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{“status”:”Success”,”text”:”{What is|What’s} a massage?\r\nThere are {several|lots of|numerous} {types|forms|kinds|varieties} of massage {that|which} {focus|concentrate} on {different|various|distinct} {parts|areas} of the {{body|human body} or {healing|therapeutic}|{healing|therapeutic} or {body|human body}} approaches. Massage is the {practice|custom} of {rubbing and {kneading|massaging}|{kneading|massaging} and rubbing} the {body {using|with} the hands|body}. {During|Through} a massage, a massage therapist {will|may|can} {apply|employ} {{gentle or strong|strong or gentle} pressure|pressure} to {the {muscles and joints|joints and muscles}|joints and the muscles} of the {body|human body} to {ease|alleviate|relieve} {pain and {tension|stress|strain|pressure|anxiety}|{tension|stress|strain|pressure|anxiety} and pain}. A massage therapist {is|can be|will be} a {person|man} trained in {giving|providing} massages. \r\nSwedish massage\r\nSwedish massage is {a {gentle|mild}|a} {type|Sort|Kind} {of full-body|of} massage {that’s|that is} {ideal|Perfect|Excellent|Great} for {{people|Men and Women|Individuals|Folks} who:\r|{people|Men and Women|Individuals|Folks} }\n\n{Are|Are} new to massage\r\nHave a {lot|great deal} of tension\r\n{Are|Are} sensitive to touch\r\nIt {can help|helps} release muscle {knots|strain}, and it’s also a {good|fantastic|great} {choice|selection} for {when|if} you {want|need|wish} {to {fully|completely}|to} relax during a massage.\r\n\n{For|With} this massage, {you’ll|you are going to|you will} remove your {clothes|laundry|clothing}, though you {may choose|might decide} to keep your {underwear|panties} on. {You’ll|You’re going to|You are going to|You will} be {{covered|coated} with a sheet|{covered|coated}} {while|whilst|when} lying on {the|your} massage table. The massage therapist {will|may} {move|proceed to|transfer|go} the sheet to {uncover|find} areas {that ||which }they {are actively|are} working on.\r\n\nThe massage therapist {will|may|can} {use|utilize} a {combination|mix} of:\r\n\nkneading\r\n{Long, flowing|Long} strokes {{in|at} the {{direction|path} of {the|their} {heart\r|center }|{direction|path} }|of {the|their} {heart|center} {in|at} the {direction|path} }\ndeep circular motions\r\n{Vibration|Vibration} and tapping\r\n{{Passive|Passive} joint|Joint} {movement|motion} techniques\r\n{Usually|Normally|Typically} a Swedish massage {will|can|may} {last|continue} for 60–90 minutes.”,”uniqueness”:92}