Sallie Mae Review 2021- Everything you Didn’t Know before Using it!

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This ultimate guide tells you everything you NEED to know about Sallie Mae student loans in 2021. Today, more than 44 million borrowers owing more than $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.

I also have student loans via Great Lakes Student Loans (federal loans), and at some point, I explored Sallie Mae as an alternative but did not end up taking it.

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I believe you deserve to have the best-unbiased information, and my goal is to provide you that resource to allow you to make the correct decision towards your better future.

Sallie Mae 2021: History, Unbiased Reviews

What Exactly Is Sallie Mae Bank?


sallie mae review 2020

Sallie Mae, formerly the Student Loan Marketing Association, is the country’s largest originator of private student loans at the time of 2019, with $20.3 billion + of those loans.

They support families and students to get started with economies, scholarships, grants, and student loans to cover faculty.

Families and students have to appraise before considering a student loan, and also how a student expects to get in the long run, all of the anticipated payments.



SLM Corporation (popularly called Sallie Mae; originally the most Student Loan Marketing Association) is just a publicly-traded U.S. corporation that offers consumer banking. Because it was established in 1973, its nature has shifted.

It had been a government thing that serviced loans. It afterward became private and began offering private student loans, but at one point it had a contract to federal loans.

The corporation’s chief business consists of manufacturing, servicing, and collecting private instruction loans. The business also provides tools such because its Upromise Rewards firm and preparation college resources and tools to faculty savings. And functioned like a servicer and collector of both national student loans for this Department of Education.

Congress gave Sallie Mae the ability to proceed private, a process that has been completed in 2004.

By way of instance, Sallie Mae offers interest rates to borrowers that earn obligations or monthly obligations while at school.

The firm is still the nation’s largest originator of federally guaranteed student loans. During its specialized subsidiaries and divisions, Sallie Mae also provides debt management services in addition to business and technical products to a selection of business clients.

On April 6, 2009,” Sallie Mae Bank announced it will move 2000 jobs straight back into the U.S. over another 18 weeks as it changes call center and other operations from overseas.

About March 31, 2010,” Sallie Mae announced the lay off of 2,500 employees in a reaction to the registering of a law calling for the government to contribute to students, by-passing associations such as Sallie Mae.

By 2014, Sallie Mae faced mounting pressure over its loan servicing operations, for example, a civil suit in that it had been totaled $97 million for illegally charging members high interest rates and fees.

The company decided to spin off its center loan servicing firm, as well as its own debt collection unit, into a separate business known as Navient Corporation.



  • Did not disclose Minimum credit score as well as minimum income.
  • No disclosure of the average charge score of borrowers or co-signers.
  • Did not disclose if you could qualify if you’ve filed for bankruptcy
  • Available to borrowers in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.
  • Has to be recorded half time or maybe even more: No. Available to borrowers attending full-time.
  • Kinds of schools functioned: Borrowers must attend a degree-granting association.
  • The proportion of borrowers that have a co-signer: 90 percent

Additionally, it operates an internet bank that provides accounts and provides loans.

How can I apply for Sallie Mae Student Loans?

you must fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA) first.

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How can Sallie Mae improve your loans in 2021?

Sallie Mae may improve by supplying apps for example:

Borrowers can refinance loans with Sallie Mae. However, you might well be ready to refinance with Navient, a student loan servicer which has been part of Sallie Mae when you’re already its own customer.

No matter who your servicer is, your very best option is to refinance student loans with whichever company provides you the best deal.

Federal student loans might possibly be a great first option in the event that you are borrowing money because they might offer more forgiveness programs and repayment plans compared to private student loans. Federal loans can provide you a much reduce rate of interest than student loans because they will have a rate.

When you have tapped out your own savings, scholarships, grants, and federal financial aid, a student loan, and like the people who Sallie Mae offers, can fill a difference on your funding.

Sallie Mae Bank has 11 private student loan programs, which target various classes: parents or sponsors of students; students that are in grade school;

students who come in an undergraduate, graduate or certification program; students that are pursuing a degree, professional training or perhaps a school certificate; and, lastly, health profession and law school students or pupils.

