Volaris Airline Best Review 2022: Cheap but Be Aware of THIS!

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In this 2022 Volaris complete guide, you will learn everything you need to know about Volaris in  2022 before using it, from its history to unbiased reviews, the best competitors, its customer service, how the fares or ticketing works, and more before you book your next flight with the company.

Volaris is the second-largest airline in South America and one of the cheapest airlines in the region.

But what is that you need to know about the company before you book a flight next time? Why is that it has low ratings around the web? Let’s dive into it more.

volaris review 2021


1. Somewhere in this guide, you will have a video tutorial showing you tips and things you need to know to get cheap flights all the time, so READ UNTIL THE END!

2. You will discover a powerful tool that you can use to find the cheapest flights and hotels from anywhere in the world fast and easy.

Let’s go over why that is the case Volaris is among the cheapest airlines, does not have a lot of positive reviews, and what you should be aware of before you book with the airline for your next flight in 2022.

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Volaris Airlines Best Guide 2022

Volaris Airlines review 2021,

What is Volaris?

Founded in 2004, Volaris is a Mexican low-cost airline located in Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City using its hubs in Guadalajara, Mexico City, along with Tijuana, along with focus cities at Cancún, León, Los-Angeles, along with Monterrey.

It serves both global and domestic destinations.

It is one of the big in the Mexican airline market, with a market share of over 21 percent of domestic traffic.

How does Volaris Reservations / Ticketing Work?

Volaris offers three different fare choices.

  1. The basic plan is the one most flyers choose.
  2. The vintage plan comprises one checked bag,
  3. Plus plan that incorporates extra carry on, a checked bag, seat selection, and priority boarding.

Volaris additionally contains two distinct membership programs that give members access to special fares and discounts baggage:

  • The v.club membership, which offers you access to exclusive bookings and earnings, costs $54.99 yearly for a person or $169.99 yearly for a group.
  • The v.pass plan provides you monthly flights over Mexico for a predetermined fee starting at $299 MXN pesos (~$16 USD) per month.

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What are the Products Offered by Volaris?

Volaris website offers the following products:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car Transportation.
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volaris products 2020

Volaris Reviews 2022 (Unbiased)

The reviews vary depending on the site you visit.

From tripadvisor.com

“I’ve never seen anything this cramped in my life. Felt like was a cattle car full of human bodies stuffed into a tin can. I took my seat in 22F and after everyone boarded I got up and got off. I walked away from 360.00 which is a whole other story. Was supposed to be $140 but website would not work all day and I had to call in a reservation.

On top of that $50 service fee. At airport another fee to print boarding pass. Anyway could not believe this airline has stooped so low as to stuff people that tight. I really felt unsafe. Could not move in those seats.

I fly a lot. This is a new low level of cattle car. I’ll go up to Los Cabos now and fly to LA on a normal airline. OMG.”– , 1 star

“Check in bags at both airports was easy, TJ had a longer line then CUU. Both Security at each airport was seamless. No long lines. Both airports have good food and shopping. No issues. The Airline it self, good service, clean planes, good looking staff.”– , 5 stars

“On time for this airline seems to mean anytime?? Terrible ground staff, rude and unprofessional. I bought a seat and at the last minute they changed it on both my flights.

No explanation, just, “too bad”??? Dirty planes & only hope that the pilots are actually properly trained. Would NEVER fly this airline again!!”– , 1 star.

“Really nice trip.. volaris is a cheap flying company seats are to small.. but for the price you can’t complain. I pay for the most upgrades so they dont charge for luggage.”– , 5 stars 

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Volaris Customer Service Phone Number, Live Chat & Social Media

united airlines customer service and social media"

Volaris Customer Service Phone Number: +1 (855) 865-2747.

Volaris Virtual Assistant/Live Chat:

Volaris Social Media Accounts

If you want to know more about the company or want to reach them use their social media as well.

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Volaris Login, Check-in, and Flight Status

To login, visit volaris.com and click on “Log in”. Enter your login info and validate it.

To check in on Volaris:

  • Open the website
  • Tap on the tab “Check-in” on the top menu.
  • Enter your information (name and confirmation number) and validate it.

Volaris reviews

Volaris App

To download the Volaris app:

You can download the app anytime for free.

