Best Cyber Monday Softwares Deals and Discounts (2022)

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These are the hottest Cyber Monday products and software deals (with big discounts). Cyber Monday means lots of digital products with discounts to help your business.

SORRY, BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY is OVER for 2020! :(- Come back Next year around the same time for new deals. 

But you can still check the online tools below that will you, they will just have no discounts.

I put together this list of the best deals I could find around from softwares and platforms that can truly help us save some money and improve your business.

Important: Today is the LAST day those deals will be available, so take action today!

cyber monday deals softwares 2021

1. ConnectExplore (50% OFF)

Connect Explore Review - DOES IT REALLY WORK?

Software Description: ConnectExplore is an essential tool for anyone running Facebook Ads in 2020 and beyond.

It Discovers hidden audiences and interest groups your competitors will never find, applies layering to your ad sets almost automatically, and increase your ROAS and reduce your click per cost dramatically.

  • Allows you to add these interests to your ad sets automatically, without any complicated exporting/importing
  • Digs deeper than other targeting tools because it’s hooked right into the FB Ads API (and only select companies ever get to access this API)
  • Has a built-in “layering” feature that lets you hyper-target your hottest fans in any niche.
  • Saves you massive amounts of time in research.
  • And Much More!

Promotion Timeline: Today only.

Discount: 50% OFF. You are lucky because I purchased it when it was not discounted.

Note: there is an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here is a video tutorial showing How I use the software to run profitable Facebook Ads.


Try it and you will love it. Click below to get 50% OFF the software now (only available on this page).

Grab your 50% OFF Deal now

2. Upviral (49% OFF)

A girl and a computer monitor showing a sample share page.

Software Description: UpViral is a cloud-based software (SaaS) to create viral competitions, giveaways, waitlists & sweepstakes. Using this marketing tool, people can easily join your contest/giveaway by sharing your content on social networks.

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It’s a tool used by over 25,000 online marketers and some of the biggest brands like “ClickFunnels”.

The strategy they use is based on viral marketing… but in a smart way. It leverages channels like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Whatsapp, etc among others, to build massive email lists of engaged subscribers in a very short amount of time.

The results it’s generating are nothing short of incredible:

  • Matthew collected over 114,000 leads in less than 30 days.
  • Michael got +30,000 new subscribers in a brand new market.
  • Gabe had $200,000 in sales in a week.

These kinds of results are happening with virtually NO advertising!


  • If you’re an online merchant or run an e-commerce store, run a promotion to give away a discount coupon that can be redeemed at your store.
  • If you run a brick-and-mortar business, run a contest with valuable prizes such as discount coupons, free meals or gift cards to get more leads or customers.
  • If you have a niche blog or website, use UpViral to promote the contest via your current visitors to boost traffic.
  • If you’re an online/affiliate marketer, do a giveaway using an ebook or digital product to generate more subscribers to your list!
  • If you’re a PPC marketer, run ad traffic to a lead magnet page set up with an UpViral referral campaign. Every lead can easily turn into 4-5 more free leads.
  • If you have a professional or medical practice, you can offer your existing clients/patients a discount code or coupon that they can redeem on their next visit, for referring a set number of friends to your services.

Honestly, if you’re looking to gain more traffic, leads or sales for your business you should check it out.

When people talk about growing a business online they think Paid Advertising, SEO, or Content Marketing.

Well, Upviral has changed this paradigm, if you try it, it will also change the way you do marketing forever!

Promotion Timeline: Today ONLY

Discount: 49% OFF only for today.

Grab your 49% OFF Deal now

3. SEO Content Machine (30% OFF)

Software Description: SEO Content Machine is an Advanced automatic article creator and spinner that can create automatic articles for you and also spin content into unique articles you can use to grow your blog or website.

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Instead of wasting time and money hiring freelancers to create content for you, this tool can do it for you in under seconds.

Promotion Timeline: Today

Discount: use code “cyber” at checkout to get 30% OFF.

Here is a video tutorial of how powerful SEO Content Machine is. Watch it and decide for yourself.


