer or ACh (minimum of $250). If you are located in the US, then you can use Payoneer, which offers local accounts in multiple currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, JPY, CNH, AUD) and you need to upload a W2 form.

Can I disable Ads on Some Pages?

Yes, you can. There is a section to disable ads on specific pages. Just paste the URLs there.

Disable ads on some pages

Screenshots of My Earnings

look at the screenshot below. I lost some money on the first few days because I forgot to properly set up my ads.txt file (just like I show in the video). This is very important. After fixing it, things started to pick up nicely!

I will keep monetizing with them and share more screenshots.

newor media review - revenue - best adsense alternative

I really like their model: get paid on impressions, not clicks! Most of your web visitors will not click on your ads, so you want a platform that pays on impressions like Newor Media.


I like this platform compared to Adsense in terms of earnings. It does not seem to slow down your site too (only 6 ads). I felt no substantial reduction in website traffic from my Google Analytics  stats when switching to them. However, when I used other advertising networks like Ezoic, my website traffic dropped quite a bit, with a drop in website rankings on google (not saying it’s 100% Ezoic’s fault, but there is a correlation there!).

If you wish to really maximize your blog or website earnings and are looking for an alternative to your current network, you may want to try Newor Media by clicking on the link down below.

If you don’t like it after, you can still leave and try elsewhere.

Try Newor Media Now!

After you get approved, follow the instructions via email or video and enjoy higher earnings.

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