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Volaris Flights Competitors

United top airlines competitors include:

  • Aeromexico
  • Interjet
  • Delta
  • National Air Cargo Group
  • Copa Airlines
  • Viva Aerobus
  • SITA
  • United Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways.

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What is Volaris Cancelation Policy?

Volaris comes with a 24-hour flexible cancellation policy which provides the complete refund of a fare when a ticket has been canceled or changed within 24 hrs of booking.

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For example, if you reserve a ticket onto United at 8 pm, you have before 8 pm the next day to cancel the ticket and receive an entire refund.

So, there is no cost to cancel a trip ticketed within 24 hrs ONLY IF the booking was created at the very least a week before take-off.

Volaris Luggage (Carryon and checked Bags) Allowance

volaris airlines review, The MMS Experience

Unlike a lot of carriers, the airline comes with a generous allowance for carrying on bags, even though these items need to stick to strict specifications.

You must cover the luggage fees if you wish to check a second suitcase, and if you wish to travel with ones that are oversized or specialized items, make certain they do not exceed 99 pounds in weight.

Most of the Volaris baggage fee guidance within this article applies to international flights, for which all checked baggage demands the payment of a commission.

Carryon baggage allowance is 22 lbs (10 kilograms) or 44 pounds (20 kg) depending on the form of reservation you choose (max 2 items).

You may check-in a maximum of 5 bags as long as everyone doesn’t weigh more than 55 lbs (25 kg).

If a bag weighs a lot more than 55 lbs (25 kg), then it’ll be subject to an overweight baggage fee.

Note that:

  • Mexico’s Volaris Airlines has restrictions on both Carry on and assessed luggage
  • Additional prices apply to oversized baggage transported via Volaris
  • Members of their Volaris v.club frequent flyer package like baggage discounts
  • Volaris baggage prices are separate for domestic and Worldwide passengers
  • Volaris doesn’t possess a company class, but some chairs are better than others
  • this low-cost Mexican Air Line isn’t always cheap

Each of Volaris’ international passengers needs to pay for checked bags, although the fee varies depending on your own origin and final destination.

The only way to learn just how much you can expect to pay for every single assessed Volaris baggage, each bit of that is limited to 55 pounds with no physical dimension exceed 62″ in length, when you are about to book your Volaris flight.

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How to Find Cheap Flights with Volaris?

It’s frequent promo-code earnings and the occasional flash deal with bookings (TIP: go for one way flights).

Always compare prices on most of the airlines having a few third-party websites.

Book separate one-way flights in each way but it’s usually very minimal and might well not be well worth the hassle of turning prices to compare prices.

Having a Mexican passport will provide you with the proper pricing, including the flat-rate fee.

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Note that Volaris does NOT offer food. Meals are not included in the price of your cheap ticket, but you can buy food onboard from a wide selection of snacks and drinks.

Great Video Tutorial on How to Use Insanely Cheap Flights

I like this set of 21 travel tips, a YouTube Video from the VagaBrothers that shows you things you need to know to get very cheap flights. If you like, subscribe to their channel.

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Volaris Pros and Cons

volaris pros and cons image


  • very affordable (low-cost airline)
  • about 50 destinations
  • 35 points within Mexico and about 15 destinations in the United States
  • Volaris operates scheduled flights to Mexico and in the Americas


  • No drinks and snacks are offered for FREE during the flight, so you pay (low-cost airfares but doesn’t) these ancillary items in the airfare.
  • Very tight seats (about 29 inches)
  • There is no WiFi in the airplanes and entertainment options like movies and music are very limited
  • A lot of bad reviews online.


We’ve just covered most of what you need to know about the low-cost airline Volaris in 2022. Yes, Volaris is a budget and affordable airline but with a lot of negative reviews around the internet.

I believe the quality of the service is always proportional to the price you are willing to pay.

As always, it is a good idea to compare your overall cost with other carriers to ascertain whether flying Volaris will save money.

If You’re looking for google flights, Remember that the price shown for Volaris flights out of the U.S. to Mexico does not comprise the Non-Resident fee.

For a cheap trip to or within Mexico and Central America, you might use Mexico’s second-largest airline, Volaris.

In case you are not satisfied with Volaris and want to find other low-priced flights but from other airlines to compare, use the great tool below for FREE!

Everything begins with good searches. Safe Travels!

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Have you ever used Volaris to fly? What is your opinion about its service? Leave a comment below!

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