Type A Personality and Other Personality Traits: Best Overview in 2020

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In this article, you will learn a lot about type A personality among the different personality types.

Even though we hear so much about the psychology of personality, it is very important to know it is the pattern of habits and way of thinking that gives an individual their personality. There are different kinds of personality traits, i.e. the type A, type B, type C, and type D.

Type A Personality

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Type A is perhaps the easiest to define. They are assertive and vocal but not harsh. They can be very competitive, the type that is very forceful and has strong opinions. Type A people tend to dominate and make rules and see the process of change as being negative.

If you put yourself in their shoes, you will find that they prefer a quiet and stable environment and don’t like to interact with those who want to make decisions for them.

Strategies for living well with a type A personality

Keep in mind that having a type A personality isn’t a good or bad point. If you feel you have a type A personality, you won’t need to be worried about looking to change it.

However, should you deal with high levels of stress, it may be beneficial to develop several stress-management techniques, especially in the event that you typically react to situations with anger, irritation, or even hostility.

Some solutions to deal with stress involve:

  • Learn new relaxation techniques. Meditation, breathwork, yoga, and other similar activities can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reducing stress hormones and assisting you to feel calmer. If it’s hard to deal with stress all on your own, a trained mental health professional can help you identify sources of tension and support you in learning just how to deal together.
  • Take breaks. Even if it isn’t possible to avoid a stressful situation entirely, you can give your self at least 15 minutes to breathe, talk to people (friends), or even appreciate a cup of tea or coffee. Allowing yourself some time can help you face a challenge with more positivity.
  • Find your triggers. Everybody has different stress causes. Identifying them before they become an issue can help you find ways to go around them minimize your exposure to them.
  • Make time for exercise. Taking 15 or 20 minutes each day for an activity that gets your heart rate up can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Walking or biking to work instead of driving can help you avoid rush-hour traffic and start every day with increased energy.
  • Practice self-care. It is important to take care of yourself, especially when you are stressed. Self-care can include eating nutritious meals, being active, and having sufficient sleep, as well as taking the time to enjoy hobbies, be alone, and relax.

Type B Personality

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Type B is less likely to be loud and their relationships tend to be more playful. They have a stronger sense of social groups and are quite introverted. They might work in a team but are most comfortable working alone. You will usually find them at a higher level of organization.

They are able to bring the same amount of innovation as an individual without necessarily being more innovative. They are the ones who give presentations to clients and tend to be social because they can’t sit alone for long periods of time.

Type C Personality

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Type C people are very sociable. They like to be with other people who are different from themselves. They are usually the ones who are athletic, creative and good at group activities.

They might be used to promoting themselves but they prefer to do so quietly and without seeming to be dominating. They tend to think of their reputation as more important than their own happiness.

Type D Personality

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Type D is the least talked about personality type. They are quiet and reclusive and aren’t prone to any extraversion. If someone asks you to talk about their personality, they probably won’t feel like talking about it. Type D’s tend to be more private, with an in-depth focus on family and their emotions.

They tend to keep their feelings close to their chest. They don’t see their emotions as important as other types and might tend to push those around them to be more expressive.

Cool Video on Personality Test/Questions (Must Watch)

Enjoy this fun video by “Bright Side” about cool personality test.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdjXeL3qHp8[/embedyt]



The type of personality trait will help you determine whether a person is extroverted, or introverted. You also have an idea of what type of personality you are dealing with.

The types (i.e type A personality or type B) can be identified by some other factors such as whether a person is friendly or contentious, whether they are extroverted or introverted and whether they are agreeable or argumentative. It is important to remember that we are all unique and cannot generalize too much.

Additionally, different types are explained by the qualities that each type has. If the person is confident, extroverted, assertive, decisive, dependable, orderly, honorable, stable, resourceful, etc. They are extrovert.

If they are calm, conscientious, generous, frugal, conscientious, honest, temperamental, intellectual, persuasive, creative, ambitious, etc. they are introvert.

You can determine the type of personality traits you have by analyzing your own personality. You may be an extrovert and can identify the traits by understanding yourself better. So, it is not entirely dependent on these types. however, the Big Five traits are generally found with the personalities. all types.


What type are you? What do you think about other types? Leave a comment below.

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