Try it, save time and money and you will be amazed.

Click here to Grab your Deal 💸

4. Builderall (30 Days FREE Trial)

Software Description: Builderall in an all-in-one business building platform with more than 30 tools you can use to start and grow any business online.

Here are just some of the business and marketing tools it offers to its users:

  • Build super fast Websites and funnels (FREE to use)
  • Build Blogs and get Full SEO page audit (FREE)
  • Build e-Commerce sites
  • Build Webinar platform
  • Build Landing Pages Fast (FREE)
  • Build Lead Pages
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile App Creator (FREE)
  • Email Marketing platform (FREE)
  • Facebook Chatbot (FREE)
  • CRM and more!!

Promotion Timeline: Today only

Discount: 30 days FREE trial of all those tools for just $1.

Click here to Grab your Deal 💸

5. LeadPages (30% OFF)

Software Description: Leadpages is a drag-and-drop tool that you can use to do multiple things your business needs like Create a landing page for your webinars, books, courses, and more. Set up email opt-in forms that help you grow your list faster.

You get free hosting for your landing pages.

Promotion Timeline: Today only

Discount: use code “cyber” at checkout to get 30% OFF

Click here to Grab your Deal

6. VidIQ (30% OFF)

Software Description: VidIQ is a SaaS product designed to help YouTube creators find topics and keywords for their videos easily, spy on the competitor.

It has a robust YouTube SEO feature set that assists with creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags.

I am currently using it to grow my YouTube channel and got 1,800 subscribers in 4 months and growing fast.

Promotion Timeline: Today only

Discount: 30% OFF

Click here to Grab your Deal

7. Alidropship (30% OFF)

AliDropship Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Software Description: Alidropship is an eCommerce platform that lets you create a dropshipping business by selling AliExpress products from anywhere in the world.

You can buy a readymade dropshipping business, or just use their plugin for your WordPress site and import products to sell with ease.

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Also, it’s much better than Shopify because you get to add 100 highly curated products for free on your online store.

Whether you build it yourself or have them build it for you, you will have full ownership of your dropshipping empire. You keep all the profits and have complete control over your store.

Promotion Timeline: Today only

Discount: use code “BLACK30” at checkout to get 30% OFF of the lifetime license (unlike other platforms that charge monthly).

Click here to Grab your Deal

8. PopTin (50% OFF)

Software Description: PopTin lead capture platform for online marketers, digital agencies, portals, bloggers, and eCommerce websites that want to generate more leads, increase their sales, reduce cart abandonment, get more subscribers on their sites, and increased engagement.

Promotion Timeline: Today only.

Discount: use code “POPTINBF2020” at checkout to get 50% OFF on your first 3 months.

Grab your Deal 💸

9. Webull (FREE Stocks)

How to Use the Webull Trading App | by Tom Handy | Medium

App Description: Webull is a mobile trading app-based brokerage that allows anyone to buy and sell stocks and exchange-traded fund (ETF) without paying any commission.

Promotion Timeline: Today only!

Discount: You simply deposit $100 will get 4 free stocks worth up to $1600.

If you refer 2 friends who make an initial deposit of $100 to get 7 free stocks.
If you refer 3 friends who make an initial deposit of $100 to get 15 free stocks.

This is a no-brainer for any entrepreneur. I currently use Webull to trade myself and although I am not a stock expert, this app is a game-changer.

Grab your Free Stocks 💸

10. Bluehost (60% OFF)

Software Description: Bluehost is a platform that makes it easy to start your dream website in a few steps and running.

Promotion Timeline: Today only.

Discount: 60% OFF of all plans to start your website, e-commerce or blog.

Grab your Deal  Now

Video Summary of All the Deals & Discounts

Here is a video summary of all the Cyber Monday deals that will allow us to save some money.


So that’s it!


I truly hope that you’ve found this list of  CyberMonday software deals helpful 😉💸

Don’t hesitate to grab your deal before it’s too late.

Happy holidays! 🤗

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