SEO Content Machine Review: Pros & Cons (vs Article Forge & Wordai 4)

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This article is an in-depth review of SEO Content Machine in 2021, an article generator tool that allows you to create unique content in a matter of seconds,  but also spin content for you automatically with its Free spinnerI compare SEO Content Machine with another article generator Article Forge 2.0, and against another powerful article spinner called Wordai4.

To rank higher in Google, you’ll need articles. A lot of content. And writing content takes some time, a LOT of time!

This is the point where tools like SEO Content Machine come in.

Before we start, I would like to mention that I bought the lifetime version of SEO Content Machine,  and you will watch a video within this article that will show you step-by-step how to use it, and how it compares to Article Forge 2.0 or Wordai 4.

So let’s dive right into the review.

SEO Content Machine Review: Pros & Cons (vs Article Forge & Wordai 4)

SEO Content Machine Full Review vs Wordai 4 vs Article Forge

1. What is SEO Content Machine and Why Using it?

SEO Content Machine is an advanced automatic article generator and spinner that will download high-quality content across the web, compose a unique article for you using Artificial Intelligence (AI), automatically insert external links, images, and videos into the created, and it can even translate content in bulk mode.

SEO Content Machine dashboard

It can also do a lot more as shown in the video tutorial below. 

Okay, let’s be honest, writing unique articles for your blog takes a lot of time (a LOT!), especially if you have multiple sites like me. 

And you need to publish a lot of blog posts every week.

 Creating engaging articles for your blog it’s hard, it requires proper keyword research, content optimization with pictures, internal linking, and videos before publishing.

So many bloggers struggle writing content and give up after a few weeks or months of trying.

SEO Content machine cons 

Successful bloggers with many blogs have three ways of producing content:

  1. Write articles themselves (time-consuming)
  2. rely on buying content online (requires constant capital). There are advantages and disadvantages: price, time, quality.
  3. hire professional writers for Freelancers on Fiverr ( which can be pretty expensive as well),
  4. decide to purchase an article generator or an article spinner like SEO Content Machine that will write content for them, optimize it, and publish on their blogs.

As I said,  if you want to hire Freelancers,  it requires a lot of money, which you don’t necessarily have if you are a beginner.

Wordpress, Blogging, SEO Content machine review 

 I have used (and still use) all three best article generators and spinners: Wordai 4, Article Forge 2.0, and SEO Content Machine, and I decided to put together an in-depth video review that will compare all three options and tell you which one is better.

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2. Video Tutorial Review of SEO Content Machine (and Test)

The tool interface has changed a lot since it was first released. The video review below is the most recent and the most complete review on how to actually use the SEO CM, how to get a free trial, how to purchase it with a free code, what is the result of using it, and how it compares to other alternatives.

 It is a long video,  so take some time to watch it and take notes. You also have the timeline below to tell you what section or feature is covered throughout the video. 

But I suggest to watch the whole thing so you fully understand what it can do for you. 


You can try the tool for FREE for 5 days if you click on the link below.

Try SEO Content Machine for Free

** IMPORTANT: I got a special coupon code for you to get 10% if you decide to buy: Use the code “FREETREPRENEURS” at checkout.

Here is the timeline of what I cover in the video:

  • 0:00 : Introduction to SEO Content Machine
  • 03:12: Free Trial & Pricing
  • 05:07 : Dashboard of SEO Content Machine
  • 05:31 : Feature #1 – Article Creator/Generator (vs Article Forge)
  • 12:40 : Feature #2 – Article Writer Assistant
  • 16:27 : Feature #3 – Article Downloader
  • 17:27 : Feature #4 – URL Finder
  • 18:54 : Feature #5 – Article Spinner (vs Wordai 4)
  • 30:35 : How I edit generated articles to improve SEO score
  • 41:00 : Conclusion

▶ If you want to try Article Forge 2.0 for 5 days trial, click below.

Try Article Forge 2.0

▶ If you also want to try the Powerful Wordai 4 that spins articles into unique ones in 60 seconds for 3 days FREE using the unique link below.

Try Wordai 4

4. SEO Content Machine Features (2021)

Here is what SEO Content Machine can do for you:

1. Generate unlimited unique content submissions simply by putting one keyword.

At this stage, keyword research is important (high volume and low competition)

2.Many functions available in one interface

Here is the dashboard of SEO Content Machine with all its features. It now has a nicer interface.

SEO content Machine dashboard Zoom in more

As you can see on the left, the features are many: Article Creator, Writer assistant, Article Spinner, Article Downloader, URL finder, Image Scraper, Video Scraper, a profile creator (about me) etc…

3. Article Writer Assistant

The Writer Assistant (which is my favorite), will have 1000s of already made sentences around your topic of interest, questions and answers paragraphs that you can use to compose any article of your choice in a few minutes.

