Tutor Pricing Guide: How Much To Charge For Tutoring? (2022)

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This tutor pricing guide shows you exactly How Much to Charge for tutoring in 2022 if you are having difficulties pricing your services. The number of students seeking out tutoring from online resources and tutors has risen dramatically over the last decade.

In fact, in some cases, more than half of all colleges and universities now offer some form of online tutoring program on the web. The question of how much to charge for tutoring is more asked today.

This guide helps you with the answers to the tutoring you are looking for.

Tutor Pricing Guide: How Much To Charge For Tutoring in 2022?

how much to charge for tutoring, tutoring rates per hour

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring is a practice of providing additional instruction whether it is basic or advanced to a student with the goal of helping students become independent learners, improve academic performance, and personal growth, and achieve higher success.

When tutoring one needs to have a deeper understanding of the subject area but also how to go to improve the student-specific and general knowledge of the topic by offering individualized and structured learning experiences.

There are two types of tutoring agencies: public and private. Public tutoring agencies offer tutoring services for schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions that require professional tutoring.

Private tutoring agencies, however, offer their services to individual students or to institutions and companies that hire them for general tutoring.

Your job as a tutor is simply to facilitate learning.

Factors to Consider When Charging Hourly Rates as Tutor

How much to charge for tutoring

Here are some best Guidelines on What to charge for Private Tutoring Hourly as you think about your rate:

Neighborhood Average salaries

The neighborhood where the student lives or you as a tutor lives may affect your base pay rate. If the standard income in the neighborhood is high meaning a lot of rich people live there, charge approximately $15-$20 an hour as a beginner.

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Even before that, do your research online and in-person and find how much on average the other tutors who have your qualifications in that neighborhood are charging. If they charge $30/hour, then you may raise your base rate to that average.


This is obvious because, if you’re a highly educated and professional teacher versus perhaps a graduate student, then the rates will differ because the former will charge more for tutoring.

Also, consider the education of the student. You charge an elementary student differently than a University graduate student.

Subject Taught

Teaching classes like History, Italian or French are significantly simpler than Physics, Math, or Economics. Evaluate the lesson plan, and how difficult it might be, then charge for accordingly.

Period of Teaching

Are your services required during the evening? weekends? before finals? The period of the request will guide your rates.

If you have to tutor between 8 pm to 11 pm., consider charging marginally more as a discretionary payoff. If students want to be tutored before finals, their willingness to pay is higher, consider increasing your rates because they expect fast results.

Demand vs Supply

It’s all about demand and supply. These two factors alone in general guide the price of services on the market. If demand is higher than the number of tutors around you are a winner, charge a little more.

Your Own Costs

You need to account for your personal expenses: whether you have to drive and pay for the gas to meet your students. Do you have to purchase materials in order to teach your students effectively? Price your services smartly.

Best Tips to Become a Successful Tutor

how much do private tutors make

If you want o help your students succeed as a tutor, here are some effective Tutoring Guidelines:

  1. Evaluate your student’s Cognitive capacity: This enables you to master your student’s individual learning ability and create a specific learning plan tied to each student.
  2. Create Weekly tests: Creating weekly test allows the student to move faster because you don’t repeat the lessons.
  3. Reward the Student’s Progress: If you reward your student for the work well done that will push him/her to strive harder and achieve better results in the future.
  4. Use Available Technologies: Start using tools that students are really comfortable with today. The internet has a lot of free resources oil website with online games that you can use to improve the student’s ability to learn.
  5. Student-set Objectives. Have students decide their weekly objectives and what rewards or punishments they want.  This will help them learn their own limits and also promotes self-discipline.
  6. Improve Your Self as a tutor: Even though as a cheater the goal is to improve Student Success, you can also improve yourself and your knowledge as a tutor. This involves gathering new materials and preparing extensively before each session with the student.
  7. Organize Your Appointments/Schedule: by keeping your appointments organized, you have a good system set up to balance your life. Use an online scheduling tool to keep your tutoring appointments in-check.
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In summary, to be truly effective, a tutor must combine content knowledge with empathy, honesty, and humor.

Summary Video on How Much to Charge for Tutoring in 2022

This great video provides concreate examples of how to properly price yourself as a tutor. It is entitled: “How Much Should I Charge for Tutoring [THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO CONSIDER]”


If you are looking to properly charge your tutoring services, this guide just covered “How much to charge for Tutoring in 2022” and should give you a better idea of how to charge for tutoring services.

Tutoring is an important part of education. It provides additional learning and support for students. Tutoring can help students with their weaker subjects or improve their grades in a subject that they are struggling with.

In order to determine how much to charge for tutoring, you have to take into account the following factors: time spent tutoring, location, experience, and education level.

Tutoring FAQs

How much to charge for online tutoring in 2022?

The rates for private online tutoring should NOT be around the same as in-person tutoring: they can range from $25/hour for beginners to up to $90 or $150/hour for experts. If you go on a weekly basis, you can expect an average of $500 to $1,100+/week.

As a tutor per month, you can make anywhere from $2,000 to $6000 if you price yourself correctly.

Note that teaching seems to be considerably more difficult than in-person, thus, the difference in rates. Furthermore, your base rate depends on:

  • How complex the subject is.
  • The class or grade level of your student.
  • How educated you are (diplomas)
  • Your years of experience as a tutor.
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How Much do Full-Time Tutors Earn? Can tutoring be a full-time job?

Yes, Tutoring can be a full-time job if you do it properly.

According to Zip Recruiter, full-time private tutors make between $25,000 to $109,000 depending on the factors listed above.  Earners in the 25th percentile make, $37,500, those in the 75th percentile make $62,500, and top earners (90th percentile)  earn $97,500 annually across the United States.

So yes, you can make a living being a tutor whether you work for an agency, or work for yourself.

Do I choose Public or Private Tutoring?

It really depends on your preferences. If your tutoring style is more personal or individualized, private tutoring is definitely for you. However, this comes with more challenges as each student has different struggles and abilities, meaning that you will have to individualize your lesson plans for each.

There is no one size fits all’ with private tutoring, which means more preparation for each session,  more attention to the learning style, and higher expectations; from both the students and parents.

So, carefully evaluate yourself before choosing whether you go private or public tutoring.

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