The Power of Entrepreneurial Creativity During COVID-19

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We are living in an unprecedented time. COVID-19 is far from our world’s first pandemic, but a pandemic has different implications in a digitally connected world. Today, we can overcome challenges with tools that people a century ago didn’t have.

Here’s a look at how you can take advantage of technology and creativity to keep your company going through COVID-19. 

Adapting Your Workflow

Find new ways to get the job done without putting people at risk. 

Boosting Your Online Presence 

Connecting with your customers digitally is more important now than ever before.  

  • Make sure your social media accounts are active and up-to-date. 
  • Share your industry expertise and boost your SEO rank by starting a blog. The MMS Experience has a wonderful guide to getting your blog off the ground.
  • No digital media chops? You can hire a freelancer by looking online

Improving Your Physical Space 

We’ll meet in person again one day; get your shop or office ready now: 

Business owners are defined by their ability to look at what is and see what could be. Lean into your creative spirit to figure out your company’s path forward.

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Soon, the pandemic will be behind us; with the right moves, your business could emerge stronger than ever. 


Guest Post by Elena Steward: Elena made the jump from a corporate job she wasn’t entirely happy with, to running her own business that gives her the financial freedom and flexible lifestyle she’s always wanted. As a life coach, she now gets the happiness of helping others get to the places that might seem out of reach.

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