You simply need to put a keyword and it will find unique relevant sentences to use to compose

Here is what it looks like.

SEO content Machine article writer assistant

With that, you can compose your article as long as you want it to be without any restriction.

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Try SEO Content Machine for Free

4. URL Finder

You simply need to put a keyword like “How to Start a blog” and specify the number of URLs you want (e.g., 10), and it will find the most 10 read articles on “how to start a blog” so that you can easily access them and see how they wrote their content.

SEO content Machine Article URL finder

5. Article Spinner


SEO content Machine Article spinner and translator

The article spinner will automatically rewrite any content you want for you into unique sentences by using synonyms. You can even protect keywords you don’t want it to change.

Watch the video tutorial above to see how this function really works.

SCM supports all the popular re-writing tools out there such as WordAi 4, SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter, etc… and also has its own free rewriter or spinner called Soft Spin.

SEO content Machine Article spinner

Here is an example of an article spun with SEO Content Machine about “Tips on how to lose weight”.

SEO Content Machine spinning

As you will see on the left, its free spinner will find synonyms for each of the words (except those you protected) in your article imported and replace it in a way that the final text still makes sense.

Here is the dashboard of Wordai 4 on the similar topic.


Wordai vs SEO content machine article spinning

That’s how spinning works.. Using Artificial intelligence to smartly come up with meaningful transformations of a text.

6. Insert Media and Tweets

You can insert images, videos, subheadings, lists, questions & answers, tweets…

This helps to optimize your blog post in a way that Google and your readers will like it and stay longer on your site.

5. Other Features

* Great content for link building. The content is unique so it will be shared.

* You can draft & post to WordPress/Blogger or any site.

* You can Schedule content across many blogs and keep your blog network fresh indefinitely.

* Built-in tool for finding long-tail keywords (meaning keyword research).

* It has many new features already and it’s being updated regularly with new features.

* It will find 100s of topic relevant sentences for your next article and assist you to create unique articles.

* Translate content to any language of your choice using the BIG 4 translators: Google, Bing, Yandex and Deepl.

* CopyScape integration to check the uniqueness of content.

* Multi-Language: it supports many languages

* Runs natively on Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

*and a lot more!

Simply pick a keyword, insert it and SEO Content Machine will write your article.

Try SEO Content Machine for Free

Important Note when buying:

SCM is one of the few content scrapers that will use Google to uncover and download content. But, automatic scraping ultimately means you may activate up Google anti-bot systems and trigger a captcha event, which requires you to certify that you are a human..

SEO Content Machine automatically solves reCaptcha events using “ReCaptcha credits”. So when you are buying the tool, make sure that you also buy captcha breaking credits.


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3. SEO Content Machine Price (in 2021)

SEO Content Machine has a free trial, which is something that I really like. So you can sign up for a 5 day free trial with no obligation or no credit card or other payment method, meaning they will not collect your information.

 But if you decide to buy, the prices are very affordable, much cheaper than article Forge or word GI monthly or yearly plans (I still use all of them).

 The monthly plan is $27, the yearly plan is $118, or the Perpetual plan for a lifetime license is $197.

SEO content Machine prices, the MMS Experience

But…. if you use the code “FREETREPRENEURS” at checkout, you will get a special 10% OFF as you see in the screenshot below. I got the special code for you only. 

SEO content Machine price with coupon code

You can apply the same on the monthly plan or yearly plan and you will still get the discount.

SEO Content Machine is a multi-function tool that is a game-changer if you know how to properly use it.

The only drawback for me is that you need to install the software on a laptop or desktop, otherwise it’s an excellent tool that keeps improving in my humble opinion.

SEO CM is regularly updated and fixed. I communicated a few times with the support and they are quick and nice people.

You know they are heavily investing in their tool.

But as I said, you are the one making the final decision, my goal is to enlighten you!


We just covered the full review with a video tutorial of how SEO Content Machine works, what it is, and how it can help your blog or business.

You may wonder how you would create content that is SEO friendly that will effectively help your website rank higher in search engine results. 

Simply watch the full tutorial above.

SEO content machine can do a lot for your blog or business if you know how to use it.

The entire reason for using this is so that you can get your hands off content creation, reduce time wasted manually typing articles, and spend more time on the marketing side of your blog or business.

I have bought it along with Article Forge 2.0 and Wordai 4. Whether you decide to buy it or not, it’s up to you.

If you do, click on the link below to get started and use the code “FREETREPRENEURS” at checkout to get 10% OFF.

Try SEO Content Machine for Free

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