  • K-12. An alternative for financing a kid’s private school education.
  • Parent: parent loan could be an option for a creditworthy adult (you don’t necessarily have to become the parent) who wants to help fund a student’s undergraduate, graduate or certification program in a degree-granting school.
  • Career-training. For students that are taking trade or professional certification courses in a non-degree-granting faculty.
  • Undergraduate.
  • Graduate
  • MBA
  • Health Vocations graduate. A graduate-level loan for select kinds of health professional degrees, for example, nursing, physical therapy, psychology, pharmacy, dental assistant or hygienist and chiropractic.
  • Medical and dental school.
  • Medical residency and relocation. For clinical, podiatry and veterinary students to help pay for the cost of board exams, traveling for interviews and relocating to get a residency schedule.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry and relocation. For dental students to help pay for the cost of board assessments, traveling for interviews and relocating to get a residency schedule.
  • Bar analysis. For law faculty students who graduated in the last 12 months, or are in their last year of school, to help pay the price of review courses, registration, and bills while studying for the bar exam.

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The Way Sallie Mae and other creditors compare

Sallie Mae is among the greatest five private student creditors for undergraduate student loans dependent on factors like the loan interest, fees, discounts, and co-signer discharge option, and repayment conditions and conditions and plans.

And Sallie Mae distinguishes itself from having its broad assortment of student loan services and products out of student creditors that are private.

Even the dental MBA or medical institution or health profession student loans too often possess similar terms because of the intelligent Choice student-loan.

Various repayment plans. The majority of Sallie Mae’s student loans allow you to select from multiple repayment plans, like deferring your obligations making $25-a-month payments as you are in school and within a restricted period when you leave school.

In a worst-case scenario, students or former students can expire or be permanently disabled before financing is repaid. Some student loan businesses might attempt to carry on to get your debt.

Sallie Mae Bank waives the loan balance in the event the student dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Cost of attendance loan limitation. Some student loan lenders also put a definite limitation on how far you can borrow together with national and private student loans.

Besides the residency loans along with pub loans, Sallie Mae could offer to give you the amount you want based on the licensed price of the presence of your own school.

In case you have problems devoting your student loan obligations, you also are able to reach out for the loan servicer to potentially place your loans to forbearance. A forbearance is an option if you do not have to make payments.

Sallie Mae will allow you to place that loan also for an overall total of 12 weeks within the loan’s life, and also in forbearance to get a period.

Drawbacks of Sallie Mae Bank

sallie mae bank student loans 2020

  • They simply have one interest rate reduction option: Some personal student loan creditors also allow you to receive as much as 0.50% interest rate reduction if you join autopay by a financial institution accounts together with this particular creditor.
  • You can not pick loan provisions: Though Sallie Mae offers five- to 15-year bank mortgage provisions on a lot of its student loan services and products, the lending institution will assign you that loan duration if you should be qualified for financing.
  • A brief history of disappointing support:  Sallie Mae and Navient have now already been defendants in several lawsuits that alleged that the organizations used unfair lending methods, offered high priced loans for students knowing that the borrowers could likely default option, directed borrowers that had trouble making payments regarding options which were costlier than mandatory and participated in deceptive collection methods.

Things to expect throughout the application procedure


All student loans make work with of the same open net application. These might offer you an approximation of what to anticipate As the questions may change based on the kind of loan that you’re trying to get along with your own situation.

Employment information: Indicate your job status: full-time, part-time, retired, self-employed, or never employed.

List additional earnings, like investments, handicap, or Social Security, in addition to other household income from the other individual if you’d like it to be contemplated.

Personal connections: Student borrowers will need to list just two mature connections, like a parent or relative, that are not a cosigner on the bank mortgage.

Submit application: You will then be requested to indicate whether you would like to employ by yourself or include a co-signer.

Sallie Mae Unbiased Reviews 2021


“This company has been calling my phone since March of 2008. I have stage IV metastate prostate cancer and a brain tumor. They call sometimes at 8 am all the way to 11pm and are constantly waking me up.

They are calling for a Rebeca who from their records lives in Fountain Valley, California where my parents live and are asking me if I know her and if I know some one who knows her that can pay her debt? Isn’t this an FCC and DOJ violation? I live in NEVADA and have since 1997. This has to stop!” — John of Henderson, 1 star

“Sallie Mae is impossible to work with. They will not stop calling my 90-year old father, saying he is a co–signer on one of my student loans. I tried explaining to them that he was just a reference and should not be listed as a co-signer on the loan.” — Brenda of Grand Rapids

“This company is awful. Good luck getting answers from their customer service reps. They give you the runaround and then rudely ask if they can help you with anything else…

You didn’t even help me yet! They charge ridiculous interest rates and make it impossible to refinance. They will kill your livelihood.” — Cassandra of Manchester, 1 star

“I have been paying this loan on time every single month for the last six years that I’ve had it. In that time frame, for no reason and no warning, my interest has increased over 2.5 percent. WHY.

When I asked them about it, they said they don’t do interest negotiations and couldn’t tell me why my interest has been gradually increasing.” — S. of Saint George, 1 star

My goal is to provide you with the best unbiased information, and honestly, I personally could not find any 5 stars or 4-star review that is positive about Sallie Mae. Almost all are negative.

Video about Sallie Mae bank

Watch this video by the great Dave Ramsey to decide for yourself.

Recent News About Student Loans and Sallie Mae

Watch this news update by NBC News about that trip.

Sallie Mae Bank Customer support, Phone Number, Social Media & Login

  • Sallie Mae Phone Number: +1 (800) 472-5543
  • There is an in-house customer service team
  • Borrowers have no assigned dedicated banker, advisor or representative
  • Typical time from application to consent: fifteen minutes.
  • To login into Sallie Mae, visit their website:
    • Then enter your username and password
    • Additionally, you can create an account if you don’t have an account


Other details

  • Among the few lenders to offer loans to Part-time students.
  • Borrowers can get online tutoring and free credit score tracking.
  • Non-U.S. citizens, for example, DACA students, can apply with a co-signer.
  • You can not find if you’ll qualify and what speed you’ll get without a tricky charge check.
  • It doesn’t disclose income or qualifying charge ratings.
  • For More info, visit their FAQs section


The 4 Main Options to Repay Your Loans Fast


When you submit your own application, Sallie Mae can review your information and charge (and also a co-signers if you inserted one) and send you a formal loan deal if you are approved. Sometimes, you might want to send copies of records to confirm your information.

In the event you choose to simply accept the loan provisions and conditions, you are able to select a repayment program and the type, and sign the mortgage record. Sallie Mae can ask your faculty to confirm eligibility and your registration to your loan amount.

After your loan is disbursed, you might want to begin making payments. The loan might not be disbursed before the registration period for your duration starts.

Summary Information 2021 about Sallie Mae Student Loans

  • Once a government-sponsored enterprise, Sallie Mae is currently a publicly traded business that is recorded to the Nasdaq.
  • The company targets direct student loans, with spun off its loan-servicing company and debt-collection unit.
  • Sallie Mae will be the biggest private education financial institution in the U.S., with $20.3 billion in outstanding student loans by December 2018.
  • It’s for undergraduate students attending engaging degree-granting schools.
  • Creditors should be U.S. taxpayers or U.S. permanent occupants in the event the faculty can be found out in the USA. Non-U.S. taxpayer borrowers who live from the U.S. qualify with a creditworthy cosigner (who needs to be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident ) and have to give an unexpired government-issued photo ID to verify consent.
  • Programs are susceptible to a requested minimum mortgage volume of $1000.
  • Present credit along with other qualification criteria apply. Interest rate is billed beginning at disbursement, throughout the interval and also faculty, also before the loan has been paid.
  • Together with all the Fixed and Deferred Repayment Options, the Rate of Interest is greater than using the Interest Repayment Option and Unpaid Interest is added into the loan’s Latest Chief by the End of the grace/separation Time Period.
  • Payments could be necessary throughout the grace/separation period based upon the payment option selected. Rates can increase within this loan’s life span.
  • Advertised varying rates represent the beginning range of rates and can fluctuate out that range on the life span of their loan.
  • Advertised APRs assume a $10,000 loan into some professional without additional Sallie Mae loans.

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